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since there have been so many threads started on this, thought that a sticky would answer most questions about this. 1. you must endorse to california, you do not transfer a license. you will... Read More

  1. by   bahamabread
    I will be moving to Ca from Tx. I am new to all of this. When I had my RN from NM, and I applied to Tx, I was not aware that my NM license was only good for a certain amnt of time after I applied. It was a mess and I actually got suspended for a time until my Tx license came through. Is it true that I can go ahead and apply for my Ca license and still have my Tx one current at the same time? So basically I can hold the both valid licenses?
  2. by   fran86
    can a ec grad work in ca corrections?
  3. by   Yayamaya
    The fingerprinting has to be done in California?
    Other than that the remainder of the paperwork can be done from the 'original' state?
    Do you know if they require a California address?
    I am struggling trying to get answers as the board has not responded to emails and I can't get through when I call
  4. by   CA_5677
    How do you go about finding out if your out of state school nursing program is approved by the state of California?
  5. by   Yayamaya
    I have requested a fingerprint card in the mail over 2 weeks ago and have not yet received it...did anyone have similar experience?
  6. by   newtress
    Curious, you are trying to endorse your license from your home state to Cali for a Cali license? You are requesting a fingerprint card from the Cal State Board? I just finished the process of endorsing my license to Cali. It took me 2.5 months. I went to my local police dept, and for twenty dollars had 2 hard card fingerprints done which I included and sent with the preliminary application paperwork I downloaded directly from the board website. My total experience with their state board is that it takes a long time for anything you send to them to correspond back with you. I actually went to the state board office in person while I was out there visiting for the Xmas holidays and man let me tell you, they are severely understaffed, are furloughed several fridays a month and they claimed they never received a lot of my stuff and I had to resubmit paperwork again. So it doesn't surprise me that you haven't heard from them in a while. I personally would suggest just getting your own fingerprint cards done where you live and just send them to them with your paperwork.
  7. by   Yayamaya
    Thanks for your response! New grad from CO, moving to CA. That is a great suggestion, I will go to the local police dept and get the fingerprint cards from them. I was unsure whether CA would accept them. I appreciate your heads up.
  8. by   newtress
    You're very welcome. You know what is cool, when I finally received the license in the mail 4 days ago, to my surprise I was expecting some sort of paper license. It was actually what looks like a thick plastic credit card with the state seal in the middle, Licensed Vocational Nurse above, your name and L # and a hiregliphic in the corner with VN. Pretty nice so you won't ever worry about it getting stained or torn up. With this endorsement, patience really is a virture!
  9. by   louieb
    hi guys i posted sommething that i have read!!! are you aware of this??

    update on ca nclex endorsement to vt prior to expiration

    in this climate of immigration retrogression, it was recommended that california nclex nurses endorse to vermont prior to the expiration of the 3-year window of opportunity to provide ssa numbers to the ca state board of nursing. the vt state board reports that it has experienced an increase in endorsement requests as a result of this issue, leading them to review their policy and make some procedural changes, as follows:

    vt requires the official nclex exam results. for example if you took the exam through ca; you will need to contact the california board of nursing and request a "certified copy of test results with photo" to be sent to the state of vermont board of nursing. california's fee for this is $10.00. (if you've already completed this step please proceed to step 2)
    vt will need to have the verification of education form completed by your school and your official transcripts sent to them. you can print the verification of education form from their website www.vtprofessionals.org on pages 5 and 6 of the international nurse application.
    vt requires the license verification form completed for your original nursing license and your most current nursing license. you can print this form from their website www.vtprofessionals.org on page 7 of the international nurse application.
    note: for nurses in the united kingdom: vt can verify the license online. you need to fill out the verification form by putting in the caller code and pin number so that they can access your information from the nmc website.

    once vt receives this information, they will then be able to process your application for licensure through the state of vermont.

    as mentioned previously, please be aware when you start the re-endorsement process, that the ca board of nursing will have considered your application abandoned and your file will no longer be active. thus, it will be necessary for you to submit all educational credentials a second time to ca. while it will be inconvenient to do so, it will protect you from having to re-take the nclex-rn exam.

    [color=#3b5998]vermont secretary of state - office of professional regulation

    1. now my question is, does this mean they're requiring ca nclex nurses to endorse their papers to vermont?? because if they require it, im gonna endorse it to vermont and just to protect my nclex from expiring.., because until now i still dont have employer in california for me to be able to get the license. so is it a smart idea if i endorse it to vermont?

    2. if ever im now a license holder at vermont,, can i endorse it to any state that i want? like for example if the time comes that i'll be able to find an employer to that specific state.

    3. if the processing of the application to vermont is done,, and confirmed that im already a license holder at vermont.. are they gonna issue or send me a license card???

    thanks guys
  10. by   Yayamaya
    Can anyone comment on the length of time it took you to receive your CA license in the mail thru the endorsement process i.e. transferring to CA from another state?
    I have been waiting 4 weeks...all paperwork submitted. Interested to know what the recent wait time has been and if I will get any info on the phone?

  11. by   x2bloved
    Can you tell me if it is best to wait until you pass your boards before applying to jobs in California or should I go for it prior to?
  12. by   yasmike
    Quote from suzanne4
    If you trained in the US, then it is just a few weeks.........As soon as CA BRN receives verification of your license in the state where you went for initial licensure, and if you are so inclined, you can go up to Sacramento and get a tempoary license issued that day.

    If you have taken the NCLEX exam, then the IP is not even a possibility for you. That is in effect only for those that have met requirements for licensure except having taken the NCLEX exam.

    hi ! just want to know, in case i apply for nclex in texas BON & pass do i need to work in texas before i can endorse my license to CA?
  13. by   boston_rn84
    Hello all, i have applied for licensure through endorsement and received a letter stating my transcripts do not reflect an oral communications class. will i still be able to apply and get a temporary license while taking that class?? also, i have a conviction (disturbing the peace when i was 18yrs old-stupid teenage stuff- almost 9 yrs ago). does anyone know how long it generally takes to get a temporary license approved in such a situation? any help would be much appreciated. thanks!!