lvn to rn bridge programs being cancelled in california??

  1. Currently I am an LVN student in the first term of vocational nursing school. A few of my friends with ADN's told me that a new california law is now cancelling RN to LVN bridge programs because of budget cuts. They also told me that in order for lvns to get an ADN now, they must have their pre-reqs done as well. My future goal is to finish my current LVN vocational school and continue to pursue in an LVN to RN bridge program without the hassle of doing Gen ED or pre-reqs. I mean thats why I'm paying for an accelerated school right? With this new law basically my LVN education will go down the drain because I will have to start from scratch again at a CC, finish my pre-reqs and then transfer to an RN ADN or BSN school. Can someone please verify this law!! Also does anyone have any input on what I should do if this new law is true. Should I just quit now while I'm ahead and proceed to a ADN or BSN degree by going to another school like CSULA or going private like MSMC?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would not quit your present course until or unless you verify the rumor. And remember, all changes have a start date. If this were true, wouldn't it be discussed all over and wouldn't your school be discussing it? There probably are schools that have dropped this program. Your best source of information is to contact the schools where you are considering applying. BTW, have heard nothing about this rumor in SoCal.
  4. by   NickiLaughs
    You always have to complete some general education classes in order to do an LVN to RN bridge. I'm assuming you are talking of the program that is only available in California called the 30 unit option:
    You do not get a degree at the end of this
    It is only usable in California, you can not transfer your license anywhere else
    Lastly, there are still several pre reqs that you have to complete, including Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and I think Sociology?

    Please double check into this before you pursue it. Lastly, the schools that do offer this program take you as a 2nd priority as to those LVN's who have completed all prerequisites to attain their associate's degree. So you will wait longer than others.
  5. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    I've heard of them not accepting LVN-RN students due to budget cuts, but they wont cancel it overall. There will be some schools that still accept LVN-RN students or you can do your LVN-BSN. I also don't think this is the law that they're cancelling LVN-RN bridge programs. There might be some minor setbacks, but I don't see that as a law that was just passed. As a previous poster stated they have to give a time frame before it takes into effect.
  6. by   cmami
    Well as far as I know, there is still the LVN - RN programs as well as the LVN- BSN programs. Usually, it's always better to keep updated with the CA Board of RN ( ) or the CA Board of LVN ( ).

    Plus there are a lot of programs that are private that have more than enough funding from their extremely high tuition costs. The sites don't mention anything from what I've looked through inferring to any sort of Law for the LVN - RN bridge.

    Just continue with your schooling. Also, there has always been pre-reqs for LVNs going to the RN program (just the basic courses, which may have even been completed prior to LVN Program). You will most likely have less to complete than others in the RN program, depending on which school you go to.

  7. by   Faeriewand
    An a current student LVN-RN there has been no discussion in my program regarding any such rumors. Grossmont college has had to cancel their night and weekend program but that is it. All the regular programs are still in place including LVN-RN.
  8. by   CAwant2be
    i have not heard of any rumors of school closing the lvn to rn bridge programs at all, maybe the budget cuts! however, you must have your science classes before applying to any rn college.
  9. by   Bella39841
    Hi to all..!!

    All I know is that I had to work really hard to pass all my pre-req's in order to even apply to get into an RN program. No LVN can apply without them. How else would you know how the body works, where the different body parts are, how they work, the abnormal and normal things, etc., etc. if you don't take these classes? If you don't educate yourself first, you won't make it far in the RN program. The Bridge program is designed to help you transition into the already existing RN class so you'll know how to do a Care Plan and Concept Maps. You'd have completed all your pre-req's by then.

    Furthermore, if you want to pursue a BSN program, all these pre-req's also have to be done first. I did my pre-req's first, then got into an LVN program, graduated and am now in a RN program. Without all that background, I doubt that I would be doing so well.

    I didn't do the Bridge because it would have taken me longer to get into the program. I went directly into the 1st semester and my LVN background has helped me out so much so far.

    I understand that you're paying to bypass all of this stuff, but is it really worth it to you to be at a disadvantage? To become an LVN you don't need to do all the pre-req's that are required of RN candidates, but once you make the decision to become an RN, you have to do them. I don't know of any RN nursing program that doesn't require it.

    I would look into this at the schools you're planning to transfer to once you finish your LVN. Good luck!
  10. by   faith2468
    All pre-reqs has to be done.
  11. by   Schweet
    Rumors spread like wildfire! Keep that in mind, however, I do know about some programs that are not taking any LVN to RNs this fall semester due to budget cuts. With that said, you should call the nursing department at the school of your choice. Better to hear it from the horse's mouth just in case this is not affecting your program.
  12. by   JennJillO
    I haven't heard of any new laws that have passed stating cancellation of the LVN to RN bridge program. However, many programs are being cut. Also, a lot of schools, for some, reason prefer to teach new RN's staight from the begining. I am in an LVN-RN Bridge program as we speak. I got in pretty quickly but that's due to the hospital I work for has a grant with the school. Many of my friends have had to wait quite awhile to get in. Also, more requirements are being established to even apply to the program. Yes, ALL of your prerequisutes must be completed prior to applying. You also have to take what's called a TEAS exam. Your science classes must be withing 7 years of applying otherwise, you need to retake the science classes. Most schools, not all, require Chem, A&P, Micro, Sociology 101, LIfe Span Development, certain math classes etc to apply. It's best to truck through all of your gen ed then apply, taking science last so it doesn't expire while you wait.

    I have mixed emotions on my career path. Part of me wishes I just went for my RN vs LVN to RN. But then again, I think I will be a much stronger RN because of the experience! Don't quit, you've put too much time and effort in to it.

    There are some schools that might be easier to get in to such as Antelope Valley College. Be careful with any online courses that promise LVN to BSN such as The COllege Network. Beware of private schools. You must make sure if you choose that route that the classes you are taking are "regionally accredited" not nationally accredited. Only regionally accredited classes will transfer to state schools and CC's. The nationally accredited schools will only intratransfer so therefore, you'll only be able to go to places like University of Phoenix or National University (National is actually both regional and national).

    Good luck. Be sure to check the BRN website to see which schools are accredited and are in good standing.