Cedars-Sinai New Grad Program Spring 2017

  1. Hey nursing world,

    Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has applied to the Cedars-Sinai New Grad Program in Los Angeles for a start in February of 2017 (I believe).

    I haven't seen any threads, thus far.
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  3. by   NursePanto
    Hi! I spoke with HR at Cedars and they had told me it wouldn't be opening for applications until around January.
  4. by   vulpecula
    I meant to say "was going to apply"
  5. by   3shaaa
    Hi there! Thank you for sharing this information. Any other details HR told you, like what week in January? Appreciate it!
  6. by   jeanee221
    Hello! I talked to HR last week and they told me it should be open in the beginning weeks of December.
  7. by   CAnewgrad2016
    just applied!
  8. by   LuRN11
    Just an update for everyone (because I know how it feels to be in the dark!), Cedars sent out a request for a one way video interview on Monday 12/12 and it is due by Wednesday 12/14 11:59pm.

    They will choose candidates from those videos and hold a large one day interview of approx. 50-60 candidates with nurse educators and nurse managers the first week* of January. Decisions will be made within a week* of the interview day. They hope to hire 30-40 new grads, so if you make it to the interview, the odds are in your favor.

    *This info was given to me mid November and the application opening date was already pushed back from the original info I was given, so the rest of the timeline could be pushed back as well. The info was what would happen in a "perfect world" too, so I'm not holding them to it exactly. I was just happy the person I spoke with was nice enough to share this with me. Definitely a good guideline.

    It is nice that their hiring process is extremely short compared to the agonizing 3 month hiring process with UCLA, USC KECK(who i have yet to hear from?) hospitals.

    Good luck to everyone! Hope this calms your nerves and gives you peace of mind
  9. by   th17
    Got a online interview offer as well! Super nervous about it! Anyone done theirs yet?
  10. by   vulpecula
    Did you already do the one way interview? I plan on doing mine today. It's going to be strange talking to myself. Did you apply to UCLA, as well? The waiting period is so agonizing. You are right! Ugh.
    It's crazy to me that Cedars only hires 30-40. Is their initial pool a lot smaller than UCLA's? UCLA is hiring like 200 I think. At Cedars all new grads filter into Med-Surg, right?
    By the way @LuRN11 ...who gave you that information?
  11. by   DJKM
    I'm doing the video interview, too. Any ideas on the questions that will be asked??
  12. by   LuRN11
    That video interview was NOT FUN lol. The questions were not what I was expecting at all. Harder than UCLA's questions for sure. Just not typical, caught me off guard.

    I can't remember who gave me the info, but yes, I think most go to med-surg. However, that's not always the case, I know a new grad that went straight to oncology... so hmm? I know for sure you cannot go straight into the ED until being there for 6 months.

    Yes, the wait is truly agonizing with UCLA. Thanksgiving really got in the way and they are really taking their time. There were 2 choices of dates for interviews and I chose November 18, but then the second date was November 28, way later!

    Only a few more days now! the wait is almost over woohoo!!!!
  13. by   vulpecula
    @LuRN11 yeah...the video interview was weird. haha...

    I contacted HR at UCLA and they said that they hoped we would hear by "the holidays but be prepared for after the new year" You said only a few more days. Maybe you found out different info for the unit where you applied. My first interview was Nov 15th and then I had my second one the same week.

    Do you know when we will hear about the next phase for Cedars? I would think pretty soon if the in person interviews are beginning of January.
  14. by   CAnewgrad2016
    second interview invites have gone out. I'll be declining, so hope it's one less competitor. Good luck!