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  1. Hi All,

    I did a dumb thing! I wanted to come to Cali, so I signed on with a recruitment company that paid to have all my stuff shipped here. They also paid all my other travel expenses, gas, hotels etc. They will also give me a sign on bonus, 5,000 at 90 days and then 5 more in 90 more days. Well, this all sounds good right?

    Well, I got here and I hate the hospital! I have always worked in other areas, and I took a job on a Med-Surg unit! I haven't worked Med-Surg in years, and I FORGOT just how stressful it is!

    I know people will think I am a terrible nurse, but I have always tried to work where they have aides, because I am just not into the total care concept! If I had ever desired to do aide work, I would have just become an aide! I wouldn't have gone to school for 6 years! I SPECIFICALLY asked if they have aides that work here, because I DID NOT want to be stuck doing aide work too! Well, they do have aides, but they just do v/s, fill up the pt's pictures and get the I&O's! The nurses have to clean up the patients, and this floor is like a nursing home, so you know what that means! :angryfire I feel llike the majority of my job is cleaning pt's up! I barely can do my charting, medications etc. because I am too busy constantly cleaning incontinent pt's! It is not just that either, it is all the stress that comes with floor nursing, too many pt's, too demanding family members, and just too much to get done in 12 hours.

    What I want to ask is, should I just tell them now that I can't deal with this job and go? I already know I hate it, and this isn't going to change! I know I will have to pay the money back to them for my moving expenses, but at least I won't stay around and get the bonus too, and owe them that back as well. I just know I can't do this 2 years! Another question, does anyone know if I can get in trouble with the BON for breaking my contract?


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  3. by   FockerInTraining
    May I ask how many is too many patients? Because I believe being here in CA you are only allowed to take a maximum of 5, I could be wrong though. Also why did you accept a job you knew you didn't like? And then why take it for 2 years? Not judging you, just trying to find out more information.
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  4. by   DutchgirlRN
    Give them back their money and move on. Obviously you're not happy and it's not going to get better. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. I'm assuming since this hospital is paying so much for nurses they are not the best/most pleasant place to work. It wouldn't be for me either. I have to be honest. Good Luck!
  5. by   mrsbreeding23
    Yes it is only 5 patients, but the pt's are so sick, most of them need to be in ICU, not on a regular med-surg floor! A lot of them are older and need almost constant supervision, not to mention constant turning and being cleaned up!

    As I said, I took the job, b/c I wanted to move to Cali, and really didn't have the money to do it on my own. I thought I could adjust to working on the floor again! I guess I forgot how terrible it is! Looking back, I realize what a dumb thing it was to take a job and not know what I was getting into! I only had a phone interview, I never visited the hospital! The hospital said a visit wasn't necessary! Now I know why they didn't want me to visit!

    Is it like this in the hospitals that you guys are working in? Do you feel like you are so busy with the turning and cleaning of pt's, that you don't have time to do your other duties?

  6. by   caliotter3
    Sure don't know what to tell you. The CNAs don't do pt hygiene? Wrong answer, if you ask me. And unless you were specific in your phone interview, or had a chance to visit and observe that the assts do little at all, there really was no way to know in advance. But you did know that you don't like MS. Two yrs? You should not have agreed to that no matter what the situation. Give it a little more time to see if you can adjust, then make the decision whether or not you need to cut your losses. You might want to seek employment elsewhere. (It's possible). Then you might be able to stay in Cali and pay off your debt to the agency. Now you know why agency is very risky unless you know what you're doing. Good luck.
  7. by   BNThere
    sounds like a bit of misrepresentation on their end..what planet only has aides filling water pitchers????
  8. by   suzanne4
    You will not get in trouble with the BRN.

    But do highly suggest that you read carefully over the cancellation clause that I am sure is in your contract. You may owe back much more than you can imagine. And more than likely, it can be more than just your moving expenses.

    What exactly was promised to you, and what did you expect it to be? and which part of the state are you in?
  9. by   k3immigrant
    actually i am in the same boat as you are right now. i relocated in las vegas almost two years ago for the wrong reasons. the company sucks. i was told that there was a CNA but i was not told that there was only one CNA for 20 patients where RN's does all vitals, have to do at least 2 baths & most of the day answer ny own call lite as the CNA is sometimes nowhere to be found or with another pt & this is a step down unit.
    though i hate the workplace, i made friends w/ some nurses on the same unit that's helping me to be sane & make it till July - then we move back to California for good!!!!
    i would say, at this point if you think you can handle paying back what the company spent to relocate you then look for another job but if you think the amount is too much, then you've got no choice but to stay - live w/ it, accept the situation or probabll talk to your manager & address your issues - you never know it might help.
  10. by   carol72
    First of all, my heart goes out to you for being in a position which is extremely undesirable to you. Your stress level is through the roof and won't change 'till you change your job. I must ask the question why would the board be involved in this? I imagine you signed a contract of sorts - even if you were in breach of contract why would the board of RN be involved? More likely a lawyer would be involved. I would get out of the agreement and cut my losses but stay above board at all costs. I surely wish you the best of luck.
  11. by   suzanne4
    And also be aware that you more than likely will be reimbursing the recruitment agency for the fee that they are losing from the facility. Very rarely will it be just the funds that were given to you. This is something that all of you need to be aware of.

    That is why I always tell everyone to look at the actual contract that they signed, not just what they were given.
  12. by   llg
    Is there any chance that you could transfer to another unit within the same facilitly? The facility might be willing to do that if they really thought you were going to break your contract and leave. You might have to work on your original unit for 6 months or so ... or give up the bonuses ... but that is better than staying there for the length of the entire contract. You might be able to negotiate a compromise.