Summer of 2004 Assignments

  1. where is everyone going this summer? any helpful hints????
    i have accepted my first camp nurse position in illinois. i will be working at a camp that serves adults and children with special needs. the pay is pretty terrific. my teenagers are going with me as counselors in training.
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  3. by   nightingale

    That sounds terrific!

    I am not going to a camp this summer. I wonder what everyone else is up to?

    Try sifitng through the other threads for tips. If I think of anything I will post. I am just coming off of working a long shift so am beat.

    Anyone else have a suggestion?

  4. by   mobileLPN
    I'll be working at a camp in Southern California. It also is a special needs camp. I'm quite excited, as this is my first time being a camp nurse.
  5. by   renerian
    May I ask what they usually are looking for in a nurse? I have alot of experience in other venues except camp nursing.

  6. by   Nur_1996
    I also work at a special needs camp in NJ, I live in Fl. so this gives me a little break from the heat. This is my 3rd year camp nursing, and my 2nd year at this camp. So I'm a liitle less nervous this year. My husband is a teacher so he is off during the summers also so he is the recreational specialist at the camp. My two boys go to the day camp they have for children in the area without special needs. However; my older boy age 13 has asked to be a JR counselor, he kinda got board with the day camp by the end of last summer. My other boy age 10, loves it. It has been a great experience for our whole family. At night my boys help the campers write letters home, push wheelchairs etc. This is a great experience. Good luck to all of the 1st year camp nurses, I hope you have a great summer! I leave Fl on 6/2 to head to NJ. Getting real excited! Marie LPN Easter Seals Camp Merry Heart :hatparty:
  7. by   Jayonoway
    I'm set to go to Camp Lohikan in Lake Como, PA. I'm getting the feeling that I may have gotten the short end....I'm not really getting paid much but they are giving up my daughter's tuition. This is my first summer, I'm not really nervous just unsettled a bit. I guess I don't really want to be away from my home for 5 weeks...but it was the best opportunity for my youngest to go to camp.
  8. by   NRSKarenRN

    Miss being a summer camp nurse. Never a dull moment. Pay is peanuts compaired to hospitals but the experiences and memories are priceless:

    ...Croup tent made out of shower curtin over top of bathroom rafter over tub.
    ...Delayed anaphlyatic reaction 12 hours post bee sting.
    ...11PM soft knock on door from staff--peaking out revealed 19yo male with posterior thigh filleted open 12 inches from sliding on blacktop playing basketball.
    ... My three year old son falling on gravel driveway last day of camp and needing three stitches on forehead--on his third birthday too.
    ...My older son at age 7 falling into septic tank at 9 PM while returning to infirmary with counselor, needed 5 stiches on lip by pediatrician who was rolling on floor over image of him covered in "chocolate" and aquiring camp name: Chocolate Jimmee.
    ...youngest son at 5 yo riding atop a horse by himself in Equestrian show and getting ribbon.
    ...birthday parties every year at camp from age 2 to 8 including Pinata's, a tradition still carried on at age 15.
    ...meeting Philadelphia sport teams superstars; oldest @ 5yo on meeting Karl Malone and expecting Charles Barkley asks "Will you sign my ball Charles Barkley please".
    ...eating bushells of CRABS.
    ...being lulled to sleep nightly by the sound of a bouncing basketball.
    ...having a 9 hole minature golf course and gazeebo right outside your front door, pool 50 feet away, along with enclosed hockey court.

    Who is to say which are good or bad memories..........................

    Have fun! Maybe I'll ask to work weekends next month just to bring back the old days as owner tells me infirmary now with air conditioning. YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE :hatparty:
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  9. by   Peds_LPN
    Well I completed school and passed my boards. The boys and I leave the end of this week for camp. I am so excited but a little scared. Thanks for the posted advise. I will write throughout camp.
  10. by   missmercy
    My husband was the director at a camp for a few years and thus I got the honor of being camp nursing director and mom/nurse etc. to our summer staff. those summers were some of the best ever!! Loads of work, minimal amounts of money -- priceless friendships, the joy of having my guys grow up in such a beautiful, wild environment!!! Some rather interesting trips to the ER, some rather interesting injuries ("Can you tell me again -- how exactly did you do this?" -- OR "How long ago did you say you did this? And you didn't come to see me then -- because you wanted to finish the game?!"Miss those days!!

    God bless all of you who enter this field!! IT will stretch you -- but it sure is great!!
  11. by   boysinfirm
    Hi there
    I am new to this site.
    I am a nurse practitioner ,but in the summer I go to camp with my kids. Actually, only one is still camp age. I am at a camp in Northern Michigan. We have 2000+ campers,from 8 to 18, 24 nurses and 2 doctors who change every 2 weeks (8 docs during the 8 weeks of camp). This is my 6th year here. Lots of fun.

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