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  1. Contact the Board. You may be able to work as a CNA to gain the lacking hours and use the hours you did pass within your LVN program.
  2. sasyone

    Board of Nursing Audit

    Read the notice again for the dates. You will probably see it's for your last renewal. You are required to keep copies of your last four years. The other information was inaccurate. Do not send in your CEU copies with your renewals as the BON and BVNPT do not keep them for you. The audit is normally random and has nothing to do if you submit copies with your renewal. If you are audited, per law it is your responsibility to submit the copies upon request. Do not rely on the CEU companies to keep copies either. As soon as you are done with a CEU, make a copy and keep them with your important papers for 4 years and then trade out with current ones. If you're audited, you know exactly where they are, you send them in certified and you can breathe easy as you have complied with the law. My coworker was audited and running around freaking out because she can't find them. It's your professional license and should treat it as such.
  3. Please double check if it is real or just a joke that many nurses will post all the pictures of the CA BVNPT's lazy staffs and bosses... not only to their social network....but also into the web. >>>> You might want to check your laws. They could come back on you. This forum should consider whether they will allow that statement to stay on this site. Taking someone's photo in a government workplace without their knowledge and posting it could cause some major problems.
  4. I see you've mastered the word "lazy". Now,would you like some facts? My friend still works there and I use to work there. Lazy is definitely NOT the word I would use. For the past three years due to the governor cutting the budget (which most Californians love because it helps their pocketbook until it affects them with service, they were cut 43% of their staff. According to my friend, they just got authorization after 3 years to hire back those people. According to the NCSBN, CA has one of the highest percentages of licensees in the US. You would be surprised how many staff members there were to evaluate new applications and cashier renewals for CA. There were 6 employees Lazy LOL they were putting in 40 hours a month overtime trying to get the work done. All of the Filipinos who were denied at the RN Board were now applying for the LVN license. The governor doesn't just magically decide to do away with his hiring freeze because the RN Board is denying applicants and they are applying elsewhere. So now, the BVNPT didn't just have all the new LVN graduates, paid experience people but now all the Philippine graduates as well. Same 6 people. The RN Board and the LVN Board are not the same Board. 80% of applicants who were denied at the RN Board would send in the application page and a photo and then tell me everything else was at the RN Board. Read the instructions. If it tells you the BVNPT needs their own livescan, don't assume they will take one done for the RN Board because they can't. Renewals-the form says 6-8 weeks. Sending it in 2 weeks before the expiration date is not6-8 weeks. You have 2 years to plan your renewal. "This is all because of their mantra that "we are a government institution and all the nurses must be coward of us-no matter what" Can you please cite a name please since you appear to be putting words in mouths of workers. There was NOT one person when I worked there that EVER had that mantra. I think it's in your head. I think it would be eye opening if you did have someone check into it and then maybe the lazy comments and all other slandering comments might stop. Per my friend, up until 2 months ago there were 10 clericals to evaluate the 2000 new applications, 800 follow up mail, all the cashiering to include the new applications,retakes, license renewals, initial licensing fees,duplicate,verification request; sending out retake packets, sending out results, opening all the mail-date stamp each piece/distribute, answer the 3 receptionist phone lines, change all addresses, correct all ATT problems, send out and then review the CEU audits, review/approve CEU providers, review and add IV/Bloodwork certs onto licenses and the psychiatric technician program to include evaluating, scheduling for exam, process retakes/results, cashier for the psych tech program. Included in the 10 is the fingerprint person who prints out all prints, matches up with files, consults with doj/fbi for rejects. I just called my friend and she told me during this time, one person was off on medical leave for 3 months which left 9 people. That is a lot of workload for just 9 people. Lazy would be the last word I would use. I think you would be amazed at how much work they did get done working 6 days a week every week for the amount of employees they had. Pay renewals early/on time online, have your addresses correct, include ALL paperwork when applying. Send documents certified so you know they got them. Don't call two days later asking them if your on piece of mail was received in that bag they just got. It's the same people you want to get your work done that has to stop working to go look for your one piece of mail you sent regular mail.
  5. sasyone

    CA BVNPT state verification fee?

    It says on the website and form $75
  6. sasyone

    Denied by CABON now to take LVN..

    Just remember, the BVNPT did not get funds to hire more people to handle all the denials from the RN Board so they are at 4 months right now. I asked my friend about something someone posted earlier. If you graduated before 2005, you don't need a Declaration as internet and distance learning wasn't so common back then.
  7. Hello all, spoke with my friend at the LVN Board. They are SWAMPED with applicants from the RN Board as you can imagine. They didn't get extra people to help them so it is taking 4 months. Declaration is to be completed by the applicant and not the school. People are sending them to their school and it's getting returned. The Record of Nursing Program form is not available through the RN Board so when you request your transcripts from the RN Board, that form will NOT come with it. This form asks for different classes then the RN Board asks for. If an evaluator tells you that your school did not list enough hours, that means your director didn't list all your nursing hours and it doesn't qualify you. The Board realizes that your nursing program probably contained more so they are trying to help you to get the form submitted correctly with the correct hours instead of just denying you. My friend also said to please please realize the LVN Board and the RN Board are two completely separate Boards and require their own forms. She said she's been getting an application page and a letter that says all other documents will be sent from the RN Board. I'm just curious why one would not think they didn't need to complete the Record of Conviction, photo and high school? The livescan she can understand as most don't understand that Boards can't share. Just so you all know if you are denied by the RN Board or haven't applied there yet: Application with fee 2 photos Record of Conviction Record of Nursing Program form and transcript in the school sealed envelope (the transcript can come from the RN Board but the Record of Nursing Program form is unique to the LVN Board and the RN Board will not have it) Livescan with the LVN code on it Copy of your secondary diploma Don't send regular mail and then call and ask them to go look through 1000 pieces of mail for your mail if you didn't send it certified. It's that same person who has to go looking through all that mail that you are complaining isn't getting your file done. She also said they are working a lot of overtime and still severly backlogged.
  8. In my state, our laws stated that the Board may deny licensure which means............they cannot stop you from taking the test but they can stop you from getting licensed. I believe most states operate this way also. ***this is not for new licensee's and is completely different than those who had their actual license revoked and having to retake the exam.
  9. Why hmmmmm??? They are two separate boards with two separate board members who delegate the rulings. BVNPT also does not accept Excelsior. Would like to add to the above that the 48 months of medical/surigcal (with adults) can also be gained in a long term/skilled facility in addition to the inpatient ward of a hospital
  10. As some may know, I use to work for the BVNPT and have a friend currently working there. I was reading the other posts and told her and she has some hints for you all. To some previous posters....yes they answer the phones right at 8am as the phones are now through the internet and start ringing at 8am. No employee will ever tell you on the phone or email if you qualify without all paperwork with application filed. They will tell you what you need but cannot tell you if you qualify because those same people will throw those words back at you that you said they'd qualify but the paperwork comes in differently. Bottom line, don't expect a yes or no answer on qualifying by telephone or email before your file has been evaluated. The BVNPT and the RN Board are two completely separate boards and can only share the transcripts at the applicant's request. The LVN Board does not have the concurrency requirement however, they do require a certain amount of hours to be completed in certain areas therefore, the BVNPT requires your school to complete the Record of Nursing Program form. This form is NOT with the RN Board. It is the BVNPT's form. She said she constantly has people saying the RN Board transferred that form which is impossible since it's not their form. She also said the applicant's are not completing all forms required for the BVNPT. Make sure you have your application page completed, the Record of Conviction form, the 2 photos and a livescan for the BVNPT. You cannot use the same livescan that you used for the RN Board as it is illegal to share fingerprint results between boards or agencies. If you have been denied by the RN Board, send the Record of Nursing Program form to your school for completion. It will be required in addition to the transcripts. Also, people are not submitting proof of 12th grade. Send in a copy of your secondary certificate. The Declaration page is determined after initial evaluation. Her other recommendation is that it is taking a minimum of 10 weeks. In addition to all the LVN applications, they are now doing all the RN denials with less employees (governor laid off 8 employees plus the retirees). Do not send paperwork to the Board regular mail and then expect a worker to hunt through 1000 pieces of mail to see if they got your mail. Send it certified. The few evaluators they have are the same people that have to unt for your mail so if you take them away from their desk, they aren't evaluating. If you send in your application certified, you will get a receipt of the date the Board received it. You can then go to the website after 8 weeks, email the Board and ask what date the new applications are being worked. They will email you back with the current date they are working on. You will then know if they are getting close to your application. She did tell me that they do not like being behind any more than applicant's hate waiting so long but the governor didn't let them hire or keep people because the RN Board is denying people. Help them to help you. Application with fee photos 12th grade/secondary Record of Conviction (not an option, must complete and return to the Board) Livescan Transcripts (you can order a copy to be sent from RN Board) Record of Nursing Program form-send to your school to send back to the Board. Send certified or Return Receipt Hope that helps! Just wanted to add: This is for anyone anywhere who is not approved at the RN Board whether foreign or domestic.
  11. sasyone

    LPN at Kennedy Global School

    Why don't you ask where the owners of these Kennedy schools are from and why they didn't start the school in the US? The owner is from the US so not putting down Philippine schools. Before running someone's mouth, perhaps it is better to do research? Did they, or did they not tell Californians to apply to W VA and then apply for endorsement back to CA? Why would a school do that? Why wouldn't the school just be truthful and tell you their program isn't accepted in CA? If you wish to go to a school that isn't truthful, that is your perogative however, as a possible future patient, I hope I don't have a nurse trained from this school.
  12. sasyone

    BVNPT Enforcement California

    That's not true. They don't pull all cashiers to answer the phones. When they cash your check, it downloads to the printer to print your license so nothing else for the cashiers to do for you to get your license.
  13. sasyone

    Navy Corpsman to LVN= few questions

    You will need to print out and complete the application page, the Record of Conviction page, the (2) 2x2 passport type photos, DD214 showing honorable discharge (if you are not active), the military experience form, the fingerprint form (If IN CA, the livescan, if OUT of CA, the hardcards),the certificate from the corp school (they don't accept the smart transcripts---your DD214 might have the corp school on it) and your evaluation/performance reports showing 12 months of inpatient ward care in a hospital or sickcall aboard ship. They don't accept clinic or triage experience. They will give you 8 months maximum for ER care but the other 4 months must be inpatient ward or sickcall aboard ship. edited to add, they do not accept letters for the experience, you must submit evaluation/performance reports.
  14. sasyone

    LPN at Kennedy Global School

    Nothing like going for an education that half the states won't accept, that a major credentialing sevice won't evaluate any longer, a school that tells you how to circumvent the system. Yep, that's definitely a school I'd want to go to to make sure I got a quality education. But wait, who wants a quality education? I read more, what's the cheapest, what's the quickest, what can I get away with the lowest grades. I sincerely hope more states wake up and require stricter guidelines since this is a medical profession and everyone should strive for higher grades, hands on experience and clinicals with equipment that is up to date.
  15. sasyone

    Why is CA BRN too picky?

    I just spoke with my friend. The furloughs and now the hiring freeze are doing a number on the Board. When I was there and it's still the same, CA doesn't just get CA graduates (LVN), they get people from all other states where their states don't accept paid experience. They are also 3 people down due to the current hiring freeze from the governor and have been working overtime.