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  1. Nicky032605

    Different med

    It's probably just new, but ya never know. My son was prescribed prednisolone (orapred) and it's light pink and translucent. I got it from Wallgreens in California.
  2. Nicky032605

    Child Protective Services--Reporting?

    I have had a few bad experiences with CPS myself. When I was about 7, my siblings and I were taken away from my mom for a week or so because someone called the police and my mom wasn't home (we were with a family friend). We spent the first night at a police station and the rest of the week in a foster home. Geez, talk about neglect! I remember only seeing the foster parent once.. and my 2 year old brother spent most of his time crying in a dark bedroom. There was no investigation before we were taken. They just showed up and becuase my mom wasn't there to keep us, we were taken away until she could prove she wasn't abusing us! My mom has never abused us in any way! My second experience with CPS was due to my babysitter having a God complex and feeling she knew best and could play doctor with my son. :angryfire He has a skin condtion and thinks that becuase her family member is a nurse, she believed she knew how to treat his problem and would harrass me to give him this or that medication (which works for her child). She didn't understand why I was taking the steps I was taking through my doctor and believed I was neglecting him. Well guess what! CPS came and they didn't do a darn thing but make me produce all the paperwork to prove I was doing everything I was supposed to. All it did was make things difficult for me. A true misuse of the system. Not to mention the Public Health Nurse came in with an attitude expecting the worst and that I would be completely ignorant on parenting. It's like they look for the smallest reason to say there is something wrong with your child. For instance, she believes he should be talking more. His speech isn't perfect at the tender age of 27 months, and when she asked him to say "ice cream", it was close, but not perfect. Wow! I didn't know that all he had to do was say a word he is not familiar with to ace this test the Nurse was giving him. My son has had ice cream a total of two times, and doesn't even know what it is. She could have asked him to say any of the other 70 something words he actually knows. Gee! And when I told her how I disipline him, not 5 minutes go by before she acts like she never heard a word I said and then "educates" me how to disipline, saying the exact same thing I said about disciplining him, all the while speaking down to me. :trout: I had a very bad experience with the nurse who perhaps realized there wasn't a job for her to do here, although I never let my feelings about her be known to her. At first I was eager to update her on everything I had been doing for my son and why he wasn't getting "miraculously" better (sarcasm) at the moment, but after I brought her up to speed, she started acting like she had some sort of badge or free pass to talk to me however she wanted without thinking or inquiring. She automatically assumed that I knew nothing about taking care of a child or how to parent, without even inquiring. That maybe, just maybe, I was doing a good job of raising my son and had already taken perenting classes before I became pregant. She even talked down to me becuase I qualified for WIC, yet didn't participate in it. I don't see why I should be reprimanded for not being on a program that I don't NEED to be on. Everything that WIC provides is in my fridge and cupboards. So she came back with saying why should I pay for something I could get free (in a tone that implied I don't know what I am doing :trout: ). Well, lets see... becuase I don't feel that I should take away funds for something that could go to someone else when I can pay for it myself thank-you-very-much . My son is not going without. Sure, I could get back on it if I needed to, but in no way is it imminent. I avoid going on government programs if I can help it. I feel a sense of pride being able to pay for things myself. She just came in here acting like she was gonna sort out everything to how she saw fit. For some reason, if I am not on WIC, then I must not be looking out for my sons best interest. I am just so irritated over this whole thing. CPS has done nothing for me other than expidite some paperwork, so I suppose a thanks is in order for that. Sorry. I am venting as this happend recently. My case is all but closed and my son is still batteling his skin condition and under the care of a DOCTOR (not some babysitter who wants to play one). I am still very irritated with the babysitter who malisciously tried to pry in my life demanding paperwork as proof to satisfy her own curiousity. Needless to say, there were other forms of "abuse" from this babysitter happening to MY son, and he is no longer there. Babysitter admitted that she has had CPS called on her quite a few times. :uhoh21:From what others and myself witnessed first had, I CAN SEE WHY! I will just say that I have more than enough proof of abuse to sue her if she doesn't stay out of my life! I am left with a bad taste in my mouth with Public Health Nurses now. Hopefully any other experiences I have with them will be positive. Due to my childhood experience with CPS taking me away from my mom, I was afraid they would take away my son, and so this has been a very emotionally draining and perhaps even insulting experience. I'm sorry for anyone who has had any needless experience with CPS. There is a time to call, and other times, the system is just being abused. The best thing to do is be informed of your rights from the get go.
  3. Nicky032605

    is it possible 2 afford a 3br/2ba house in cal?

    Not sure where you live, but last year here in Palm Desert the heat got up to 122 - 124 degrees. Maybe you were out of town? Not something you forget, lol. And yes, a pool is a MUST. Although in the middle of summer, it tends to feel more like a warm bath. At least we don't have humidity. That would be the end of me!
  4. Nicky032605

    is it possible 2 afford a 3br/2ba house in cal?

    wow! Has anyone considered Coachella Valley. I consider it the perfect place to be located. Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert are all somewhat expensive, but Thousand Palms is fairly inexpensive. There is not a lot of crime and the Valley is fairly large. Most of the Crime is in Cathedral City and Desert Hot Springs. I have lived here for 7 years. It is VERY hot in the summer. I believe last year it topped at 124 degrees. Although I would say that is only for June through September. This year we didn't get much rain. At first the heat is hard to bare, but after a few years, everywhere else feels cold to me and I can't wait for the summer. The winter is THE PERFECT WEATHER. Right now it's about 80 degrees and breezy. Kinda feels like a day at the beach without the ocean. We are only an hour and a half to two hours from the beach. I frequently go to San Diego. I would much rather live here than deal with all that traffic!!!! I read on another thread that the wages in San Diego (20-30 per hour) suck compared to L.A. (30-40 per hour) becuase they have the navel station. For some reason that plays a part. I lived in Palm Springs and am glad glad glad I live in Palm Desert now. I noticed that most of the homes are selling in Palm Springs on the street I used to live on. I can't tell you what a great community it is to be a part of. I defenitly don't feel I have to worry about my 2 year old and the schools are great here. Indio is growing rapidly right now with lots of construction. I can't say for sure how safe it is, and the streets seem to be rundown. It used to be considered the city where lots of mexicans with low incomes would live becuase of the low cost of housing, but still close to the major cities. There are beatiful hospitals around here. There is Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, Eisenhower in Rancho Mirage, and J.F.K Medical Center in Indio. You can reach any place in the valley in no more than 45 min. There is little traffic in summer due to so many snowbirds leaving. Then in winter when they come back, it takes a little longer. In Palm Desert, there is El Paseo and the Gardens which is considered to be like Rodeo Drive. I have never been to Rodeo Drive, so all I can say is thats what people say. There are beautiful, lush, large parks for children to play in all over the Valley, the best one being in Palm Desert by the College of the Desert (community college). There is also an off campus extension of UCSB at College of the Desert (COD). I would avoid Cathedral City. I would say the best places to live are Rancho Mirage (expensive), Palm Desert (expensive), Palm Springs ( other end of valley, semi-expensive, and downtown/Desert Sands area is known for its Homosexual population if you don't mind that, and some crime... Desert Regional closed down one of their wards, so transients have been released onto the streets since the nearest one is in San Berardino), Thousand Palms ( 10 minute drive to all major cities in area, and housing is less expensive.. being built up right now. Now is the time to buy for that area as in 10 to 20 years the property will be double its value), and La Quinta is very expensive. You want to stay away from Cathedral City and especially Desert Hot springs. DHS is known for drugs (outskirts from the major cities here), and all the homes have bars on them. What a contrast!!! I would be more than happy to fill you in on any info you want. I have lived in california for the past 10 years. Of all the places to live in Southern Cali, I would chose the Coachella Valley. Feel free to PM me. Good Luck.
  5. Nicky032605

    Books for CRNA School?

    I notice that posters tend to shy away from giving information about CRNA school to OP's who have yet to finish Nursing School. You can try searching this bulletin board using key words, or try going to Amazon.com and search through their popular book lists regarding the subject. You could always go to EBay and search for the most expensive Anesthesia Books. Try key words in your library database. Try looking up websites of professional organizations that recommend books or personalized webistes from students that have already been through the program. There are endless ways of obtaining pertinent literature. Journals and Articles was a great suggestion. I believe you can obtain subscriptions fairly cheap from EBay. Anesthesia Journals are very expensive and I believe you must be either Certified or in a program to have access to them. Someone correct me if I am wrong. :chair: Hope this helps. Good luck with your studies. :) Edit: You can also try going to the site of the major publisher of Medical literature: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and look through their Anesthesia collection. Have you tried calling the school and inquire about recommended literature? Whats the worst that could happen, right? http://www.lww.com/ http://www.lww.com/browsemediaspec/Book/0,0,99,00.html http://www.amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/103-4555334-4840600?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=anesthesia&Go.x=6&Go.y=9 http://www.amazon.com/gp/community-content-search/results/ref=cm_srch_q_col_rpli/?query=anesthesia&index=rp-listmania&resultPerPage=10&excrepts=true&excreptsSize=512&x=4&y=9 http://www.amazon.com/gp/community-content-search/results/ref=cm_srch_q_col_rpsy/?query=anesthesia&index=rp-sylt&resultPerPage=10&excrepts=true&excreptsSize=512&x=4&y=15 http://www.ebay.com http://www.aana.com http://www.aana.com/resources.aspx?ucNavMenu_TSMenuTargetID=51&ucNavMenu_TSMenuTargetType=4&ucNavMenu_TSMenuID=6&id=180&
  6. Nicky032605

    6 weeks and counting

    For those wondering if Izzy is coming back, I would say no. I saw a preview for an upcoming show (can't remember which), and she is one of the main characters. I was surprised, and wondered how she was going to be able to do both shows. I guess I have my answer. Maybe she will come back, but it isn't looking that way.
  7. Nicky032605

    What's a REAL salary range for RNs just out of school?

    If you don't like salary.com, you might want to try http://www.payscale.com :)
  8. Nicky032605

    Retaliation for voicing concern over unsafe pratices

    I think you are all correct when you say that the nursing shortage is manufactured and the reasons for it. This thread has been very educational. A real eye opener on so many levels. Thank you!!!!!!!!
  9. Nicky032605

    What would you think...

    I know this post is some months old, but I just wanted to put in my two cents. Being someone who has had many Many MANY needle sticks to last two lifetimes, I think I know where you might be coming from on this. Every blue moon when getting my blood drawn, I would let out a few tears. I know the pain and what to expect. I couldn't understand why I would cry. Looking back I think it had to due with the stress I was under with my illness and what the needle stick/blood draw represented. Sometimes the stress would just get to me and for myself the pain was sometimes a release. I always look when they they do the stick and for the longest time it wouldnt faze me. When I had my epidural this past year I could not stop shaking for the anesthesiologist. I tired to calm myself and was very upset that I couldnt do what he wanted. It wansn't the needle stick hurting that made me cry, but the embarrassment of not being able to stay still and stress of having my first baby. When I had to have a pyonidal cyst lanced in the hospital, I could not stop shaking violently when they were trying to knumb the area. After the procedure, the nurse told me they gave me enough vallium to nock out a grown man.... and yet I shook throughout the whole thing. I didn't always have this problem of shaking. If I could make it stop I would. It is very embarrassing. With how much you have been through, the fact you let out only a few tears is nothing to be ashamed of and completely reasonable. Please don't ever feel bad and let something like this hinder you or keep you down. Sometimes we just need to cry.
  10. Nicky032605

    Grading Scale For Your Nursing Program........

    Does anyone realize that this thread was first posted in 2001? He he....Interesting to see things don't change and are pretty consistent through-out all this time.
  11. Nicky032605

    Age when you had your first child?

    unknown pregnancy at 17/ misscarried 25/ only child/ boy Having my son has completely changed who I was and I have changed for the better. Everything I do is for him. I sometimes wish I would have waited till I was done with school. It gets very frustrating some times becuase of that. He was very much unexpected, but he has taught me so much, which makes me glad I had him when I did - and possible wish I had him earlier. Who knows - I just know the timing was right for me even though everything is very difficult now. I guess I just needed to grow up and having him is what did it. I believe it depends on the person and where they are in their life emotionally, mentally, and if they are cut out to be a parent. I believe age, for the most part, is irrelevant.
  12. Nicky032605

    A Dear Abbey letter. What is your take?

    This past year my sister was in Labor and Delivery. The nurse went to check her cerivx by pulling up the sheet and not exposing her at all. It still bothered me, mainly becuase there was no warning, and I felt embarrassed for my sister - due to the fact of where she was being examined and that she might consider it private. :imbar I felt like her privacy was violated becuase I was there, and knowing my sister, she probably would have liked me to step out. I would have, but kinda felt put on the spot, so I just turned my head away. If it were my husband, I don't know if I would feel the same...hmmm.... Maybe a little, but only becuase I felt that the family member (patient) wasn't given a choice and therefore might be uncomfortable with it, therefore making me uncomfortable. But I did get over it pretty darn quick.... what else are ya gonna do - right?!? I guess what I said pretty much falls under what grannynurse posted about respecting peoples wishes and modesty, wheather it be cultural, religious, or whatever reason it might be.
  13. Nicky032605

    homeless pt's?

    I can see what Jericho was trying to say, and I tend to agree. I myself had cancer a few years back in my late teens/early twenties. I went into remission fairly quickly. I have struggled with depression, social anxiety, memory loss, etc., so i suppose I can see it from a persons point of view who might be disadvantaged. Personally I believe that there are programs and people to help if you just can't hack it in this world (which I have felt myself sometimes) and you have to be strong, or you won't survive. This sounds cruel, I know. I understand the desire to help these people who really need it, and I feel the same way, but - I really don't believe that the emergency department is the place for this. If someone is mentally incapacitaed in any way like an above poster mentioned, then there is a duty there. I personally think it is a matter of instinct and good judgment. I have met people who choose to be homeless forsaking societys common lifestyle (like the story about the man who died of a heart attack in a box), but never asks anyone for anything. There are those who don't take advantage. I have seen a woman stand outside with a sign for food, yet her well fed dog was sitting right beside her. I think that if the people who do want to drink themselves into oblivion, and live a self destructive lifestyle, should be left to their own demise. I feel a desire to help people, but letting the ones that are just taking advantage continue to do so - WONT HELP THEM! :chair:
  14. Nicky032605

    young children and CRNA school

  15. Nicky032605

    taking students, precepting

    I am a pre-nursing student, and am wondering how anyone with that attitude would even be able to GET INTO Nursing School!!! You would think during the interview process they would screen people a little better.
  16. Nicky032605

    My long-term goal...a website for pre-srnas

    Here is a page full of info. for Keck School of Medicine in Southern California: http://www.usc.edu/schools/medicine/departments/anesthesiology/education/crna/applications.html