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  1. Does anyone know when and if for sure that Canada will be administering the NCLEX for licensure? Also, when and if Canada does proceed with the NCLEX, will other countries such as the USA be able to practice nursing in Canada if they have already passed the NCLEX in their home country?
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  3. by   Fiona59
    It won't be the NCLEX as Americans know it. It is to reflect Canadian education, values and norms.

    From what we understand, it'll be administered and drafted by the company.

    It won't be an identical test.

    So you will have to be tested for Canada.

    We are an independent nation with our own requirements.
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    As Fiona59 said, the examination will remain the CRNE. The only similarity to the NCLEX will be the common administrator. The new completely computerised version of the CRNE is expected to be offered in 2015. Content and focus will remain the Canadian health care system and the exam will continue to be completely separate and different from the NCLEX. No one will be permitted to practice nursing in Canada without passing the CRNE, no matter where they come from.
  5. by   itsmejuli
    I love rumours....not
  6. by   nursesmarty
    Good to know and totally makes sense! The computer testing is truly a faster way to get licensed. No rumors on this end fyi!
  7. by   RED1984
    It will be the EXACT same test as in the USA....
    In 2010, NCSBN conducted several research
    studies comparing nursing practice and
    nursing competencies in the U.S. and Canada.
    The results of these studies revealed a 98
    percent congruency in nursing practice and
    competencies between the two countries.
    Canadian regulatory bodies will conduct a
    review of operational NCLEX items to ensure
    all items administered starting in 2015 are
    congruent with regulatory nurse practice acts
    and entry-level scope of practice in the 10

    If a Canadian writes the NCLEX will he/she be able to apply for registration in the U.S. as well as Canada or in more than one province?NCLEX-RN is developed as an assessment of entry-level nursing practice competency. Passing the NCLEX-RN is one important component of obtaining the privilege to practice registered nursing at the entry-level. In addition to successfully completing the NCLEX-RN, boards of nursing in the U.S. and regulatory bodies in Canada may require additional evidence, such as successful completion of approved nursing education and meeting language proficiency requirements, prior to granting that privilege. Since specific licensure/registration requirements may differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, reciprocity of registration is at the discretion of the regulatory bodies involved.

    How will content related to Canadian health care history, the Canadian medical care system, and Canadian legislation be addressed on the exam?In order to be psychometrically sound and valid as a regulatory entry to practice examination, the NCLEX-RN exam must measure nursing competence, not the candidate’s knowledge of a particular health care system, history or legislation. However, candidates must be able to identify the potential impact of the context in which care is provided on his or her approach to providing nursing care. The NCLEX will include questions that will assess the candidate’s ability to apply critical thinking in these scenarios.

    Differential item functioning (DIF) analysis is conducted on all exam results to ensure that the exam items are measuring only nursing competence. If items perform differently based on an individual’s place of origin, then what is likely being measured is not nursing and the item would be removed.

    Canadian nursing students will continue to acquire the required knowledge about legislation, policies, standards, and context affecting their practice as a nurse in Canada in their educational programs, and will build on this knowledge as they progress in their career as a nurse.

  8. by   RED1984
    Just to clear things up... it will NOT be "a computerized CRNE" it will be NCLEX.
  9. by   Novo
    Our instructors tell us its the exact same exam....the website confirms this.
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    2016 is the first year
  12. by   RED1984
    No, Jan 1 2015 is the launch
  13. by   aussiemum
    this is from CCRNr
    Hope it helps answers some questions
  14. by   07genona
    agree.. i also read that article.. im just wondering what nurses who previously passed nclex, can they used it? i hope so!