Thousand Oaks, CA area????

  1. Hey, y'all-

    My DH has applied for a job in the Thousand Oaks area... the thought of moving to CA from the NE is terrifying. Anyone have any useful info to share on this area, good places to work, etc? I currently work in an ICU. I appreciate any info anyone can provide. Thanks!

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    What a small world. Thousand Oaks is located in Ventura County, and I was born and raised in Ventura County. However, I was born and raised in Oxnard, which is the working-class city in the area. Thousand Oaks is considered the upscale, affluent city of that area.

    Los Robles Regional Medical Center is in Thousand Oaks. One of my nursing instructors was paid $45 per hour to work on one of their med-surg floors. If you're in the mood to commute to nearby hospitals, there's Kaiser Hospital in Woodland Hills, Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, St. Johns in Camarillo, St. Johns in Oxnard, and Encino-Tarzana Hospital in Tarzana and Encino. Encino Hospital is a wonderful place to work; however, they don't have an ICU. There's also West Hills Hospital in West Hills.

    The cost of living in Thousand Oaks is sky-high, with an average small house costing about $600,000. Gas is about $2.35 per gallon. Rents range from $1,500 to $2,000 for a 1-bedroom apartment.
  4. by   russiangirl
    I live 10 min from Thousand Oaks, but my DH and I both work there. I think it's a great place to live, family-friendly, low crime, good schools (in case you have kids), lots of parks, entertainment and 20 min to the beaches. You can find more information on the city here:

  5. by   carol72
    I was born & raised in Boston & now live in Woodland Hills CA, which is very close to Thousand Oaks. It is an adjustment.
  6. by   rosie26
    thousand oaks is a great area for kids. they have award winning schools. I also think it has the lowest crime rate in the country? or at least for a couple years it did. in general, it is a so cal suburbia- but relatively close to beaches. a good area. houses are expensive- but all of socal semi-close to ocean is.
  7. by   FNimuaeMae
    It's such an overwhelming thing. I don't know CA at all, been there once when I was 16 and that was just a brief trip. I don't even know what kind of commute there would be in the Thousand Oaks area and what would be reasonable. Anything people can tell me is much appreciated...Thank you!!

  8. by   RNRebecca83
    Sounds like Thousand Oaks is a nice place to live. But how much they will pay a RN with 2 year experience in the area? The place sounds so expensive.

  9. by   russiangirl
    Quote from FNimuaeMae
    I don't even know what kind of commute there would be in the Thousand Oaks area and what would be reasonable.
    A car is must, as public transportation is very limited in the area. If you find work in Thousand Oaks (eg, Los Robles hospital or Thousand Oaks Surgery hospital), then you'll probably spend 5-10 min on commute. 15-20 mins to Oxnard (St John's Regional Med Ctr), 25-30 min to Woodland Hills (West Hills hospital or Kaiser Permanente). Freeway traffic is usually light around here (compare to really bad traffic in LA area).
  10. by   russiangirl
    Quote from RNRebecca83
    But how much they will pay a RN with 2 year experience in the area? The place sounds so expensive.
    I can't give exact numbers, as it depends on experience, degree, field, etc., but every RN I know here makes more than $30/hour.
  11. by   RNRebecca83
    You can make around or more than 30/hr in Phoenix, and things much much cheaper here.
  12. by   NurseguyFL
    Since you guys are so familiar with the Woodland Hills area could you elaborate a bit more on it, please? I have a choice of staying there or in West Hollywood. I know Woodland Hills is the better option since I will be working at West Hills Hospital, and you all agree that the commute from west to east is a nightmare. The problem is that I like to go out a nice restaurants, concerts, live jazz, art shows...wherever the fun is. I get really nervous when I hear Woodland Hills being described with words like "parks", "quiet", "great place for kids", and "family-oriented". I'm thinking its probably some dreadfully boring place like the travel assignment I am currently on (Oh God, you just can't imagine how BAD it is here!) and that I will have to drive at least an hour or so to get to anyplace thats even remotely interesting to hang out. How far away from Woodland Hills are the cool places to hang out in LA?
  13. by   Mimi2RN
    Not far, depends on the time of day. 20-30 minutes, an hour if it's the morning or evening commute and you get stuck in traffic. You can go over Topanga to Malibu, and north or south along the coast. All the towns run into each other, yes, they are suburbs, but it's relatively easy to get around once you get used to freeway driving. You could live in any of the communities from Sherman Oaks to Agoura and still be within a reasonable driving distance of West Hills. Also look at the areas north of Hwy 101, going towards Hwy 118.

    I don't know much about the night life in LA, I suppose if you are travelling, West Hollywood wouldn't be a bad place to be. It's still within driving distance of West Hills. Also Studio City, or Sherman Oaks would cut the commute, and you would be closer to LA.

    I like going to visit, just don't want to live there anymore.
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  14. by   russiangirl
    West Hollywood and areas around it are definitely the best places for the night life in LA (I used to live there in my 20's and it was fun!). But it depends on what is your schedule at the hospital will be. If you're going to drive every morning around 7-9 am from W.Hollywood to West Hills, expect a nightmare. Same is from 3.30 pm to 7 pm in both directions, including the weekends. So I agree with Mimi2RN, suggesting living in Studio City or Sherman Oaks, as you will be close to everything. These 2 areas have a lot of places to go on Ventura Blvd, plus it's a 10-15 min drive to W.Hollywood or Woodland Hills.
    If money is a concern, then I would live in Canoga Park or Van Nuys, as housing is much cheaper there than in W.Hollywood or Studio City.