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Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone here is applying for the ADN program at MSMC for Spring 2010... ANd if anyone has gone to any information sessions.. Let me know! I'm looking into MSMC... Read More

  1. by   hillarypeace2006
    Quote from Nakgirl84
    @hillarypeace2006, here's my thing... I understand and totally appreciate your wanting to warn us. People have been telling me, "ohhh, don't waste your money on a private school when you can try to get into a JC for a couple thousand." Well, here I am, STILL waiting, three and a half years later to get into a JC... If I would've already applied and possibly been accepted into a private school right off the bat when I first started this whole applying crap, it's a good possibility I would at least have my RN license and possibly working somewhere. Now, I am in no way directing my anger and frustration at you in particular but I hope people can see why I feel this way and why I am so desperrate to just get my foot in the door at a nursing school. I am sure I am not the only person in my predicament. I want to get on with my life. I feel stuck, stagnant and static. I am 26 now, I want to get married and have a family of my own but I want to get my career going first. I realize that that's something that probably a lot of men and women want.

    Knowing my situation, would you advise me not to go there if I get accepted there and no where else? I have already been denied to one of the JC's so far for this fall, no big surprise there.
    NAKIGIRL 84...Where you decide to go is ultimately up to you.....and the mount may be a very excellent choice for you, as it turned out well for me, but sometimes the perceptions are altered from the realities, and I am only trying to tell you about some of them.

    I appreciate your comments, and 3 years ago, my life was quite like you described, except for I already had the kids, the bills, and the husband. Yes, MSMC is a great way to get started, I know the frusterations of waiting constantly for space in the CC. If you are going into the program directly meaning you haven't taken the sciences, I would say wait for the CC. The science level courses A&P, Micro do not transfer to other schools. One of the people who entered in the program as a pre-nursing student decided to go to Long Beach after taking the science courses at the mount found that the science courses don't meet the rigor of the CC programs. Another point is that according to the director, the pre-nursing studens are not "proven" right after I was admitted they instituted the ATI entrance exam, when I entered basic math was the only requirement. So, you still need to prove yourself after you've been admitted as a pre-nursing student, so you haven't gained anything really. The prenursing plan is a cash-cow, and sense you will probably be required to also complete the religious studies, bioethics course, you again have to pay for another class before you are proven "ready' Just as an FYI, the mount is rather generous with letting you transfer in your science credits from other schools while in the pre-nursing portion, which lowers your costs and improves the likelihood of tranferability, should for any reason the mount not work out. This is important. In my class of nearly 70, we lost nearly 25 the first semester. Many do not survive, and that is not to scare you, however, some just can't adjust or find nursing is not for them. Having transferable credits protects your academic future and gives you flexibility if and when you need it.

    If you have taken the pre-reqs, there is nothing to lose. However, for instance if you went to Mount SAC for example, getting a job with citris valley hospital would be easier because there are contracts between some of the CC's and hospitals. It is my sincere hope that by the time you are done, the current employment issues in the market will be gone, however, if they are not, coming out with huge loan payments and a delay in finding employment does not bring you any closer to where you wanna be, if you get my drift.

    All this said, of course the choice is yours, but this will literally be your life for the next 2-3 years, and it is important to due adequate due diligence on an institution before committing to this "life-style" You cannot transfer to another nursing program once you start, so it is so important you choose the "right" one before you are knee deep, even if that means waiting a semester.
  2. by   future nicu nurse
    arghsss im really confused right now. i would have been ok if msmc wasnt accredited but i got into the direct nursing option..but i got into prenursing option instead so now i dont know if im doing the right thing. im trying to reach the counselor to talk if theres any way i can get into the direct nursing option since im basically done with all my prereqs except the religion class before fall so yea but shes not there til monday and the decision thing is due by this friday.
  3. by   tothepointeLVN
    Well I guess the pending question is can you afford to be out the $100 tuition deposit if you decide not to go.
  4. by   KBOSTON
    i got accepted into the ADN program for the fall. All happened pretty fast, had my interview and they told me on the spot i was accepted. Anyone else out there get in for fall 2010?
  5. by   future nicu nurse
    @kboston: congrats! when did u have ur interview?
  6. by   tothepointeLVN
    Ok so I'm all registered for classes for fall. Has anyone received their financial aid offer yet?
  7. by   KBOSTON
    you already registered? I havent done anything since i sent in my deposit! How did you register for classes? ... im still waiting on our financial aid packages too!
  8. by   tothepointeLVN
    Someone from the academic advisement office called me and set up an appointment. There she released the hold on my account so I could register for the classes suggested. Try logging onto your MSMC mail account it uses the same user/password as the webadvisor account
  9. by   jackiebonjour
    Hi tothepointLVN,

    I was reading through all the posts and just want to say congrats and thanks . Your sense of optimism is making the wait bearable for me. I decided to go into nursing and recently quit my full time job so I can work on my science pre-reqs. Unfortunately with all the budget cuts and shortages at community colleges, I was unable to get into any of the classes I needed this fall . I started reading up on this board and decided to apply to MSMC as a pre-nursing student. I completed all my general requirements and will be completing my Bachelor's in Health Administration in Fall. However my biggest worry is that I have not taken any of my science pre-requisites. So here I am debating whether or not to enroll in a LVN program or wait until I hear back from MSMC which can be months from now... I would LOVE to go directly to MSMC and do my pre-nursing requirements there but I don't want to keep my hopes up.

    Anyways reading through all the posts has really helped me through this frustrating time. I wish you all the best!

    Btw.. I know it's still kind of early but has anyone applied or is applying for the Spring 2011 Semester?
  10. by   junebb
    Hi everyone! I'm planning on applying for Fall 2011 and I'm gonna finish all of my pre-req's at my CC this coming sem, so I think I'm gonna be going straight to the nursing program. I just recently discovered MSMC's nursing and reading all about it and I think I'm sold. But I have a question about the repeat courses. I know it says "Failure (C- and below) of any two required science or pre-requisite courses results in non-admission." I got a D in Physiology1 the first time I took it, repeated and got a B. Same with Psychology. So, those are two classes I failed and repeated. Is that going to count against me? I hope somebody can help me with this. Thank you!
  11. by   tothepointeLVN
    Psychology is a humanities course not a science one.
  12. by   junebb
    Oh, so only science courses?? Because it said any pre-requisite so I got confused. Thanks
  13. by   tothepointeLVN
    Well just apply and find out is my advice