Calhoun community college spring 2015


Anyone applying to calhoun community college spring 2015??

I am applying. I put in an application for the Fall, but I had not completed Micro so I was 11 pts shy of the cut off. Now with an A in Micro (and both A&Ps) I expect to make it in the Spring. :) Is this your first time applying?

This is my second time applying. Last semester I missed it by 1 point on my gpa. Last year I had 155 points

Good luck, I'm sure you'll make it for Spring :) I have been scouring the Fall 2014 thread for tips to save money on texts and uniforms and such...I will start posting them here if you'd like.

Also, I was wondering about skipping the Summer adviser told me Spring Day nursing skips the Summer semester to graduate later in the year. My question is: Do we skip BOTH Summer semesters or just the first?...surely we wouldn't skip two!

You can post whatever you like. Ill take all the info i can. I called the nursing department and asked about skipping any semesters and she said it was consecutive. I hope they are because i dont want to skip any semesters.

Ok, thanks for checking. I wonder why the adviser said that...weird. But that's great, I didn't want to skip any either....sooner the better :)

Hi, so I went to the Nursing Office today to ask about the Summer semester (it was bugging me that the adviser sounded so sure about it) I asked the lady at the front desk and she said no, it's consecutive....But an instructor that happened to be in the office corrected her, and made it clear that the Spring Nursing Program of 2015 will skip the Summer 2015 semester.... But only that one, we will attend Summer 2016, this is to push back graduation as the adviser had said.

OH NO!!!!! Im applying to two other schools and one of those schools have a 3 semester program. If calhoun is my last option then thats what i will take but that really sucks!!!!:(

Wow, 3 semesters? That's great...good luck on that one! I'd take that school if I could :)

Thanks but I'm still keeping calhoun for a option. Good luck to you as well

Hello folks,

I am applying for the CCC Spring 2015 program. I was wondering if anyone else heard what the lowest scores are that get in. I was told by someone in the Allied Health Department that Spring scores are usually lower than Fall because more people want to start in Fall Semester.