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Can LPN's find work in doctor's offices?

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I don't want to work in a long term care facility/hospital or a retirement community. Does it generally takes years of experience to land a job at a doctors office? Could I possibly start out at one?

Thanks in advance!

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In my area of the country (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX), LPNs/LVNs can get hired into a clinic or doctors' office position as a new grad with no experience. However, the pay will be significantly lower than if the person were to start off in LTC.

For example, most clinics and doctors' offices in my city will pay an LVN $15 hourly to start, whereas the same person would earn in the $20 per hour range to work at a nursing home.

Thanks so much!

Look for MA openings in offices and apply for these positions but don't expect the pay to be high. MAs generally will be paid less than licensed nurses.


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I landed my first job out of school at a doctor's office and I am still here (9 years later). I do consider myself very lucky to have done this. For me, being a single parent, the hours couldn't get any better. It would take a lot to get me to want to quit this job. Maybe that's why it is so hard for newer nurses to get these jobs--not just because of lack of experience, but because nobody wants to quit once we are here. Pay is definitely less in clinic than other places, but for me, the hours make up for it. :)

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I worked LTC for a few months after I passed the boards, and then I got into a peds medical office. I made plenty more at LTC, but I love my job which makes up for it. Some LTC is nice, you just have to find a good place. Plus I LOVE working with the kids, even if I have to give them shots. :D


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I also started at a family practice office straight out of nursing school. I have small children and did not want to work nights or weekends. Also, since my dh has a full time job with benefits, I have been able to work as a per diem nurse and earn a slightly higher hourly wage that way. However, the pay is significantly lower than what I would have been able to make working at a LTC facility; I was offered a job at one in the area where I could have made $26 an hour per diem, but the working conditions were not what I wanted as a new grad with no experience. Currently, I am making about $16 an hour and working 3 days a week (my choice). I have worked there for about 3 years and have a really good relationship with my patients and the other employees at the clinic. I do patient intake, vitals, immunizations, telephone triage, and wound care. I also assist with minor surgical proceedures, using sterile technique.



I have an interview with a cardiologist office tomorrow and this thread is so inspiring to me thanks ladies!!!

I have an interview with a cardiologist office tomorrow and this thread is so inspiring to me thanks ladies!!!

any luck?


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I used work on a skilled unit at a local hospital, Now I work at a general peds office. We higher both experienced nurses and new grads. About half of the team came in as new grads. Like others have said most of us love our jobs/hours. 5 of us have to work 1 12 hour shift a week and we rotate saturdays, In the summer we get one half day a week if we work a late night, and those that dont get a half day the week they work a saturday shift. I love office work and its making me reconsider if I want to advance into an RN. And a bonus...I make more at the office than I did at the Hospital!! I hope this inspires you to become an office nurse, it takes a special person to do this work...it seems easy but depending on the doc you work for and how busy your schedual is it can be very difficult to keep up, and keep the patients happy!

Wish wish wish I could get into a pedi office, heck any doctor office!!!! There are a lot of ads around my area, but never got any call backs....The job I have now will hopefully allow me to have the time since its only 3 days a week to work in the dr office per diem if not part time

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