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  1. CAnewgrad2016

    Are you seeing changes due to Covid?

    they cancelled elective surgeries and I work in outpatient surgery. my per diem shifts have been cut. so far I've been floated to main OR. it's a huge hit on my income without per diem and overtime.
  2. CAnewgrad2016

    side gigs for OR nurses

    I'd like to make extra money, have any OR nurses found side gigs outside of the hospital? What are the options?
  3. CAnewgrad2016

    Calling OR Nurses in CA!!!

    OR nurses in CA- what is your standby pay out of curiosity? My hospital's union is in negotiation, it has stayed the same for 16 years. They say that it is "competitive" to other hospitals in LA. Thanks!
  4. CAnewgrad2016

    Calling all OR nurses in CA!

    OR nurses in CA- what is your standby pay out of curiosity? My hospital's union is in negotiation, it has stayed the same for 16 years. They say that it is "competitive" to other hospitals in LA. Thanks!
  5. CAnewgrad2016

    How does call work?

    How does call work at your facility? How many callsA week? And weekends? Are there 24 or 48 hour calls? Do you have an open heart team? Do elective cases get added even if they Aren't emergencies despite understaffing?
  6. CAnewgrad2016

    California hospital medical center

    Does anyone have any insight on working at California hospital medical center in downtown LA? Specifically OR?
  7. CAnewgrad2016

    Cystoscope skin prep

    at our facility, we dont' have N/A. not sure why, but everyone classifies it as clean-contaminated.
  8. CAnewgrad2016

    Cystoscope skin prep

    i've been an OR nurse for about a year, wish i had the experience you did! i've seen it done both ways. First, cystosocpy and most urology procedures are clean contaminated and the skin is never going to be sterile. For both males and females, i've seen it starting from right outside the genital area below the belly, and i've also seen ppl prep from teh penis. i've also seen ppl start from the thigh. and work their way in, with the anal area being the last, and that's just my preference i've seen ppl prep the vagina and some don't. the main urologist i work with says everything should be prepped including vagina, whih is my preference as well (Wide prep). however, i only use betadine sticks for the vagina.
  9. CAnewgrad2016

    Not for me

    i've been an OR nurse for almost a year straight out of nursing school. i went into the OR straight after nursing school. I'm in my second OR job and just got off orientation. my personality is much stronger these days, a lot of ppl in the OR have strong personalities, you need a thick skin. there are days i feel like i'm a bad nurse. i'm honestly getting really burned out . old scrub techs who don't listen to me, scrub techs who lie to me about counts, i'm considering going outpatient actually. but bedside is the last place i want to be. you have needy patients and their family members. I'll stay an OR nurse as long as possible.
  10. CAnewgrad2016

    UCLA Summer 2017 RN New Grad Residency

    I'm one of the new grads in winter 2017 cohort in SM. I am looking to move there around October.
  11. CAnewgrad2016

    learning instruments

    Been starting to learn about instruments, any tips and tricks on memorizing it?
  12. CAnewgrad2016

    Med Surg vs OR as a New Grad, HELP!

    I will send you a PM. I have done rotations at VPH
  13. CAnewgrad2016

    RN shortage

    I graduated last August, passed my boards in November, got an offer in Dec. to my dream job at a large teaching hospital. I had heard stories of new grads having trouble finding jobs. I went to an accelerated BSN program that had a good reputation, and many classmates and I had multiple offers from big hospitals to choose from. Within 2 weeks of getting my license, I had 5 offers, not hospitals but sub acute, outpatient surgery center, SNFs, and I was getting a lot of calls from recruiters. Some of these jobs actually pay better than hospital jobs. I live in LA, and what I think is 1. having a BSN helps. 2. there is a shortage of experienced nurses in the hospital 3. there is a demand for RNs, maybe not shortage here, but you can't take your pick like back in the day.
  14. CAnewgrad2016

    OR brain sheet

    i've sent you an email
  15. CAnewgrad2016

    I'm a new grad / OR nurse!

    @yellow scrubs. Thank you so much for this post! I love your enthusiasm~~ I'll be starting in the OR as a new grad this spring as well.
  16. CAnewgrad2016

    Patients Not Ready to Move??

    @Rose-Queen the facility I will be working in uses Epic as well. Do you have any tips for OR nurses using epic?

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