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O M G, I am soooo happy right now! Out of 585 applications, my name came up in the first 100, which means I should get into Spring 2014 at CCSF (they pick 50 for fall; 50 for spring). Nothing's set... Read More

  1. by   SfcitygirlRN
    Oh well thats good to hear Thanks chasingmydream Same for me lauraline!!! I have been trying to get into schools for 3 years!!! This would be awesome! now
    we play the waiting game...and i thought I was 136 but im actually in the higher 130's so maybe a better chance !
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  2. by   lauraline
    Thanks! Volleygrl89 what did they say when you called? Who did you call? I'm just curious what your impression was when they said your chances are good.

    I'm so nervous now!
  3. by   SfcitygirlRN
    Also did you get a letter yet??
    Quote from Chasngmydream
    Thanks and congrats to you lauraline & volleygirl too!!! If you look early in this discussion, someone in last year's lottery said they were offered a spot this January and they're number was in the 300s, so I think you are definitely getting a spot. We might even be in the same class :-).
  4. by   SfcitygirlRN
    I called the nursing department. I said that I wanted to know what my chances were and a man stated that I have a pretty good chance since there are people ahead that arent probably qualified. He seemed pretty confident, but I dont want to get my hopes up! Im super nervous
    Quote from lauraline
    Thanks! Volleygrl89 what did they say when you called? Who did you call? I'm just curious what your impression was when they said your chances are good.

    I'm so nervous now!
  5. by   orchids1129
  6. by   SfcitygirlRN
    did anyone get a letter yet?
  7. by   lauraline
    No letter of any kind came for me, yet. But I read on the website that they will start notifying people in "late March" through December.

    I am wondering how many people in the top 100 can possibly be ineligible. Why would people apply if they were not eligible in the first place? I can understand how some may have applied to other schools, and therefore will not accept the CCSF offer. But, how many people can possibly not be eligible? Thoughts anyone?
  8. by   SfcitygirlRN
    Either they are missing things on their application, or dont meet the GPA requirements, it can be a number of circumstances. Some people are that desperate they try anyways. I am thinking positive!

    good question though! Maybe you should call and ask them how many people are usually ineligable so it gives you a rough idea
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  9. by   lauraline
    I am also reading that some people may not pass their TEAS, and thus will be disqualified from enrollment to the program.
  10. by   SfcitygirlRN
    did you take your TEAS yet?
  11. by   lauraline
    Nope, but it seems to be pretty straight forward. Have any of you guys taken TEAS yet?
    I wonder if we can take it ahead of time?

    I am also thinking that maybe some people will become disqualified if they don't have their CPR or don't pass the background check.
  12. by   SfcitygirlRN
    I have taken it already and requires a mdoerate amount of studying. Some trickly questions, but otherwise if you have taken the pre-reqs your golden. And yes I agree
  13. by   WranglerRN
    I also already took the TEAS V. I agree with volleygirl89, if you study a moderate amount and have already finished your pre-reqs, you'll do fine. And yes, people can get disqualified for so many reasons, even down to forgetting to submit something.

    I haven't received a letter yet. I'm anticipating getting something in early April, judging from last year's discussions of when they received their letters (that's how I knew what date to check for the lottery results as well). Good luck to all of us!!!