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Hey everyone! Just thought we could start a thread for those of us who interviewed for Cedars-Sinai's new grad program this past week.... Read More

  1. by   star99
    thank you so much dnconr! i am planning on applying for their new grad program but i already know my chance is very low because i don't have a decent gpa, but it wouldn't hurt to apply.

    i am working on my resume right now. I also don't have much else experience and it's so frustrating because i don't know what clinical experience i should include in my resume.. monitor pt, labs, iv, etc. and and if i should include the units we had one-day-experience in...i don't want them to glance at it and toss it in the trash. i'm going insane. Mind if i ask you what you include under clinical experience?

    thanks again and have fun moving! =)
  2. by   NurseRoxy
    hi shine86,
    i didn't include all of my clinical rotation experiences on my resume, but i did include my internship as part of my professional experience. i thought it would make it too long, esp since my resume is already a page and a half. i included a copy of my clinical rotation experiences in my portfolio in case they wanted to see it, but they barely glanced over it. it seems like they were open to other gpas, but leaned toward higher gpas. mine was 3.7. i wore a black suit (skirt) w/heels to the interview. from what i saw most ppl were wearing pant suits though. good luck & i hope this helps! :wink2:
  3. by   star99
    Thanks much NurseRoxy! i don't have any professional expereience but i have volunteer experience. I think i will put that on. Did you always make a profolio for the hospitals you applied to or only the ones they required? It sounds very nice and organized. =)
  4. by   NurseRoxy
    I made my portfolio bcause cedars required it for the interview, but you can always use it for other job interviews & they'll probably find it pretty impressive! so it's not a bad idea to make one.
  5. by   star99
    Thank you NurseRoxy =)
  6. by   cmpelleg

    Yea, I havent done much planning with the whole moving thing yet because I didnt want to think about it until I passed my boards. So yea I guess now its time. I'll be roadtripping from Massachusetts and really dont plan on bringing anything but my car and a rooftop bag strapped to the top. Shipping furniture is just as expensive if not more then just getting stuff there.

    What do you have planned for the move? Where are you coming from again?

    Cant wait to get started
  7. by   JSRN0311
    So is the HR done calling people? I haven't gotten my "letter" yet. it sucked that I had to go up there twice for an interview and not get any calls from them or letter. I went for the June 4th interview prior to that I went in on March during my spring break. I paid so much money and yet no notification if I get it or not. I wish I would something. Although, now i don't care if I get it or not. LOL. congrats btw, to those who made it. You folks are very fortunate. Whata are the perks? They said tuition reimbursemet and reloc assistance. How much was it?
  8. by   NewestRN_OnTheBlock
    i got my "letter".... they sent it thru e-mail...
  9. by   1louise1
    i got my letter too. so do we reapply for the next new grad opportunity or will they pull up our application packets?
  10. by   JSRN0311
    yeah, i got my letter too thru email. then, i emailed her back and told her thanks for the opportunity. she replied and said, thanks for the effort blah blah....
  11. by   candleguy1142
    i asked for my portfolio back
  12. by   JSRN0311
    Quote from candleguy1142
    i asked for my portfolio back
    what did they say?
  13. by   candleguy1142
    Quote from JSRN0311
    what did they say?
    emailed her..hasnt responded..