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I am about to start nursing school and a good friend of mine said her sister went to LVN school and could only make 9 per hour and decided to quit being an LVN. I told her that hourly rate sounded... Read More

  1. by   dschueler
    No Way, unless it was a private person offering that little amount of money...or the person just did not hear right.

    I know that Mission Hospital starts in the 20's and I heard with no benefits or prn or float pool, it can be higher. Our education dept that will help find us jobs after graduation said travel nurses here, full time with no benefits will pay in the 30's/hr.

    I plan on getting my RN straight away, rolling right into another program, but I also want to work as an LVN, so I am just praying that the estimates of starting pay for LVN's in OC is $41k per year.

    Better be close to $41k per year!!!


  2. by   msdobson
    Quote from sweetface
    I am about to start nursing school and a good friend of mine said her sister went to LVN school and could only make 9 per hour and decided to quit being an LVN.

    My best friend's sister's brother's cousin's boyfriend's postman told me the same thing...
  3. by   dschueler
    Don't listen to everyone out there. I found tons of good jobs at pre op and PACU depts for same day surgery from 18-30/hr depending if you were with a registry or not. Don't listen to all of them, do what you want to do. I start school on June 18th. Stanbridge, and the avg salary in OC, is 41k per year, non nursing home jobs.....mission hosp. is hiring, probably not 30/hr, but better than 15/hr.

    take care


    ps, I quit nursing school for the same reasons some 15 yrs ago, I will never let someone else keep me from what I know is my dream of becoming an RN one day. I already would have been if I had not gotten scared off by gossip!!
  4. by   sjessamy
    On a side note...NickiLaughs...i plan on taking my lpn license out to california next year..to the inland empire..corona specifically....have you noticed a high demand for lvns in that area?
  5. by   KAYBDT6
    That's unbelievable!!
  6. by   mlok
    She wasn't an LVN.
    $9 for all of that responsibility?? You must be kidding me.

    You can check online to see if she has her LVN license.
  7. by   nursel56
    Yeah, $19.00 approx. correct.. You may want to tell your friend that most hospitals don't routinely pay someone less than half the going rate based on their ethnicity. It might make them look bad.
  8. by   NickiLaughs
    Santhonyi, there is no big demand for anyone right now. If you have experience that is your best chance to get a job.
    The majority of hospitals out here do not hire LVN's, most likely work may be available in nursing homes/clinics.
  9. by   amartin699
    I realize this is a very old post but where were you working as a CNA making $19 an hour? I'm curious because I've been a caregiver for 5 years and I'm finally going to school next month for my CNA. Is this the average wage in Orange County for this field?
  10. by   nursel56
    I think $19/hr is too high for a CNA in Southern California. Your best bet is to check online classified ads or salarywizard.com
  11. by   caliotter3
    The only places where I have seen $18 to $20 an hour jobs for CNAs have been ads placed by private individuals looking for private duty workers.
  12. by   amartin699
    It's not too high. I know someone who makes that as a cna at mission hospital but was just curious where this lady worked. Maybe this high of pay is the exception and not the rule?
  13. by   nursel56
    I stand by what I said. A person earlier in the thread mentioned LVN salaries at Mission Hospital in the $20s. I have no idea anything about your friend's situation, but a new CNA is not going to make $19/hr. Here is a website that is more objective.

    Salary.com's Job Search Wizard