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NICUrn2B specializes in Surgical Nursing.

LVN to BSN Student

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  1. NICUrn2B


    Has anyone taken the Diagnostic readiness test for RN's offered by the NLN? What are your thoughts? I'm not sure if i should pay 50$ to take this since everything is so expensive these days ;/
  2. NICUrn2B

    Passed the NCLEX (2nd Attempt)

    wow! you are an inspiration! thank you for sharing your beautiful story :) now go out there and make us proud!
  3. NICUrn2B

    CA BRN delay

    ugh im in the same situation too!! its so frustrating. I've been studying on and off since January 6th. I don't know how much longer I can study!! they cashed my check on jan 28th even though i sent in my paperwork january 3rd!.... i guess ill be testing april 28th so sad because that would mean i graduated more than 4 months prior to taking the exam!
  4. NICUrn2B

    Why Hurst is key (How I failed and passed in 75)

    I'm with all of you.. except i'm prepping! My school offered KAPLAN to us and I thought it was terrible. The decision tree didn't always work and most of the time i found myself thinking about the decision tree rather than the patho behind the questions which led me to the wrong answers! I signed up for HURST and so far I love it - I'm just praying that i pass with this review :/ I plan on watching all of the videos and then learning everything by repetition (like you all!). Thanks for posting on HURST -- It helps to know that theres a chance it willl help me pass :) jenjen- did you pass?
  5. NICUrn2B

    Is anyone doubting themselves?

    Hi All! I'm glad to know i'm not the only one who feels like this too! Like the previous poster, i graduated december 11th and took a holiday break till january 2nd! I started studying but soon felt like i didn't know anything!! I panicked and bought a bunch of books. i've been reviewing Saunders pretty much and had ambitious goals: 200 questions a day plus 4 hours of review and now i'm finding myself bored, falling asleep, unable to focus! Ughhhhh maybe i should sign up for Hurst! For those of you who are taking the exam soon: Good luck! I think we should all pray for NCLEX takers every night! lol
  6. NICUrn2B


    Hi All, I'm so thankful to the members of all nurses for their continuous support. I discovered AN back in 2005? When I was a wanna-be-nurse :). Now, I am finally a step away from being an RN- preparing for the NCLEX-RN dun dun dun . I felt more confident when I studied for the nclex-pn, not sure why. For the RN, i'm using Saunders to review 200 questions a day and I do 3 hours of content review. I'm planning on doing Kaplan questions too. I've read a lot of suggestions, score expectations, etc on here but I feel like ill never be ready! Any advice? Thank you Nicu
  7. NICUrn2B

    Woot! I graduated from Nursing School!!!!

    Congratulations! A wonderful accomplishment. Only great things are ahead!
  8. Junior at HNU in Oakland, California! 4 semesters to go, can't wait!!!
  9. Thanks a bunch! :)
  10. NICUrn2B

    Not too many of "You."

    No matter what we do in life or where we go, we will almost always run into negative people. Don't let em get to you, in fact, use them for your fuel! Keep up your hard work and show em what you're made of! 8)
  11. a pilot... just like my grandfather (since my grandmother was a nurse :))
  12. NICUrn2B

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    in the east bay. you can find them through the ca bvnpt
  13. NICUrn2B

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    one last thing Just to let you know how much we missed out on: when I was studying for my HESI and NCLEX-PN I remember going through the review books and saying to myself "wow... i never learned that... or that... or that...." just my 2 cents
  14. NICUrn2B

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    oh and also cherief i would suggest that you check out a school called ncp. they are very professional and they give their students a better deal when compared to gurnick. they provide the review class for free (nclex-pn review) and iv certification for free... well, its "included" in your total tuition. also, the teachers there are very knowledgable on the subject matter and you get to do clinicals in kaiser (med-surg!) gurnick will tell you that you will do kaiser clinicals too for ob/gyn and pedi too but that only means 3-4 days in a pediatric clinic and 3-4 days in a ob/gyn clinic in kaiser. what can you learn in 3-4 days?... not much. lucky for me and my partner our preceptor said that we were "mature" so he trusted us enough to move at a fast pace. from what other students told me, they didn't even get to do injections! the only good thing about gurnick is that they have two teachers, one for med-surg and one for nutrition/a&p, who will teach you a lot but i don't know if they're still there or not... like i said, feel free to ask me (or mulan. shes a gurnick grad too) nicu
  15. NICUrn2B

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    The reason you might not get a job for a loonnnggg time is because hardly any new grad LVNs are able to find a job at this time. It has nothing to do with Gurnick or any other school. The market is saturated with new grad LVN's and employers are just not hiring us. I'm a the kind of nurse that I would want and I work in a surgery clinic. I was one of the few lucky ones to get a fulltime LVN job in the bay area. It took me 3 months to get my job and I was told by the nurse recruiter that they hired me because of my background in healthcare. When I mentioned GURNICK they had never heard of it. Feel free to ask me any ?'s. I'm a Gurnick grad from san mateo and I have a good friend who went to the Concord campus for LVN.
  16. NICUrn2B

    Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in Concord

    Dont expect to get a job for a loooonnngggg time....

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