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Hello, I'm searching to find out if any of you work for Kaiser as an LVN? I'm wondering what your experience has been, if you get to practice as an LVN or mostly in MA capacity, and most of all,... Read More

  1. by   msdobson
    Quote from nursecrickett
    We'll see about that....time will tell I suppose....

    Although.....there has been talk of doing away with LVNs for decades now, and they haven't. Talk is cheap.

    Oh! That's MY line, Crickett!

    I don't think "the end is near!" will ever come true for the LVN, however, at least in my area, LVNs are quietly being shuffled off to the LTC facilities, while at places like Kaiser Permanente, LVN postings are fewer and fewer.

    That was the gist of my comments.
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  2. by   NICUrn2B
    Believe it or not, that is the truth (for Nor-Cal). And as for talking to a Kaiser LVN, I'm the daughter of a high seniority kaiser LVN (15 years) and this is what I know....

    Oh..but you might have some chance in the clinics or SNF.

    Goodluck in trying to get into Kaiser as an LVN!
  3. by   carol72
    My friend is an LVN who is happy working at Kaiser. She is with Kaiser Sunset and would not trade it for the world. I, for one, would never have their plan or support their system by working for them.
  4. by   ss07
    When I was still in school this year, one of my clinicals was Kaiser. This was in Santa Clarita. At that time they were replacing MA's with LVN's. It was pretty uncomfortable being there, because some of the people had worked there for many years and here we were, newbies, being courted by Kaiser to take their places. We felt really badly for them. So, as far as I know they're still hiring. It was a clinic.
  5. by   TazziRN
    Crickett, you've gotten several more responses. Hopefully one of them will be to your liking.
  6. by   nursecrickett
    I wasn't looking for a post reply "to my liking". I was simply trying to figure out the real deal with Kaiser. It is obvious that different areas have different things going on.

    I appreciate all of the replies and assistance in my quest for answers....

    Thank you all......I do appreciate it.
  7. by   DeeDee143
    Quote from TazziRN
    I have no experience with Kaiser as an employee, so maybe I shouldn't be commenting, but I have little faith in Kaiser care. I would not work for them just because it would mean having Kaiser as a provider, and I don't trust them.
    Amen to that! I had my rotation at the "killer Kaiser" where i live. Saw a surgeon who could not find the 2nd fallopean tube when trying to do a tubal ligation. To top it off , they were digging in the poor womans stomach looking for it( like diggin for gold) no cameras or microscopic device for the procedure.This is what takes the cake, since she was loosing so much blood they had to close her up.Leaving one tube tied and not the other.Which means she may have a chance of getting pregnant again.Which defeated the purpose.
    I was the nurse for this woman and said to me," I feel like my insides are all moving around and I have so much pain".You know I could say anything, but I was thinking "I bet".I felt bad for her.

    Kaiser said to our class we can work there but only in the clinic.Not for me.
  8. by   featherzRN
    I work in the inland empire outpatient clinics (Kaiser) and I have not seen an LVN there yet - as far as I know there are none, just RN's and MA's. So I am not sure that's even a safe haven.
  9. by   deann52
    I am doing clinicals in Kaiser and I don't have any problems with the Kaiser. The previous posters are right, Kaiser is not hiring LVNs. Because they have to meet lower staffing they are making all nursing staff Rn's.

    My two teachers work for Kaiser and they really like it. Great benefits and pay. Hope that helps...
  10. by   TazziRN
    Benefits are good. Pay is good. Care is bad. I do not mean inpatient care, I mean clinic care.
  11. by   dijaqrn
    I am a non Kaiser RN who has been with them for years as a patient. Care is bad is your generalization. Your primary MD pretty much authorizes your care and you need to interview the docs and pick the ones you want. In the Antelope Valley they set the standard, best peds, ortho, gyn, OB, cardio etc. Sick kids are routinely flown to Sunset for specialty care not avail here. There are never long waits for consults. Kaiser works best for assertive, knowledgeable folks. They are only hiring clinic LVNs in ths neck of the woods!
  12. by   nursecrickett
    I've been hired by Kaiser as a clinic LVN in the inland empire. There are more openings and postings all the time. My friend in San Diego also is working as an LVN at Kaiser, but through a registry.
    To my knowledge, there are no plans to shuffle around or eliminate LVNs, and its not that difficult to interview. Whether they hire you is another story. That is quite a process.
    I'm enjoying working there, the benefits are great, and I've heard nothing but great things about Kaiser from the patients. Alot of them are returning patients who say they got the run around with other HMOs and came back to Kaiser.

    Just my 2 cents at this point in time....
  13. by   MA Nurse
    Quote from TazziRN
    I have no experience with Kaiser as an employee, so maybe I shouldn't be commenting, but I have little faith in Kaiser care. I would not work for them just because it would mean having Kaiser as a provider, and I don't trust them.
    Why don't you trust them? A lot of times they are in the news about something "bad" because they are so BIG. They treat their nurses well, I posted about this already, but they pay well and have great retirement benefits. i've had NO problems with my Kaiser healthcare.