can you apply for a job immediately after passing nclex


hi guys i am really confused and desperate for a job and i just found out that i just passed my nclex so now am already going for the job hunting right away but i am wondering should i wait for my license to come in the mail or just go ahead and apply as long as my name is already posted on the BON website.....please help i am really confused because i have seen all these opportunities but dont know if to go on and apply for them or wait for license to come in mail.....and how long does it take for the license to come in the mail......

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I applied when I was still in school. Your behind, apply NOW


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Of course, get out there and hit the pavement. They will call, fax, or go to the Board website to verify your license anyway, so there is no need to have the actual license tomorrow. Tell them you will bring it in once you get it, should they hire you. Congrats and good luck!


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Start now.


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Congrats on passing!!! I'm not absolutely positive, I'm still a student myself, but I'm pretty sure that you can go ahead and start applying. Let them know that you have already passed and that your name is on the site, but that it just hasn't came in the mail yet! =)


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Generally you can apply for positions before you even take the NCLEX, so I would absolutely go on ahead and apply. I take the test in June and I've been applying since Mid-March. It may vary from state to state (I'm from MN).

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i havent even graduated and have been interviewing like crazy

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Yes, you need to start applying to jobs NOW and begin interviewing. You'll want to make sure to apply for jobs that are for new graduate nurses. Sometimes you can still apply for 1 year RN experience jobs but for the most part you'll need to apply to only new grad jobs.

FYI most student RN's who graduate start applying for jobs just before they graduate. Paperwork processing and placement takes a lot of time. Usually after your interview the employer waits for you to pass your NCLEX and then they schedule preceptoring on the floor.

I know the student RN's on my floor won't be graduating until May. Most have already interviewed and received job acceptance letters with details on when they will begin training. So like for one RN on our floor that was hired here, she will start training in June or July provided that she passes her NCLEX.

Hope this helps!



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It really varies from state to state how things are done. Here in MN, students generally start applying for jobs in early April, but most institutions won't know if jobs for new grads are really available until May or June. However, you should still apply. A couple of my friends already have job offers but that is certainly not the norm here, so don't feel discouraged if you don't already have something lined up.


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First, congrats on passing! Second, start applying asap since you are NOW licensed and there are very few jobs out there. Third, some states(like ours) don't even issue an actual physical card anymore due to costs and because of past fraudulent activity on licenses. Our state stopped several years ago doing this and yet the fees keep going up...makes me angry because it would be nice to have the physical representation of the license in my possession(to show for the money I spent! :) )

Good luck in your job search!!!


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Once you see your name online, you just need your license number to prove you are officially an RN! :D Start looking Now!


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I started applying a couple months before I even took the NCLEX, then called the hospitals to let them know when I passed it. Like previous posters said, they'll verify with the BON anyways, so as long as you have your number, go for it!

And good luck :)