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  1. by   mstigerlily
    You need to read my post again: let me repost it for you. As I said, a few no longer hire LVNs but Sharp does, and no it doesn't matter where you graduated from as far as getting a job. Just how good the education, how much it costs you and future educational/transfer opportunities. Maric will limit these.

    $24 an hour sounds pretty high for a new grad LVN job in a hospital. Palomar, Scripps and Sharp are only paying 25.50-27.00/hr for new grad RNs!!!


    As far as hospitals in San Diegos a few no longer hire LVNs (Palomar/Pomerado). Scripps does but in some units they use them interchangeably with CNAs. I believe Sharp does hire LVNs for all departments though. Don't know about Children's, UCSD, Alvarado or many of the other undependent hospitals but you can get an idea of the job openings for LVNs if you look at their websites.


    Quote from bb501
    Ok for the person that said that some hospitals no longer hire LVN's where are you getting this info. from? I just went to there website and they have openings for LVN's. Sharp has a whole lot positions, and everywhere I see there hiring LVN's, even new grads. Even from Maric. Maric LVN's are starting at $22/hour. I know because I know grads from there. There is so much work out there for LVN's, most are making $24/hour. All these ads I see for RN's, LVN's, and CNA's is crazy. Don't discourage people by telling them that there are no jobs out there for LVN's. THey're so many out there, and they pay good even if you're a new grad. You just get more orientation.
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  2. by   casualjim
    I know about 6 people that have graduated in the past year. 2 LVNs and 4 RNs 3 (1 LVN and 2 RNs) from Maric. They're working and making just as much money as anyone else with commensurate experience. Go look at the bureau of labor stats. No one's going to go without work anytime soon.
  3. by   mercyteapot
    I suppose it doesn't speak directly to the quality of education to be had at Maric, but those cheesy commercials of their's would make me feel uneasy about their commitment to professionalism.
  4. by   closatssl1
    Jim, I did my LVN program at a community college here in Los Angeles. The whole program including tuition, uniforms and books must have cost me about $2000.00, which in my 3rd semester I applied for a scholarship and I received about $2000.00 free money. I understand you don't want to wait a long time, and I am 38 years old. But, I think going and paying between $20,000-$40,000 for a nursing program is ridiculous. I attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College here in Los Angeles and I just took my boards this past Wednesday. Once I pass boards I am going back to this same school and do my RN program. The prereq's to get into the RN program here is only ( Micro, A&P, Eng. 101), and an almost NO WAITING list. That is only 3 classes. LATTC has a passing ratio in the hi 80's and 90's. Also, as far as selecting the school with the best N-clex passing ratio, I would not worry about that. Once you graduate from the program it is strictly up to you how much effort you put into your studies. There are also hundreds of N-clex review courses out there including KAPLAN. I understand once again that time is of the essence, BUT please save your hard earned money for when and if, you decide to pursue your bachelors or even your masters, which in that case whatever hospital you are working for will help you financially and will most likely work with your schedule. AND, by going this route, either communito college or even a Cal State System, you can rest assure that almost all the credits will be transferable. Well Jim this is only my 2 cents. You can e-mail me anytime for any questions. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  5. by   jojo007
    im from san francisco and i already have a bachelors degree in psych.. i've applied to many accelerated programs but havent had any luck whatsoever getting in, which is soooo frustrating when all i want is to get in somewhere so i can start already, im not getting any younger!! maric's asn degree only takes about 15 months if you already have prereqs done and previous experience (i just finished a cna program here in the bay area so that will be my previous experience).. this sounds extremely appealing to me!! my boyfriend's sister went to maric and now she works at ucsf..4 of their relatives were also in the nursing program at maric and it seems they've all had good experiences there.. i am so going to apply to maric! hopefully there will be space for this coming jan 2006..
  6. by   casualjim
    I just tested in and am in the process of applying for the Jan class myself. Good luck, hope to see you there.
  7. by   jojo007
    i hope i make it in! ill be taking my test this nov.. thanx jim
  8. by   casualjim
    Practice doing everything on a timeline. They use the CPAT test. The first section is language usage, then reading and comprehension, then math. Everything is timed, so the trick is getting as much done as possible and doing it right. The math is all "pre-algebra" stuff. Fractions, percents and ratios are about as rough as it gets. If you want a headstart you can give them a call and go to one of the "test your best" workshop/tutoring sessions. They do 2 a day and it will give you an idea of what's going to be on the test and how it's formatted.
    good luck
  9. by   jojo007
    thanx again jim, i reeeeeeeally appreciate all the info.. just one more thing: do i call maric or CPAT testing in order to attend a "test your best" session?
  10. by   casualjim
    You just call Maric. The sessions are free and as I said they do at least one a day.
  11. by   anbreen
    Quote from casualjim
    I actually ran into a friend at the beach this morning that's in SDSU's BSN program. She shopped Maric before she started and thinks it's around $40k from scratch. Still a little steep. I think I'll just call the guy back on Monday and ask. I'll post the results once and for all.
    I would have gone to Maric for the $40k. But, they are insiting on my taking the whole, 27 month program. I have a couple of college degrees, and do not want to take English Comp, etc, again.:-(
  12. by   anbreen
    Quote from Meloney
    The LVN course at Concorde is 1 year, and there are two 2-week breaks. So, the next start is Jan 2nd or 3rd 2006, and the end would be mid-Jan 2007. $21,000 total cost. So, slightly less than Meric and a few months shorter. It's a daytime only program, and the program is changing to be five 10-week sessions. They were not as straightforward as Meric about the daily schedule - I need to follow up about that.
    From what I understand, at Meric, all the clinical hours come in one lump at the end. At Concorde, each 10-week session begins with class, then class practicums, then clinicals towards the end of the 10 weeks.

    I do not believe that classes taken at Concorde will transfer anywhere else. For me, it's a way to start practicing sooner and to get some experience in the field while making progress towards an ADN. Also, I'm single and I have a limited amount of time that I can go without a full-time income.

    The recruiter at Concorde said that most of the people she had spoken with about the LVN program for the next start were in their late-20s to mid-30s... for me, that's a good thing.

    There's a healthcare job fair coming up where all the major hospitals will be respresented. I'm going to go and ask what they generally think about the graduates coming out of each school.

    I'm doing what you're doing, Meloney.. and for the same reasons. Concorde looks like the quickest way, so far. Most of the students whom I saw were quite young. I'm a middle-aged careeer change. But, they told me that they have a few older, 2nd degree students, and they find that older students "bring a lot" to the classes.
  13. by   Sheri257
    Quote from BETSRN
    Get the clinical as fast as you can. You have years to get the experience.
    I have a real problem when people say things like this. As was pointed out on another thread ... and California hospital was sued for staffing a floor with too many new grads with too little experience. A child died as a result, and the new grads were held liable in addition to the hospital.

    You need to get as much experience as you can before patients lives are in your hands, not after.

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