When are you paid?

  1. So after (only one week), 200 Advils and cold medicine, and anything else you can name, they have it, 100 daily meds, a 100 headaches, 3 dozen cut toes and feet, a dozen sprains, a couple fevers, a few head injuries, a concussion, one real hemilech in the cafe, ive hugged a dozen, said goodbye to a few staff, cleaned the place like martha stewart. I then asked my part-time aide when do I get Paid??? She used to be a camper and rose up a rank or two says, nonchalantly, I dont know, dont have a clue, and walks off to tend to director assisting things for closing. After an hour resting, campers mostly gone, I seek the director who says, I thought you had already left, whats her name should have told you that accounting mails it out to you. Really? Also I heard about the boys life you saved, do you want any snacks for your long drive back home? Also hope you can come back next summer and tell your friends about us. Standing there with a back strain, red eyes, 4 hours of sleep that feels like two, did I mention exhausted, wondering how I will make it home safely, half bowl of cereal eaten, loved by campers though and thanked by many youth counselors, I thank him and head out to my dusty, unfamiliar-looking car.. No travel or gas reimbursement. My last camp wrote me out a check right then and there and handed it to me before I left. Taxes working in another state was hefty. When do YOU get paid, before you leave or is it mailed? Are hefy taxes taken out? Is travel or gas paid for YOUR trip? I never asked because I thought they all paid you after you finished, silly me.
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    I see many read but many to no one replies on this particular nurse group, lol. I still love you all! Goodbye camping! Back to the school nursing area we support each other more! Have a great summer!!!
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    I'll answer!! I have been super busy finishing up school end of the year stuff and splitting my time between camp and school so I haven't been on here much. I get paid every 2 weeks, I get paid 5 times throughout the summer. Today is my fist payday for camp. It just so happens I get paid the opposite week of my school nurse job, so I get a decent sized paycheck every week during the summer. (I actually make more per pay check at camp that I do my real job!)
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    When I worked at camp I got paid every two weeks throughout the Summer. Travel and gas expenses is something that should have been negotiated and outlined in your contract.
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    On the 15th and the end of the month, via Direct Deposit.

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    I worked a 3.5 week session at a camp this year and I was paid at the end of the session. I had a set amount for a travel reimbursement and all my fees were covered for transferring my license to the state that the camp was in. I had the option of getting an advance on my pay as well but I did not take any before the session was over.
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    I get paid every two weeks. Although I work at a school that operates camp programs in the summer, so it's their standard pay cycle. I've worked at camps that pay at the end of a session or season, however, they've also used direct deposit, so I wasn't expecting a check.

    Some camps offer milage or travel reimbursement, but this is something you typically will need to negotiate before accepting the position.