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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   kadeboy08
    Those are great grades! You get accepted based on a point system. 50% is grades, 30% is TEAS score, 20%Essay. You will get in with those grades and a good TEAS score and essay I think! Don't loose hope. You're in a good position already Take it and apply. I wish I was where you're at now.
  2. by   Malefocker
    I got an 88.8 on my TEAS. Do you know the link to their point system? I would like to see it!
  3. by   kadeboy08
    Awesome! I don't know where the exact info is but, I have seen MANY posts regarding the structure of the system they grade you on. And I have done ALOT of reading. If I find a link, I'll you know. But, let's just say you are great position to be accepted. So APPLY ASAP! I am taking the Biostats class next month. I have been reading the book already, and it's not too hard, but it is not easy.
  4. by   kadeboy08
    BTW, a girl on here just got accepted with all B's and 1 C on her main prereqs. I think she got an 84% on the TEAS and did well on her essay. So, that shows that you don't have to have straight A's atleast like I thought.
  5. by   Malefocker
    That is awesome! Thank you so much for all of the information. You have been very helpful. Good luck getting into NU hopefully I will see you in the program
  6. by   DaleenMarine
    Quote from Malefocker
    I got an 88.8 on my TEAS. Do you know the link to their point system? I would like to see it!
    Total 100 points possible: # Attempts - 20 points, GPA- 30 points, TEAS- 30 points, Essay- 20 points

    Number of attempts to achieve C or higher in each pre-requisite (A&P1, A&P1 lab, A&P2, A&P2 lab, Micro, Micro lab and Bio Stats for a total of 21 points possible) 1 attempt is 3 points, 2 is 2 points, 3 is 1 point, 4 or more is 0 points = Your points divided by 21 points and multiplied by 20

    GPA = Your pre-requisite GPA divided by 4.0 mulitplied by 30

    TEAS = Your TEAS score divided by 100 multiplied by 30. Note that your first attempt with NU is free, so even if you have already taken it you might want to take it again as, iirc, they will take the highest of your scores.

    Proctored essay is written the day of the TEAS. If you have already taken the TEAS and do not wish to retake it, they will schedule you to take it later on the same day others are taking the TEAS. The essay is graded out of 5 points each by two staff members. At the information session they stated that the essay is graded on a holistic scale (how well did you answer the question, grammar, spelling, etc.). I'm not sure they automatically share your essay score with you, but I remember them saying that you could request your points worksheet after the fact.


    I believe there is an application deadline coming up in late November for July 2011 start! So if you're seriously considering NU for your nursing degree, get your transcripts in (mine took a little over a month to be evaluated) and get to an information session ASAP.

    Good luck!
  7. by   DaleenMarine
    Also, is there anyone else on here who applied for the April 2011 cohort? I know it's too soon to have heard back yet, but I'm getting soooo anxious!
    Someone hit the fast forward button to get this waiting over with!
  8. by   MandyB
    wow thanks so much DaleenMarine for posting the point system..ive been looking all over for this!! I have also just applied for April 2011, and YES very very anxious lol. im trying to calm down and convince myself I will get in but u just never know since they only take about 1/4 of the applicants. Competition could either be good or bad this time around. Is this your first time applying? It is my first time and ive heard they allow you to apply 3 times before you will no longer be at least there are still 2 tries to go, not that I want to wait tht long haha Good luck to you, I hope we both get in!
  9. by   CAli2384
    Hi all, I haven't written in a while and just thought I'd say congrats to those of you who were accepted to cohort 25, and good luck to those who are still applying and doing prereqs. I'm in cohort 24, which just started the first class on September 27th. It's going by quickly, and isn't too crazy, but I think this is the calm before the storm! Health Assessment is right around the corner and I know that's a tough one.

    I've seen a lot of conversation on the grades needed to get into this program. As has been said previously in this thread, it all depends on the cohort that you apply to, how many people are applying at the same time, and how well they all did. Before I applied, I thought it made a difference if I took classes at National vs. another school, or how much money I had, but I can tell you that those rumors are false. You getting in is based solely on your grades, your teas and your essay. Everyone is assigned an application score, and the top 50 people get in. Remember that a lot of the people who apply know each other from prereqs and talk during and after the application process. You can find out your exact application score and the cut off score for who got accepted, so it's a fair system.

    Congrats and good luck again to all of you!
  10. by   MandyB
    So I was wondering if anyone who has recently been accepted into the program can tell me this, I realize not everyone would know. What was your points out of 100, where was the cut off? Just trying to get an idea of how competitive it is. Thanks in advance
  11. by   CAli2384
    The cut-off for Cohort 24 was 82.53. I think the Cohort 23 was in the 84 range. I'm assuming that the cut-offs for the cohorts that apply in August will be higher tho since I think more people apply to those (anyone who finished pre-reqs in the spring would apply with this group).
  12. by   prettyinpink57
    Hey everyone I have a question for anyone in a Cohort less than 18. I'm in Cohort 18 and am finishing Community Health this month and now will be moving on to the last 3 classes of the program: Nursing Research, Issues in Professional Nursing, and Nursing Theories and Models... I, as well as others from my cohort, are dreading these last few classes because they scream research papers and things that don't help when you've got a big case of senioritis! LOL! Anyone who has taken the classes.. What did you think?!?
  13. by   Murse520
    Hey prettyinpink,

    I'm in cohort 22 and since they rearranged the classes for us, we had nursing theory and models first. It is probably the easiest course in the program. You just have 1 paper to write, and weekly posts online. I haven't had the other classes yet so I can't help you there. Have fun!