Will my ADN be accepted every where?


I'm considering enrolling in a private school to do my LPN/LVN to RN bridge. The school is approved by the CA Board of Nursing and in the end I will get an ADN.

My question is : Will I be able to work in other states too?

For example, I know that if some one is an excelsior grad they cannot endorse in California... so where can I find out which states accept which schools?

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Yes, your ADN degree will be accepted everywhere in the US. Congatulations on furthering your education, best of luck!


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I Have a similar question. I am planning on doing the LPN-RN or LPN-BSN Program through The College Network. I am currently in MS and want to move to IL when I am finished and have gotten my RN License. Does anyone know If i will have any problems Endorsing because I know IL doesn't accept the LPN-RN program and that they have to approve the clinical sites for the LPN-BSN if your in IL. Does anyone have any experience with this? is one program easier to endorse from than the other??