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Is anyone applying for or has applied for CSU Chico State's nursing program? I'm planning on applying for spring 08 and just wanted to know what the cut off points were. I'm so nervous about the... Read More

  1. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    ok cool! Have a Merry Christmas! I'll keep ya updated with whats going on with this apartment.
  2. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    ok so the manager at the apartment complex e-mailed me back and told me that she has 3 apartments available for lease beginning the end of this month and beginning of next month. We will be taking over a renters previous contract (most of which would end mid june/july) so I would assume we would start out with a 6-7 month lease contract and then we can decide if we want to re-lease it again for a year or whatever. So then we have to decide (sooner then later as these willl go fast) whether we want to be on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor because she has one of each. I have lived on the both the bottom floor and the top floor both of which had good quailites and bad quailites so it really doestn matter to me. Because she has no empty apartments available I will have to make arrangements with the current tennents to come in and see the apartment. So let me know what you think, and I will discuss this over with my parents tonight when I see them and we can make a decision then. I think this is going to be the best aparments in the area that have everything we want (2 bed/2bath, pets allowed, w/d, close to campus, etc) so we need to decide fast! Have a Merry Christmas and I will talk to you soon!!

    PS. We should prolly know this about eachother before we move in..... My name is Breanne... What's yours lol.
  3. by   runningoutoftime
    Alright, sounds good. The level doesn't really matter to me. I say either 1st for easy moving/entrance or 3rd for no disburbances from above....Have a Merry Christmas!
  4. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    Hey Marissa,

    I just wanted to let you know that I sent you an e-mail and just wanted to make sure you got it. If you didn't get it let me know because I've some important stuff to talk to you about regarding the apartment.

  5. by   prettymaria
    Hi everyone! can anyone give me some pointers on when to apply for the chico state nursing program? I want to apply for the Spring10 or Fall10 semester..I should be done with all my pre-req's and have 2 more science courses in progress when I hand my app in. I hope I get in, chico state has always been the school I wanted to transfer to. Btw, I've been reading your posts and I just wanted to say congratulations to all who got accepted, I'm so happy for you!
  6. by   prettymaria
    Oh I forgot to ask, but has anyone here been accepted straight away in the following sem without being an alternate or on a waitlist?
  7. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    I think that for the spring semester you start applying to the school August 1-31 and then to the nursing program October 1-31. Then for the fall semester you apply to the school October 1-31 and then the nursing program February 1-March 1. Go to and it will give you all the guidelines on when/how to apply. I am not quite sure what you mean about getting accepted right away, but if you are on the alternate list for say the spring semester and don't get picked.... you have to re-apply and then you start all over. They don't automatically let you in just because you were on the alternate list. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  8. by   prettymaria
    Thanks for the website Future_er_rn! Oh what I meant by my question was, when u applied for the nursing prog for the following semester did u get accepted by applying only one time?
  9. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    Yes, I did. I applied for the Fall 08 semester and didn't get in and then re-applied for the Spring 09 semester and got in. I did however get 200+ volunteer hours and I re-took my Teas exam so I got more points the second that time I applied. Hope this helps!
  10. by   prettymaria
    yes it helps! thank u! are u in chico right now or humboldt? hows it going so far? hope ur liking it that its not too hard or anything..
  11. by   FUTURE_ER_RN
    I am in Chico. I am liking the classes but since its the first semester its not that exciting yet. I still kinda feel like I am taking more pre-reqs just because we haven't started clinical's or skills labs yet. But you gotta start somewhere I guess! Other than my two nursing classes I am taking two upper division GE classes for the major so I am still keeping busy none-the-less! Excited about next semester though for sure.
  12. by   prettymaria
    Wow! Im so happy for you, your making me excited. lol. I hope I get in too!
  13. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Ok so I have been following this thread. Did you 2 move in together??