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Hey!!! i am going to LA in a week to interview for the new grad residency program. Has anyone already interviewed, or know anything about their residency program, esp for the cardiac telemetry... Read More

  1. by   JessyhRN
    Has anyone had a call for an interview? Last year at this time, people were posting that they got called for interview.
  2. by   oooitzsharon
    No calls yet...
  3. by   ValentineTheBSN
    I got a call today for an interview! I hope I get the job *wine
  4. by   vball369
    That's great ValentineTheBSN!! When is your interview??
  5. by   ValentineTheBSN
    It's on thursday. Interviewing for a position in the Cardiothoracic ICU. You know what's funny though? All the guys in my class who applied got interviews! Kinda crazy. They must have a thing for guys.
  6. by   Vahn
    Hi Valentine


    Do you have a BSN or ADN? and do you have any experience in healthcare?

    Im just trying to see what they are looking for.

  7. by   nurseteee
    Yeah, BSN or ADN? Curious as well.
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  8. by   passionlove
    Just USC still interviewing and/or has anyone got hired yet?
  9. by   m2theRZA
    according to this thread (USC New Grad Program 2011 - Page 12- Nursing for Nurses), it looks like they have already had interviews for SICU and CVTICU. I applied to Neuro ICU as my first choice and have yet to hear anything... as I didn't get that rejection email that other applicants got about a month ago. However, I'm very doubtful as previous posts stated that HR confirmed to only be accepted 10 students for the program this time around.. which units did you apply for?
  10. by   Optimist02
    What are behavioral type questions?