Can LPN's become managers/directors/executives?


Can an LPN move up the career ladder like RN's can? Such as a manager, assistant director, director, etc. Is there career advancement for LPN's ?


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There is an LPN in our hospital who is in fact a manager of one of the areas of our Rehab hosp. She also has a BA I forget exactly what her major was. It is also mandated that she receive her RN within a certain timeframe to maintain this position.

So to answer your question, yes I spose it is, but it will still have a stipulation most likely of having a degree, and the fullfilling the RN requirement.


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LPNs are often Assistant Director's of Nursing in LTCFs.

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I noticed the same as above. Also, I see sometimes, if an LPN has a degree elsewhere, such as management, health education, etc...they have been able to advance around with that as well, but it will not be a nursing position per se. Sometimes, it is a matter of who you know, too. I have heard of LPNs being Assistant Directors of Nursing here in these forums, but never met one personally.

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I live in Texas, where it is very common to have LPNs/LVNs serving in managerial roles at the nursing homes, home health agencies, and hospice providers.

I've worked at multiple nursing homes, and they have all had LPNs serving as ADONs (assistant directors of nursing). Other managerial roles for LPNs in my area include director of staff development, wound clinician, MDS/Tiles, unit manager, and staffing coordinator. I have even met an LVN who was working as a corporate nurse.

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at my job we had an l.v.n as our director of sugical specialites.. she was amazing. now we have someone with only thier "diploma" in healthcare management with no nursing,cna,m.a. experience at all... great!


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LTC facilities often allow LPN's to advance. Our ADON is an LPN, our Director of Community Services is an LPN (we also have attached independent living quarters). I was promoted from floor nurse to Unit Manager of our sixty bed unit and am part of the facility's leadership team. I also have a BA in an unrelated field and Master's level courses in health administration. I don't think my previous education had anything to do with my promotion.

Good luck with your career, I often think about continuing on to get my RN but I love my job and frankly don't think it would make much of a difference except a few extra dollars:coollook:

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