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Hi folks: Searched jobs in Bay area, San Francisco and Sacramento. With 3 yrs experiences, only got a few crappy job offers. One is Oakland, One is in U.C Davis to deal with trach and... Read More

  1. by   Faeriewand
    I used to live in the Bay Area and in Piedmont. It was a very very nice area.

    Kaiser is a great place to get a job. I say check it out.
  2. by   John123
    Oakland? I don't want my kids grow up there.
    If possible, I will try to get a job in Sacramento. More family oriented. Housing is still affordable for nurses.
  3. by   Miss Mab
    John, I do wish you luck on your job search. However, I gotta say, you might want to refrain from the over-generalizations.

    "Sacramento"--which really encompasses a bunch of little cities if you don't stick to Sac. proper---has just as many 'family friendly' and not so much so areas as the Bay Area in general does.

    "Oakland" is really diverse as well. Piedmont/Montclair is a VERY nice area--check out the local school info for example. It's only a couple of blocks from kaiser OAK and Sutter Summit but they are practically worlds apart.(which is another sad story for another time). Alameda is quite nice as well--though technically not Oak.

    Point is---maybe you need to take a quick trip through the Bay Area and Sac. and be able to make some more first hand observations. This area is just too large, spread out and diverse to generalize.

    Many of us actually live in 'nicer areas' and drive to work in 'not so nice' areas with a really good hospital because the 'really nice' hospitals where we actually live can have their own set of negatives.

    Anyway, good luck!
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  4. by   Rianna1
    Miss Mab, Well said. Even though as you said Oakland and its surrounding areas has its wonderful, diverse "nice" areas I guess the stigmatism Oakland has becomes hard to overcome/overlook if a person has not been to the area. The other day my DH spoke about one day he wants to buy an old Victorian in Alameda. Maybe when I finish NS and we can afford Alameda/Oakland