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  1. a pilot... just like my grandfather (since my grandmother was a nurse :))
  2. NICUrn2B

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    in the east bay. you can find them through the ca bvnpt
  3. NICUrn2B

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    one last thing Just to let you know how much we missed out on: when I was studying for my HESI and NCLEX-PN I remember going through the review books and saying to myself "wow... i never learned that... or that... or that...." just my 2 cents
  4. NICUrn2B

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    oh and also cherief i would suggest that you check out a school called ncp. they are very professional and they give their students a better deal when compared to gurnick. they provide the review class for free (nclex-pn review) and iv certification for free... well, its "included" in your total tuition. also, the teachers there are very knowledgable on the subject matter and you get to do clinicals in kaiser (med-surg!) gurnick will tell you that you will do kaiser clinicals too for ob/gyn and pedi too but that only means 3-4 days in a pediatric clinic and 3-4 days in a ob/gyn clinic in kaiser. what can you learn in 3-4 days?... not much. lucky for me and my partner our preceptor said that we were "mature" so he trusted us enough to move at a fast pace. from what other students told me, they didn't even get to do injections! the only good thing about gurnick is that they have two teachers, one for med-surg and one for nutrition/a&p, who will teach you a lot but i don't know if they're still there or not... like i said, feel free to ask me (or mulan. shes a gurnick grad too) nicu
  5. NICUrn2B

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    The reason you might not get a job for a loonnnggg time is because hardly any new grad LVNs are able to find a job at this time. It has nothing to do with Gurnick or any other school. The market is saturated with new grad LVN's and employers are just not hiring us. I'm a the kind of nurse that I would want and I work in a surgery clinic. I was one of the few lucky ones to get a fulltime LVN job in the bay area. It took me 3 months to get my job and I was told by the nurse recruiter that they hired me because of my background in healthcare. When I mentioned GURNICK they had never heard of it. Feel free to ask me any ?'s. I'm a Gurnick grad from san mateo and I have a good friend who went to the Concord campus for LVN.
  6. NICUrn2B

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    Dont expect to get a job for a loooonnngggg time....
  7. I'm considering enrolling in a private school to do my LPN/LVN to RN bridge. The school is approved by the CA Board of Nursing and in the end I will get an ADN. My question is : Will I be able to work in other states too? For example, I know that if some one is an excelsior grad they cannot endorse in California... so where can I find out which states accept which schools? Nicu
  8. NICUrn2B

    Unitek in Fremont LVN to RN?

    just wondering if you guys decided to go with unitek....
  9. NICUrn2B

    who has taken the TEAS test?`

    If you passed the nclex-pn, you shouldn't worry about the TEAS! You'll do fiinneee! :hug:
  10. NICUrn2B

    What do your school uniforms look like?

    Wow... I can't imagine wearing a skirt to work and then doing all the work we do! But those outfits were really cute! :) We had to wear royal blue scrubs with our school patch. We could wear a long sleeve white shirt underneath our scrub tops and white shoes but nothing else. As for jewelry... one pair of earrings, a wedding ring, and a watch.
  11. NICUrn2B

    anyone? :/

    i'm an lvn doing the lvn to rn bridge. i'm enrolling in a program that is approved by the ca board of rn. it is also an adn program. how do i know if my license will be elgible for endorsement in other states? nicu:uhoh3:
  12. NICUrn2B

    facebook and texting at work

    " is this not also why that airliner went one and 1/2 hours OVER their destination last year? And what also played into the Buffalo plane crash that occurred a year ago as well..? texting while flying the aircraft... how EASY it is to get distracted. How easy to get nonchalant... how easy to put ME before my patient... my customers, my passengers.... It's a sad reflection on our work ethic these days. Very sad. " THANK YOU!!!! COME ON PEOPLE...Your not dealing with stuffed animals, your dealing with HUMANS!!
  13. NICUrn2B

    Past or Current Students from SJVC??

    i found this online: premed and medical jun 22 2007 [color=#939393]premier content! i'm currently enrolled in the rt program at the visalia campus and i have to say that after reading the other posts, i'm somewhat consoled that my program isn't the only one experiencing these problems. where do i begin? first of all it's true, sjvc is a business with 1 thing in mind .. $$$$. it's funny the rt recruiter was my "best friend" until i sold my soul to those people. now won't mutter a hello in the halls. are these people commissioned? small potatoes, i just find it hilarious. anyway ... nobody, w/ the exception of maybe 1 or 2 members of the staff gives a damn about you. all they care about is your $, and they get alot of it. . . . i'm almost afraid to write this in fear of the retaliation i will endure if it ever came to light that i am the author. i've seen what happens to people that make staff angry. placing you at clinical sites 2 hours away from home is a light punishment. god, i'm sooo sick of that place. i fully understood when i signed up for the program that it would be a heavy workload requiring alot of discipline and time, but i never imagined that that place would be like a concentration camp. i'm not exaggerating. it's fantastic how they demand excellence from us but are not willing to give it in return. if you are thinking about a career in respiratory, i really recommend fresno city college. yeah, it'll take longer, but you will save alot of $ and recieve a higher quality education. random uniform inspections?! why don't they quit worrying about what color my undershirt is & start teaching me the skills i need to be an rt? 90% of everything i've learned has been from the different hospitals i've done clinical rotations at. now we can't even wear sweaters or jackets in the classroom because it looks "unprofessional". nevermind that the thermastat almost never works correctly. i've been in classrooms where the temp was 60 degrees in january. . . . yeah... the crt exam is a crock ... it is held in place to keep the school's passing rate. if you do not pass it, you face being held back or dropped. i say if you've sucessfully made it to term 3 and cannot pass the exam, somebody has not done their job correctly. ofcourse, there is always 1 or 2 people that don't pass because of poor study habits, but when 1/3 of a class doesn't pass, you begin to wonder. . . students are treated like second class citizens. . . . it's embarrassing to admit that i'm a student. i always make sure to remove my badge anywhere off campus because i don't want anyone to know that i attend that . . .school. ugh! would somedody can that stupid jingle already?! i could go on and on, but it makes me angry and it makes me feel like a fool to have been duped by this institution.
  14. NICUrn2B

    Palo Alto Medical Foundation or Kaiser?

    thanks nikki.. by PAMF i meant the clinic over on el camino in Palo Alto CA
  15. Looking for opinions on where *you* would prefer to work? Pro's and Cons? ...