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O M G, I am soooo happy right now! Out of 585 applications, my name came up in the first 100, which means I should get into Spring 2014 at CCSF (they pick 50 for fall; 50 for spring). Nothing's set... Read More

  1. by   SfcitygirlRN
    omgosh seriously!! ahhhhhhhhh congrats!!!
  2. by   lizrose
    Thanks! I'm super excited! That means within the next few days, the first fifty should have letters.
  3. by   lauraline
    Quote from lizrose
    Hey all - I got my conditional acceptance letter in today's mail! My name was in the top ten on the lottery so I assume everyone else should be getting it soon! See you in Fall!
  4. by   WranglerRN
    Congrats lizrose! & yay that letters are definitely starting to get out! I'm in the 70s so I'm hoping the letters for spring 2014 go out soon too.
  5. by   Starcat620
    Yay! Got mine as well!! !!!
  6. by   SfcitygirlRN
    Great congrats! Hope I get mine today!
  7. by   lauraline
    That's awesome. Good to hear letters are coming very soon. I'm in the 120s so I don't really expect anything immediately I suppose. If anyone else in the 100+ range gets any mail please let me know! I will do the same.

    I'm so nervous!!!
  8. by   maggiel
    what was your lottery #
  9. by   SfcitygirlRN
    Any more letters received? congrats to those so far
  10. by   lauraline
    Quote from volleygrl89
    Any more letters received? congrats to those so far
    Not yet. My mail comes late afternoon though. /sigh
  11. by   maggiel
    not yet
  12. by   lauraline
    Just junk mail. And a Crate and Barrel catalog.

  13. by   SfcitygirlRN
    LOL crate n barrel. sigh