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Greetings. This is my story- I graduated from Nursing School in May 2008 (ADN) and passed my boards in October 2008. I live north of San Fran and have yet to find a New Grad Program. I've been... Read More

  1. by   KrazeKazeRN
    Has anyone had any recent luck on the job search? I feel like there are no new grad RN programs right now. The next batch of them won't start until the Fall or the beginning of next year. Even RN level I positions are hard to come by these past few days/weeks. Most hospital postings are looking for at least a RN level II.
  2. by   nursenow
    Quote from gwafuh_rn
    35/hr in a snf?!!! hmmm!!!!
    Living an hour away from Oakland, I can vouch for 35/hr snf for LVNs. More for RN.
  3. by   Manang Biday
    Quote from nursenow
    Living an hour away from Oakland, I can vouch for 35/hr snf for LVNs. More for RN.
    Yup, I know someone who makes this much, maybe a little bit more... but it's in Oakland with more patient load.
    Most SNFs in other areas start new grads at $30/hour.
  4. by   D_NiceRN
    I have been working at SNF in for almost a year and I do make $35/hr but I feel like I haven't fulfilled what I went to school for. I have a Bachlor's Degree and still can't find a job in a hospital. Does anyone know if this counts as experience? If not does anyone know if there any new grad programs in Walnut Creek, Antioch, and Pittsburg area.
  5. by   Oranges3420
    I also am working SNF and, from what I hear from various recruiters, SNF work "counts" as experience for certain facilities. ValleyCare in Pleasanton, for instance, will interview you after a year's worth of full-time SNF experience. They put you with a preceptor for a few weeks instead of the "newgrad program." Try them! Try Contra Costa Med Center too. Even if there are no openings, they keep your resume on file for something like 5 months...
  6. by   dmeneses
    Hi Oranges3420,
    I was wondering if you can fill me in on what it's like working at a SNF. I was considering applying to SNF as a new grad. I'm assuming they want you to be licensed first and they don't take interim permits? Anyway, my other questions are:

    1. did you apply as a new grad?
    2. how many weeks of training did you receive prior to working alone on the floor?
    3. how many patients do you care for?
    4. 8 hr shifts or 12?
    5. how many other RN's work with you during a shift?

    Any other helpful information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. by   Oranges3420
    Hi Dmeneses,
    1. I just walked into the SNF and pretty much was hired - they were desperate for an RN at the time (I was lucky). I already passed the NCLEX and don't think they would have hired me otherwise.
    2. How many WEEKS training? ha ha ha!!!! I trained for 6 or 7 days and was on my own. Needless to say, I am ALWAYS asking questions of the other nurses.
    3. I care for about 24-27 patients - but it varies week to week depending on the census.
    4. I work 8 hour shifts but I'm rarely there for only 8 hours. I frequently stay over by 30 minutes to 2 hours.
    5. When I'm there (pm shift), I am the only RN for the entire facility after 5pm. If the poop hits the fan, I am considered the "supervisor" (kind of a joke since I don't know ALOT of the procedures yet). The LVNs snicker about that part because some of them have been there for 7-10 years. Don't get me wrong, though. They are awesome nurses and help me out tremendously.
    I must be honest: I'm not the biggest fan of SNF but here's the deal:'s a pay check, 2. it helps you develop communication skills w/patients, doctors, and families, 3. you become famililar with medications (lots and lots!), and 4. your time management and organizational skills will improve like crazy.
    If the hospital thing doesn't pan out - as it hasn't for many of us, don't be afraid of SNF. It still is a job and you are putting your license to use! If you like working with older adults, it's great too. They can be a total riot and make my day! Good luck!
  8. by   miss_cy
    help!!! i still have no job right now..still waiting..still praying since i started applying for an RN I or new grad position..thats been already over 2 months ago
  9. by   littlegreenRN
    [quote=starzburst;3748234]2 more New Grad opportunities available

    Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, part time positions, starts Aug


    Did anyone apply to this New Grad program? Just wondering if anyone has gotten an email, phone call..anything?
  10. by   coffy25
    I have applied to this santa clara new grad and received an email (2 wks ago)stating that the application has been received and they will contact applicants if they are selected for the series of interview. it seems they have received alot of applications.
  11. by   stripec30
    Quote from natalyk
    Did not hear anything from them either. In the same boat as you are

    UC Davis currently has a hiring freeze.
  12. by   emmanewgrad
    I have a gutt feeling this is it for new grad positions this year. I took the first chance of getting into a hospital and will be taking online classes for forensic nursing at UCR and will email victims of crimes department as soon as I get to CA, hope to get at least a volunteer position in the victims of crimes dept. I am hopeful. No matter what position you guys have the opportunity of getting into, DO IT. Time will fly so fast and it will be either with a good pay check or not. Plus, you get experience even if it's not your desired position, it will help you get there.

    Good luck to all and I'm done : boxing...packing....trashing....bagging...washing. apartment!
    Good Bye Utah!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm coming back home!!!!!!!!!!
    My hubby and I will start driving with 4 kids, whilst dragging two cars, and a uhaul tomorrow at 9 a.m. UT time to CA...!!!!
    I'm scared for what awaits, but have to jump in the pool no matter what! This economy will drag you if you don't build thick skin and tough it up! I'll have t o be very tackful and wise in many decisions I make from now on.
  13. by   gwafuh_rn
    Im currently working at Monrovia Memorial Hospital.Its a sub acute just like Vista and Kindred

    1. did you apply as a new grad? - I applied as a new grad RN
    2. how many weeks of training did you receive prior to working alone on the floor? - 2 days only. One was the paperworks,the other one was observation on the floor. On my 3rd day,I was supposed to have orrientation during the night but everybody was so busy,even my presceptor who was busy doing admission wasnt able to orrient me. They give me 4 patients and one of the patient is sedated and has a bp of 200 plus/90 plus.hehe!!! My supervisor was irritated at me that time.
    3. how many patients do you care for? When they know that I cant handle 4 patients,they gave me 2 until I get used to it,then 3, 4.The maximum that I have is 5.
    4. 8 hr shifts or 12? 12 1/2
    5. how many other RN's work with you during a shift? 3 rn, 1 lvn or 2 rn, 1 lvn