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  1. runningoutoftime

    Who's hiring new grads in Michigan???

    I believe there was a graduate nurse internship program a few months ago that was for Mott ER...I don't know about now. Just keep checking the postings every Monday and continue applying. Also, call nurse recruitment and retention if you haven't already done so. You should have received an email to do so after your first GN application. They keep track of new grads who have called in and if you haven't, it can interfere with the application process. You can also express your desire to work in Mott ER and they may be able to tell you about upcoming opportunities if there are any for new grads. Hope this helps and good luck!
  2. runningoutoftime

    Who's hiring new grads in Michigan???

    U of M in Ann Arbor hires new grads. Search for GN positions on the nursing career page. They are posted every Monday. It is advised to call in and speak with a recruiter after the first GN application. Good luck with your job search!
  3. runningoutoftime

    Help! References from Clinical Instructors

    I was in a similar situation and was asked to provide 3 references. I graduated in December so it had been well over 6 months since I had spoken with any of them. You need to make sure that whoever you provide on the reference list checks out and does call back. This could be a make or break deal if your references are unable to be contacted. I had emailed my instructors and got no response. I was in a time crunch so I decided to look up their cell phone contacts and I personally called/texted to inform them that I would like to use them as a reference and if this would be ok. It turns out one was on vacation and wasn't checking her email at all and had I not called, I would have never gotten a hold of her. My advice is to contact your instructors (even if you have to call them) to give them a heads up. Also, put a direct phone number on your reference list such as a cell phone number. The employer is not going to wait around for a call back from a reference so it's key to inform the people who are references that they may be getting a call. Whatever you do, do not tell HR that you are unable to get a hold of your references. Find someone who can give you a reference! Good Luck!
  4. runningoutoftime

    Interviewed...Now what?!?!

    Thanks for your reply...I did sent a thank you email the week of the interview....They've been so slow this entire process. I was first emailed that I had made it to the next level of selection and then had to wait another 2 weeks or so to have an interview scheduled. In the mean time I emailed to follow up and see what the next step was since I hadn't heard anything and I didn't get a reply until a week later and suddenly they had scheduled an interview for me...I just don't know if this is the norm to be ignored and not have my inquiries answered. I just want an answer even if it's a no so I can move on and not think about it. I thought for sure I would have known by now but I guess I have to move on.
  5. runningoutoftime

    Interviewed...Now what?!?!

    Hello all, I'm a Dec. '11 BSN grad and finally got my first live interview two weeks ago at a large teaching hospital that I dream of working at. The interview was with the nurse manager and supervisor. I thought it went well and I was told that a decision would be made within 48hrs as they still had other candidates to interview. I thought for sure I would have heard by now. Well, two weeks later and still no news. I emailed both people I interviewed with last week and did not get a reply. I called and left a voicemail yesterday. So far no replies whatsoever. I am beginning to think I didn't get the job. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it normally take this long to get a decision? I am not sure what I should do... Any advice welcome...Thanks!
  6. Alright, sounds good. The level doesn't really matter to me. I say either 1st for easy moving/entrance or 3rd for no disburbances from above....Have a Merry Christmas! -Marissa
  7. I am trying to look as well. My last day at my current job is tomorrow, so I will soon have lots of time.
  8. Hey, that looks awesome. Dual master bedrooms...Cool! Looks like it accomodates everything we need and the price is very reasonable! I'm excited...let me know what happens.
  9. Ok sounds good. I really want to live close to campus. I will look at some places online...Hope you have a Merry XMAS as well!
  10. That sounds good...Will definently need someone to share this nursing school experience with. I think I will buy my bed and other items in Chico. It will be hard for me to move stuff since I live 8.5 hours away, so I don't really plan on bringing much furniture.
  11. Haha...I actually have 2 cats, but they won't be coming with me. I have been looking online for apts and they are really cheap. I think a reasonable price range for a 2 bedroom apt is anywhere from 800-1200 per month. I am flexible and will be living on student loans anyways. Let's see...other details...I turned 22 today, I am pretty clean/organized, I cook my own food and clean up after myself. For the most part, I am pretty laid back/easy going.
  12. Yeah, I'm looking for a roomate. I am afraid of being alone. I will be moving very far away from my hometown and BF of 4.5 yrs. If you are interested let me know. I am hoping to room with someone who is in a similar situation as me.
  13. runningoutoftime

    Roommates wanted for Humboldt or Chico

    ...Will be attending Chico Spring '09 and I need a roommate!!
  14. runningoutoftime

    New AUHS Long Beach, CA BSN Program

    I do not attend this school but I think I have seen this before. It is listed on the BRN approved baccalaureate program list: http://www.rn.ca.gov/schools/rnprograms.shtml#bsn I don't know anything more than that. It does seem like an expensive program though.
  15. Hey FutureER RN...I can't believe admissions is making you pay the late fee. What about the people who will eventually be admitted on the alternative list??? I haven't tried registering yet since I need loans too! I contacted the financial aid dept. They said to fill out a FAFSA to see how much you qualify for so that's what I'm doing.
  16. I feel like I am totally leaving everything. I have a BF here and we have been together for > 4 yrs. He just bought a house in San Clemente, so he definently can't move with me to Chico. I have to start looking for a place too!