Mount St. Mary's College LA -- ADN

U.S.A. California


Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone here is applying for the ADN program at MSMC for Spring 2010...

ANd if anyone has gone to any information sessions..

Let me know! I'm looking into MSMC and I really wanna get in!

Specializes in Hospice / Ambulatory Clinic.

Actually I transfered out of MSMC before I transitioned into the bridge. Mainly because I got sick and had to take time off and my financial aid package wasnt as promised. But my chemistry teacher cancelled class too many times, turned up hungover and we had to petition to get our anatomy TA would taught lab to be let go after she was out of the country for the practicum and had a friend fill in.Anyways it depends on your options. I have the option of going back up until Fall 13 so I have that to fall back on if the cheaper options dont pan out and Im not in a rush so my situation is different.The nursing department itself seems better and I'll probably return for post grad.

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