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Hello, I am new here to allnurses.com so bear with me. I was wondering if anyone applied to the absn program at CSU San Marcos for summer 2009? Have you heard anything back yet?... Read More

  1. by   srtyoacnkton
    anyone accepted not in the immediate area? got accepted but coming from quite a distance just curious to find any other non local people
  2. by   sholey12345

    Where did you get accepted? Temecula or San Marcos?
  3. by   srtyoacnkton
  4. by   sholey12345
    I just got my acceptance email for the San Marcos campus. Anyone else hear anything?
  5. by   CaliBecca
    Hi guys! Congrats! I also got accepted to the Temecula campus for spring. I'm from San Francisco, so i'm wondering if anyone knows the Temecula area well?
  6. by   Baraj015
    Your from san francisco so just think of what the santa rosa/sonoma area is like... thats temecula.
  7. by   MBrick
    I got my acceptance letter last week for the San Marcos campus. Looks like we have a lot of Temecula people on here. Anyone else San Marcos?
  8. by   Stephgriffin6
    Hi everyone,

    I got my acceptance email for Temecula last week. I live in Sacramento so I will have to move for the program. Does anyone know of good apartments in the area by school? Also, does anyone actually know the date that school starts? Just trying to make plans early to move. I am so excited to meet everyone and get this program started!! Any advice from people that live in Temecula would be great!!
  9. by   jimmy83
    I am possibly looking for a place to stay too, and am also curious on when school starts, but i'm sure i'll find out at the orientation, maybe there may be a few people looking for a place to stay, then maybe we'll all be able to go apartment hunting together...ahh i wish i got into the san marcos campus...
  10. by   Stephgriffin6
    What is the differnece between San Marcos and Temecula? It seems like everyone wants to go to San Marcos. I don't know the area so can't compare them. I just feel lucky to be going to Nursing school in CALIFORNIA and not waiting 2 years to start. Oh! how expensive is the living down there if anyone knows.
  11. by   milina123
    My name's Megan and I got accepted into the spring 2010 absn program as well. I'm from the bay area too! Does anyone know anything about the Temecula area? I'm going to need a place to rent but have no idea what areas are close to the school or what the good areas to rent from are! Please let me know!
  12. by   jimmy83
    Well, haven't been to temecula really, but i know san marcos is a lot closer to the beach, it's closer to the coast than temecula is, so i know as far as weather is concerned, it'll be warmer on hot days.
  13. by   sholey12345
    I got into the San Marcos campus... looks like there are only 2 of us on here so far.

    I think that the reason that most people seem to prefer the San Marcos campus is because it is alot closer to a) the coast and b) the greater San Diego area. For those of us that already live in "San Diego", going to Temecula would be quite a commute. It would be at least an hour for me. I honestly don't know all that much about Temecula because I've only been there a handful of times, mostly to visit the wineries and go wine tasting. From what I have seen there isn't a whole lot to speak of, but the nice thing will be that rent will be cheaper! I remember it being very pretty and scenic, but def not a bustling metropolitan area.