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Greetings. This is my story- I graduated from Nursing School in May 2008 (ADN) and passed my boards in October 2008. I live north of San Fran and have yet to find a New Grad Program. I've been... Read More

  1. by   iamhopeful2009
    Citrus Valley Health Partners in Southern California has a year round 12 week new grad RN residency program. They have 4 facilities - Queen of the Valley Medical in West Covina, Citrus Valley Medical, Inter Community Campus and Hospice in Covina, and Foothill Prespethyrian Hospital in Glendora. Their website is and all positions posted which lists qualifications like --- NEWLY GRADUATED NURSES are all available positions for new grad. As of this afternoons browse, I saw 35 full time positions in different departments and facilities.

    I started applying to various open positions of the units I wanted to work in last month and got an interview last week and was offered a position from their DOU . will be starting in 2 weeks.

    the residency program starts june 24

    good luck and hope this helps.
  2. by   MBA2RN
    John Muir has canceled their summer new hire program. No nursing shortage in the Bay Area.
  3. by   funnybone
    John Muir is only taking internal applicants and will be that way until further notice which could mean the rest of the year.

    I've talked to the critical care manager at SF general and they are also only looking for nurses with 1-2 years experience.
  4. by   student200977
    Here in Southern Cali, Cedars Sinai has a new grad program that starts in August or September, don't know how many there hiring but I heard for their Feb 2009 new grad program they accepted 90 new grads. Hoag hospital is not hiring, Harbor UCLA is hiring internal, Good Samaritan in LA cancelled their July New grad program, Long Beach Memorial is not hiring new grads this year, Torrance Memorial will have a new grad program starting in August, St. Vincents in LA is hiring, Childrens Los Angeles will have a new grad program. It's tough out there...Good luck to all of us!!!! Hope this recession ends soon...
  5. by   RNPatty
    Hi, I was a new grad that was hired on by Cedars in March. They hired 73 new grads, out of 300+ that applied.

    I went to a lecture at Cedars on Monday. I found out that they already have 700 applicants for a possible 100 positions for their June new grad class. For my group, they did their interview in a open house type of format. They are an absolutely awesome hospital to work for. Don't let the numbers discourage you. I never thought I would get picked out of the 300. But I did, so if you are interested, get your resume in STAT! You can do it through their website.

    Just an FYI, they changed their new grad orientation. You used to be hired straight into a specialty. Now you are hired and expected to do ten weeks total on med/surg floor. Five weeks medical and then five weeks surgical. After that, they will place you. They try to place you in your area of interest, but there is no guarantee that you will be placed on the floor you want to work. I know some people are very specific as to where they want to go, and unfortunately you have to take the chance that you might have to spend some time on a floor that was not your choice. From what I understand, they are no longer taking new grads in the ER, but I could be wrong on that. For me, it was more important to have a job right now and getting any experience I could then to start off in the specialty of my choice, so I happily accepted the job offer.

    Good luck to all of you. I know your frustration. I submitted countless resumes, with out even a return letter or phone call to say "no thank you." Just keep plugging away!
  6. by   ceebum
    this thread gives me a lot of hope. I just passed my NCLEX exam last oct 2008 and until now I can't find any job here in bay area.
  7. by   lovethepeople
    RNPatty, I don't see any posting for Cedars' new grad program anymore? I thought there was another coming up in fall?

    Thanks to all for helping us/each other out! I don't have any new info to offer but if I do, I will let you know
  8. by   JT3TRC
    Stanford just posted their July new grad program on their website today.
  9. by   JT3TRC
    There are also 10 new grad positions posted on the Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) job page for Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield, if anyone is interested.
  10. by   piscesmama
    Stanford's New Grad Program will only look at you if you graduated after June 2008. I know this for a fact because I went to a job fair and the nurse recruiter from Stanford told me this.

    This to shall pass!

  11. by   RNPatty

    Try this link:

    Select the link that says "contact us." Make sure you fill out a department you are interested in. They should contact you or send an email about their upcoming open house. I am not sure if they have set a date yet or not. I have a in-service class on Wed. I will see what information I can find out about the fall new grad class. What information I find out, I will post.
  12. by   RNPatty

    I don't think I can respond to your PM. I have not posted enough to have that privilege. Though I am still new to this board and I may be missing something. I don't see an option I can pick to reply. I am sorry to respond here, but I did not want you to think I was ignoring your message.
  13. by   piscesmama
    RN Patty,

    No problem. Just go ahead and answer the questions and leave it here.
    It may answer the same questions others may have wanted to ask.

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