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Can someone help me re nursing assistant?

i'm new here. i need someone to help me with becoming a nurse assistant. i don't get the whole program thing. please comment! -choua

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here is information about becoming a nursing assistant in minnesota:


at this site you can find where a training program is near you in minnesota:


good luck!

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Thanks you guys! Another question, is it really $625+ to take a nursing assistant program? I just don't have that much money right now. Actually, I don't have money at all. Is there a program where I can attend the program for free or no fee? And doesn't some hospitals have free programs for nursing assistants? Please reply back. The program I want to take is next Friday, but I don't have money. Besides, the 8th grade reading level is also on Friday..when the programs starts. I can't get $600 in one week. My parents are broke :o so they can't help me. -Choua

By the way, if it is true that I have to pay for the program, I get reimbursement after I pass the program?

Found on one of the sites you guys gave to me: http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/fpc/profinfo/narinfo/aboutnar.html

"Reimbursable Expenses

Nursing assistants who pay for the cost of their training and testing prior to employment are eligible for reimbursement. The nursing assistant has 1 year from completion of the test to turn in receipts requesting reimbursement. The facility has 90 days to reimburse the nursing assistant. If the nursing assistant does not remain employed as a nursing assistant for 90 days, the nursing home is under no obligation to reimburse the nursing assistant. The first nursing home the nursing assistant stays at for a least 90 days would then be responsible to reimburse the nursing assistant if it has been 1 year or less since completion of the test. Only certified nursing homes or boarding care homes are required to reimburse a nursing assistant."

And on another note, I found this site and was wondering if I should register for the program. I want to, but that IS a lot of money. I don't know where I'll be able to get the $625..What's a pre-screening test for reading and comprehension? And what's on it? Read and answer questions of multiple choices? (http://stpaulredcross.org/courses/c_nat2006.html)

Another thought, I was reading one of the thread about a woman wanting her brother to be a PCT/CNA, and she mentioned that she once was taking the nursing assistant program & still got paid $12 while being trained..is all nursing homes like that? If so, would someone help me find a nursing home that would allow me to get trained while paid also? I'm not doing it because I want money for luxery and what not, but I'm currently enrolled in College right now and is unemployed, therefore I can't pay for My tuition and text books. I want work experience in nursing and at the same time work. Eventually, I can't do all three seperate things at once...work (non related nursing; such as cashier, waitress, etc) college and take the nursing assistant program all at once. HELP ME! I'm googling nursing homes in Minnesota that provide this training-and-paying-job thing all at once, but sadly, I don't believe Minnesota has this type of option in nursing homes *sad* I wanted to go and get trained in the hospitals near me in Minnesota, but they said on their website that they're no longer taking applicants. *more sadder*


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Fairview hospitals use to hire people and pay for them to be trained as CNAs. Regions use to do something similar, but unfortunately Minnesota really isn't too short on CNA's especially in the hospitals so not to many hospitals do this anymore. Acctually even as a CNA with experience it's hard to get a job in a hospital.

Check out some of the nursing homes listed in the previously posted links. A few of them will train and certify CNAs if you sign a contract with them.

I really don't know anything about the reimbursement as I never did it. I really don't know the specifics of what facilities HAVE to reimburse.

I don't know where in MN you are, but I took my CNA/HHA course at Century and it cost $589 for the class and then about $150 to take the test.

Another route to go is get a non-CNA job like a dietary aide or housekeeping within a nursing home. If you prove you are a good long term employee they may be willing to help pay for your CNA/HHA education.

is it required to take the nursing assistant program if you wanna be an assistant?


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Most nursing assistance must be certified and yes, in order to get your certification you must take the class. I do believe there are some assisted living facilities that hire personal care aides, for that there is no certification required and the pay isn't as good as a CNA.

Here in Texas, you can work in a hospital as a nurses aid/assistant with no training required. Granted, this is the more difficult way to go, it is the way I chose. You learn a lot, and feel a bit overwhelmed at times, but you don't have to fork over the money for schooling.

The only schooling you should be looking at actually paying for, in the way of nursing assistants, is a CNA program. If something is offered, that doesn't guarantee it will prepare you to take the state board so you can be a Certified Nurses Aid/Assistant, I would be leery of it.

Where I live in Texas, you can easily work at a hospital or nursing home as an NA (nursing aid/assistant) and then get your CNA coursework FOR FREE at participating nursing homes in the area.

I would look into your options.

Are you planing on nursing school? Do the hospitals and other facilities in your area REQUIRE you to be certified? If not, I wouldn't waste your money on it if you plan on going to nursing school. Work as a regular NA, and get your RN or LPN/LVN as soon as you can.

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i'm new here. i need someone to help me with becoming a nurse assistant. i don't get the whole program thing. please comment! -choua
I've read your numerous posts on the board asking for help.I think you need to see your guidance counselor right away-they can answer all of your questions....I currently work in a nursing home that trains nursing assisstants on the job to become certified.After a year of full time employment all staff are eligible for tuition re-imbursment.Numerous hospitals and nursing homes offer this.Maybe your guidance counselor can point you in the right direction. There are also grants available. You REALLY need to get to your guidance counselor.Good Luck

As I had told you in a previous post of yours...

...it depends on the facility you are looking into working for.

Here in Texas, I easily got a job at the local hospital, with NO Nurse Aid experience. There are NA's at my hospital that are not certified and have no intention of being so.

They are payed less. Yes.

You really should take your questions to nurses within your local community. It varies from state to state, city to city, facility to facility.

Find someplace you want to work, call their HR department. Ask THEM if they require certification in order to work there as an NA. If they say yes, ask THEM where would be a good place to acquire the education in YOUR area.

I feel as though asking your questions here has gotten all the answers possible. People continually advise you the same thing. "Talk to your school counselor, nurses, hospitals, Nursing homes in your area" etc.

I bet you would find better answers to your specific questions if you heeded this advice.


Good luck!

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In MN it's very hard to get a NA job without being a CNA. Sometimes it's hard to get a decent job when you are a CNA. The MN job market has no shortage of CNAs so a lot of employers are very picky about who they hire.

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Your best bet is to do as other posters have advised you. Call local nursing homes to see if they have a cna training program. Other than that, you can look into grants. You may qualify for a grant that would pay for your cna training. No one here can tell you if you qualify for it or not. Please call tech schools in your area that offer cna training and ask them about grants. I know that here in Georgia, we have grants that will pay for cna training if the applicants qualify (financially). Of course, you can always look into phlebotomy training (drawing blood), front office assistant, unit clerk, medical assistant (back office), etc. All of these will get you into health care and then you can work on your desired career path. Go to schools in your area and ask what programs they offer. Some schools will even let you "sit in" on a class to see if it is something that you would be interested in. That's what I did when I went to school for medical assisting.

I am closing this thread because your question was answered. Please feel free to start a new thread if you come up with another question. We are more than happy to answer any questions that we can.



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