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Can I report a needlestick now?


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I got stuck by a needle at work yesterday and I guess I was just so busy, confused, and STUPID to report it yesterday. It was a subq needle that I misjudged the skin depth on and the needle went through his arm and into my finger. I was so shocked I didn't quite know what happened. I quickly took my glove off and washed with soap and water but I think there was a bit of blood. Got home, told husband, he was IRATE that I did not report it. It happened less than 24 hrs ago. Can I still go back to work and report it or is the time frame over? I don't know how long you have to receive the prophylactic drugs either? I know this was stupid on my part but it was my first needlestick ever and as a new nurse. :( What should I do?

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

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((HUGS)) We have all been stuck at one time or another.

We cannot give medical advice as per the Terms of Service but yes you should report it. Odds are this is a low risk exposure but an exposure nonetheless. You should always report a work related incident BEFORE you leave the workplace. Call them today.

The CDC has a hotline....CDC - Bloodborne Infectious Diseases - Emergency Needlestick Information - NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic

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report it. At the very least someone should investigate whether or not any of the policies or processes in place should be amended.

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Thank you. Can I lose my job over this?

Only if you stuck yourself on purpose trying to get workers comp. ;). (In other words no, but contact occupational/employee health ASAP)

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Thank you. Can I lose my job over this?

I don't think so.

However, most facilities have P&P in place that require you report on-the-job injuries within a certain time period if you want it covered by occupational health/workers' comp. If you wait too long to report it, the facility may be off the hook when it comes to providing you with follow-up care.

Call and report it ASAP. Keep in mind that the odds of contracting something via needestick are overwhelmingly in your favor. I know, it's small comfort when you're on the wrong end of the needle. Good luck.

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You need to report this ASAP. I can understand the initial panic and denial about what happened. The important thing is that you report it and start the process that is mandated by your employer. Your risk is low, but it is still worth going through the process. Good luck.

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Report it ASAP.

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Wanted to let you know that I did you report it. Everyone was pretty much mad and it was a HUGE ordeal because DUH it ends up being DOUBLE exposure because the needle went back through him after sticking me! Omg. How horrible. Anyhow, I consented to everything so he can have reassurance but I don't think he is going to do the same for me, unfortunately. Now I just go for all the blood draws and such. I think at this point they are more worried about the patient than me. Certainly a mistake this new grad will never make again. Thank you all! ;)

My brother stuck himself accidentally - and with an HIV patient, no less! He turned out fine.