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Hello to all,

Does anyone know EXACTLy how to get the Quickest results for California NCLEX examination???

I'm hearing "wait for the mail......." is this for real??? Is there no other way??!!


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CA does not participate in QuickResults.

I took my NCLEX on 7/2 and found out on 7/6 that I passed by verifying with the CA permanent license verification. I received my license by that Friday.

Another way of checking is with the Pearson Vue "trick."


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CA does not participate in Quick Results. Some people get their results in three days, others take as long as six weeks.


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Okay, but how is it that some get the results in as little as 3 days? is it also by mail? that seems pretty fast. Congratulations kinipela7! Wow, it seems you got your results pretty fast you think that is the norm? HOw is it some take 6 weeks and others 3 days. thats sort of crazy isn't it? I'm taking my test tomorrow at 8am. I'm so nervous......I was trying to see about results because I need to start looking for a job quick! But how will I do that if i don't know if I passed or not? I'm soooooo stressed!!

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If you have a SSN then you can see your name on the BRN website from 3 days to 6 weeks. It does vary and some have found there has been an issue with their file hence not seeing their name on the website


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From what I've been reading on different posts, if you took NCLEX-RN, you could get your results in as little as 3 days, But if you took NCLEX-PN, especially here in CA that doesn't participate in quick results, it may take up to 3 to 4 weeks. Some are even up to 5 or 6 weeks.

The only way that kept me sane was the trick everybody was talking about. Login to your pearsonvue account, hit the register button then try to reregister. If it doesn't let you pay, then thats a good sign. Most of the post I've heard said it worked for them.

Im on my 17th day of waiting here in CA and checking this website for post that has the same questions as I do helps ease my anxiety. I dont know if the staffs here actually reads each post we do here on the website but I wanna thank them for making this site so accessible for all the nurses out there who needs someone to talk to that actually understands how nurses feel.

Goodluck to you and sorry for my long posts. :lol2:

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