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    Christos Santa rosa. Anyone?

    med surg/tele. do you know what agency they use for their travelers? im with all bout staffing now. thanks
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    Christos Santa rosa. Anyone?

    Does anyone had taken an assignment in christos Santa Rosa in san Antonio? What agency do they use for travelers? I m with all about staffing now in main Methodist, but I don't like this hospital at all! Does anybody has any Experience with hospitals around this area? Thank you!
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    Christos Santa rosa. Anyone?

    In San antonio, specially by the medical city...i know there is a lot of hospitals around this area!! anybody has a good or bad experience in any hospital? i mentioned that i work at main methodist, so i know it is just a zoo working there. christos santa rosa, is close by but i heard it is not that great either. any advice? please!
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    Traveling Nurses (please inform me of this :-D)

    It looks like you got a lot of info already!! Start calling agencies and let them know when you want to start traveling, get all the information, ask all the questions....and by the time you are ready, which just pack and go! Traveling is super fun, now and days you have to be very flexible as far as places, specially if it's your first travel assignment. Maybe local traveling to start and get the feel of it. I just did Los Angeles, and fall in love with Cali!! They usually want you to have 2 yes exp, b/c one day orientation, next day you are pretty much in your own. Good luck!!
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    Metropolitian Methodist Hospital San Antonio, TX

    I haven't work in metro but now I certainly won't!!! Lol I just finish an assigment in kaiser LA...love it!!! The best place to work. San Antonio should not be so bad, I did main Methodist last year and I m back for more...:). They never float me when I was there, ratio 6:1 med surg and tele...sometimes 7. The pay is decent, consider cheap rent!
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    Hi!! Good luck in your assignment. You ll love Cali!! First: I look around the hospital area on craiglist for a sublet apartment, furnished, w/ utilities, short term, and whatever your requirements may be. Now and days the only way to make money traveling is actually taking the stipend and doing your homework. The amount you mentioned seems too low for Cali. They gave me 2200 for LA area, and that's because I ask them for more. But it all depends in your hourly rate. Renting a room seems to be a good idea, you ll be saving a lot. I hate extended stays, I Had bad experiences with those. Good luck again!!! Enjoy Cali!!!
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    Travel Assignment in Las Vegas

    hi! i haven't travel to vegas yet! ...but one my friends just did...she used all about staffing...i asked them if there is anything there, but my recruiter with AAS said that it was very slow, so i am going to san antonio for the winter. Good luck !
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    Cedars-Sinai Review

    hi maverick09! I can also speak for experience and mine is at kaiser...i only can say that I am very pleased with the facility and the organization...The people i work with are just wonderful and most of them have being there for a long time, speaking about nursing retention... they so still hire a lot of travelers but its because not too overwork their staff. I never get a tough assignment there, i enjoy working with the staff...they so friendly! and helpful! I love working for kaiser, they always respect the patient ratio which is great!...I really dont have anything negative to say about Kaiser, but If i decide to stop traveling this will be the place to stay, without a doubt. hope it helps!
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    Travel Assignment In La - Kaiser Sunset Vs. USC

    If you go to kaiser expect to float, have no Cna, they use them as sitters.
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    Anyone traveling only in Florida?

    I would recommend the west coast from Florida, my assignment in largo medical was great! All about staffing was the best choice. In general Florida is a hard state for nurses because the pay and the staffing ratio are really bad! But the west coast was great!
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    Heard of American Mobile Healthcare

    I really looking for another company in California. ANM sucks!! They don't pay ! They don't care!
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    Travel Nursing

    i totally agree with the last post. I think traveling should be done mostly for the experience of visiting new cities and meeting new people, learn from that experience and have fun! Traveling can be very stressful since you are basically pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, is not just a new job is also a new environment. It takes some planning, and some risky situations! I just got to california and the company delay my start date to next month! I almost panic, but nurses, we are problem solvers right? well... i am doing registry for now, and i love it! I meet wonderful people at all different facilities while i wait for my assignment to start.
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    Calling all travelers, i have a question!

    Hi ! i being traveling for a year and they usually give you one day orientation to the unit, so you know where everything is located and you may follow a nurse to be familiar with most of the hospital protocol. I would say the first week pretty much you should be able to work independently, but there is always somebody to ask, usually a charge nurse.
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    Heard of American Mobile Healthcare

    american mobile is cold and non caring company, they don't care about nurses, they offer the lowest rates. i had the worst experience with them.
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    American Mobile

    This is the worst company you can work for!!
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    Any experience in traveling to an HCA hospital in San Antonio??

    I KNOW!! i will be in Methodist until aug 7...then i am going to California! Do you know which floor are you going to work? this week i am working until thursday. Good luck! if you want you can text me your number at 209-436-9925. this is only for texts...
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    Any experience in traveling to an HCA hospital in San Antonio??

    hi ashley! did you get here? i saw many travelers this week...let me know.
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    Travel nurse workload vs. staff nurse

    i agree...i work traveling and have being floated everywhere, but it does not mean i get the hardest patients or that nobody will help me...actually most of the time they know you are there for extra support and no to take the heaviest load. every assignment is different and some days are harder than others, i have taking assignments back to back, but you can take off a week or so if you want. i think that's great!
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    Any experience in traveling to an HCA hospital in San Antonio??

    hi ashley! i am doing great at methodist, it is a very busy hospital and a little confusing at first just the get around...because they have 5 different hospitals, so...do you know where are you going? because after orientation some people went to metropolitan, and others went to different departments...they gave me one day orientation that was mainly a tour, so i know where everything is in the floor...next day i arrived i was bymyself w/ 5 patients, and they float me to a different floor...oh! i am not complaining! it was great! i meet nice people, very helpful!!... i hope we get to meet...i will be here until agost 10, i am getting familiar w/ the area and the crazy roads in texas! planning some fun day trips to get to see this state...let me know when you get here, and i ll give you my cell so we talk...take care now!! erika hatziyannakis:nurse:
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    Any experience in traveling to an HCA hospital in San Antonio??

    hi ashley!!great!! we may see each other anyways, right? i start tomorrow!! i am traveling with AAS just because they were so wonderful with me, my recruiter is great and i am more familiar with the HCA system, so it is easier. I think you will love traveling, as a new nurse (only 2 yrs exp) i found myself asking a lot!! being extra friendly and helping other much so i can get help too. I learned so much just in a short period of time, because i did orthopedics, spinal and neuro, some psych and some Rehab...all in a 13 weeks period. You just got to take your time to learn, to ask questions and take care of what is more important...our patients. If there is anything i can help you with...let me know. i will see you soon ashley! erika
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    Any experience in traveling to an HCA hospital in San Antonio??

    hello: well! we may just see each other in the hospital then!! i just got a travel assignment in the neuro/telemetry floor. I do night shift, my name is erika, i am spanish. i hope i see you there. ok...I worked with HCA since i started my nursing career and as a traveler this is my second assignment. My experience was great, i just came back from tampa, i got to tell you...floating is a must expect as a traveler! i float every night, but i did not mind at all, because i meet such a wonderful nurses, excellent co workers and the challenge of learning new skills and experience new settings was kind of exciting, since i am a fairly new nurse. I don't know much about the methodist hospital, but i expect the same HCA system, meditech which is very friendly user, i know that every hospital has a entrance test, maybe the second day of orientation. Well, i may see you in orientation...good luck!
  22. This is my first travel assignment, so far it's being great. :) I am still a little confused about the "tax home" topic. I own a villa in south florida, and i am paying my mortgage every month (about $900 month). I am also paying here my housing because i rented an apartment w/ everything included for 700$/month, while my agency's stipend is about $3000/month, still works out great for me. but, i am a little bit concerned about the house i am using as a tax home, because my best friend, who is between jobs and just lost her apartment, is living at my place while i am away, she is paying for her utilities, meaning electricity and water. I don't think this can be considered as a rental property, but i just don't want to have any problems with the IRS. Does anybody have some information or advise for me? Thank you very much:redbeathe
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    Florida Travel

    hi! I am working in the area of Largo, in largo medical center HCA, its about 45 min away from bradenton. I really like the hospital and the nurse patient ratio, everybody is very friendly and helpful. my company here is All about staffing, my recruiter is great and actually the pay is very good compare to what other companies where offering. good luck
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    Wishing to work in California, from another state

    I went to LA to do my fingerprints last month. you can go to any office from the list the boards have online. I picked one that was very closed to LAX (airport). The trip was fun but i couldn't stay to complete the process and go to sacramento for the actual license. On my understanding, Once you have completed the live scan, and the nursing verification. one can just go to the office in Sacramento and apply for the a temp license.
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    30K in 16 weeks

    What area of california did you work? and if depends in the agency, which agency would you recommend?