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  1. RNcorazon

    Working in Ca, living in another state

    Of course u can do it! That s what all my roommates does. Just came to work and leave. But, you need to get a per diem position that way you do all your shifts together and go home for a week or more. Living in San Fran, is very expensive. We pay close to 3k for a small place and share it. Is possible but u need to be very flexible and go PRN.
  2. RNcorazon

    Kaiser's pay/benefits for staff nurse 2?

    Hi! Are u still at KSJ? I have a question for you. Can I take a position after being a traveler for 9 months? I'm afraid to be tax on everything I made before. Thank you
  3. RNcorazon

    New Job in postpartum/advice?

    Thank you! As a nurse and as new mother, I heard that speech about nursing for 15 min each breast every 3 hours. I was determined to breastfeed exclusively my baby, so I did, no formula, no supplements. and I did breastfeed my baby on demand, and now she is 2, and still asks for her milk to sleep. I love it. I hope I can became a Post partum nurse as well, and be able to teach and educate new mothers about the importance of breastfeeding your baby.
  4. RNcorazon

    Please tell me about these CA facilities

    Hello! I am in my third assignment in the same area. where did you end up going? I did work at MIlls and I loved it!.
  5. RNcorazon


    Any assignment in California is better than a regular job in my state (fl). Here I was floated to the medical floor and end up with 8 patients, 3 were admits from ED, 4 of them going for surgery. I am ready to move out of Fl.
  6. RNcorazon

    Non medical home care

    Hi, There is a lot of non medical agencies now and days, no necesarily runnning by nurses. They offer companion to adults, meal preparations, anything that can help an older adult being more independent at home. Florida has a high population of elderly and may be a good idea of a business in the area. Being a nurse is just a plus, but non medical to start with the basics.
  7. RNcorazon

    Non medical home care

    I being brainstorming about starting a business that is related to what I love, nursing and provide the best nursing care. Does any one started a non medical home care agency? I think I would have my husband run it while I keep my day job, or better my night shift job. How difficult is start? we can do the job and I can train the personal if needed.
  8. RNcorazon

    Tenet agency

    Does anyone work for Tenet in south florida? I m use to work under stressful situations, since I being a traveler for years, but I just sign up with tenet, and I heard horrible things about this organization. I just need to work close to home for a while, but how bad is it? thank you
  9. RNcorazon

    South Florida Agency Nursing

    How are you doing with Parallon? I worked for them for years, but I left to California for a while. HCA hospitals are very challenging for nurses, I worked in Miami and broward county in the tele floor. Good luck with the Per diem, I was actually looking for a contract because per diem gets cancel first. Also you can try Tenet, I sign up with them too. you only need to work 4 shifts per month, and parallon is 1 per month. In south florida, I will only work staff at memorial hospital, the pay is not great but I feel a lot safer, with a lot of support from managers.
  10. RNcorazon

    Cleveland clinic Florida

    Does anyone have taken an assignment recently in Cleveland clinic. What agency do they use? And How much was the pay rate? I'm considering applying. Thank you
  11. RNcorazon

    Time off between assignments?

    You can take an assignment back to back or just take time off as you want, I took 1 month off to travel Europe, just make sure you have savings and let your recruiter now your next start date. hope it helps!
  12. RNcorazon

    Traveling while you are pregnant?

    I am 13 weeks preggo!!, this is my first pregnancy and I love it!, I know already I am having a baby girl! My first trimester is being great, some nausea and food cravings, a little more tired than the norm, but so far so good. I work as a traveler for 4 years, and I loved taking this assignments, planning the trips, getting to visit new places its being so much fun, but with I know with a baby its going to be challenging. oh, by the way, my home state is south Florida. My husband and I decided to buy a house when the market was low and the interest rate was great, the house is beautiful, everything I was looking for in a home, and the area is perfect for raising kids, great schools. But I refused to go staff again, since the pay is considerable lower, they offer me 25$/hr in a local hospital, and I didnt take it. of course I was not pregnant back then, now I am working agency where they pay $40/hr w/no benefits of course. The only problem I have, and maybe its only me, but I hate Florida...no, let me correct that.. I hate being a nurse in florida! The ratio 8:1 in some hospitals, some with less ratio have no pca's in the floor. The Agency nurse is the fisrt to be canceled, so sometimes I am working hardly 2 days, this summer was the worst!. I cant wait to take another travel assignment where I have hours that are guarantee, and decent pay, and not hate to go to work. Does anyone have taking a travel assignment while pregnant? i am due in May 22, I hope I can work until 7/8 months probably? and then rest for the last 3/4 weeks untill the baby comes. Does anyone have taking a travel assignment while pregnant?
  13. RNcorazon

    Finally decided to quit nursing

    I read this threat and I cant believe how many nurses feel the same way..."hate nursing"? I definitely dont hate nursing, I being a nurse for over 6 years now, and working as a nurse had made me stronger, and proud. I love taking care of patients and some how give something, but I have to say, lately being a nurse is being more challenging. Every nurse i talk to is either going back to school for their NP, or trying to get out of bedside care, I am so glad that we have choices here and we can keep moving foward. Also, with so many schools of nurses, and new grads coming out looking for jobs, taking any pay rate is offered, is a little scary for the experienced nurses. I only work travel assigments or local agency when i am home, but even working agency is a challenge in my state, sometimes I am happy to get cancel and missing the pay of the day, because working in this hospitals had became very challenging, especially in the floors when you ended up taking care of 8 patients! Now that i am expecting my first baby, omg! i am really wondering what im going to do here, my hubby doesnt make much to support the both of us, he thinks i am ready to quit too sometimes... he keep saying go and retrain to do something else, yeah like is that easy. I still work agency 2/3 days a week, sometimes I cant work more that that 2 days because there is no work and then I am happy to be canceled, I got to the point that I dont care about how much money i can make, but I wanna be happy.
  14. RNcorazon

    Computer Conversion Pay-Nurse Choice

    V-Neck T-Shirt do you know the hospital in indiana and the area? I may also go for this one but I am curious about the area and the tipe of housing we can get. I know nurse choice place the nurses in extended stays, does not provide transport and last time I did worked 5 days in raw/ for 2 weeks. i took home about 6k. so, it was not too bad.
  15. RNcorazon

    Have you traveled to Florida?

    do you mean HCA facilities?
  16. RNcorazon

    Have you traveled to Florida?

    Hi jnh911: yes i used all about in the east coast. but I know they have more agencies but Parallon is big in here since they are own by HCA hospitals.

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