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takes about 3-4 weeks to get your results in the mail. and the pearson vue trick does work!!! :)

Congrats lisa ! & everyone!! :) today is my 3rd week and 6 days of waiting for results... Hope the trick works.

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:monkeydance: Hale yeah the PVT works!!!! :bow: Thank you Lord! and Thank you to St. Joseph of Cupertino I am a Nurse!!! woohoo!! :w00t: Btw to any1 out there still preparing I took my test 5xs so don't give up! (i'll post a new thread of how i prepared,etc) but 1st I gotta pack for Vegas!! :cheers: Have a great weekend everyone and Congrats to all who struggled like me and finally nailed this exam! We did it! We are officially nurses. ok now I gotta tell my friends on Facebook lols :D ......:lvan: .......:[anb]:*wine .. ok im addcited to these smilies lmao

I passed :D !! PVT works! I doubted it 99% but yeah it does work !

Also, my results came exactly 4 weeks!

Congrats to all. I hope mine comes in next week.

Does anyone know how long its taking to get results in the mail I took mine april 15.

Mine took 4 weeks to the day; however others I know took 3-4 weeks.

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I took NCLEX-PN exam last april 25, 2011 im nervous about my exam coz lot of SATA, 1 meds calculation and drugs also..And also pedia...I still have a good pop up hope it will work.. i pray a lot to pass..

It can take as early as 3 weeks or as late as 6 weeks. A lot of people I*

Know got there's about 4 weeks. The people at the boards office are lazy people.

It took a month for me to get my ATT. I called the boards, and you know it takes 30 or more minutes to talk to someone. Then they just tell me to call

Pearson Vue. Then that again takes 30 or more minutes to talk to someone.*

This happened about 5 more times until I got really ****** off. I spoke with*

Pearson vue manager because this indian guy told me the same thing each time I called. It

*pissed me off even more because they couldn't even help me out or even understand me. Clearly Pearson vues tech support is in India. I don't have a problem with that but at least*

Be able to understand English and not read off a book to what you think the problem is.

Well I spoke to the manager and she told me they get this all the time where the boards tell the future lvns that call that its pearson vues fault. So I called the boards ****** off, and of course they blame Pearson vue again. I told her I'm not going to call them again and wait 30 mins. So she finally did actually looked into my file and said it was just a spelling in my name that needs to be clarified. Why couldn't they call me, why did they have to wait for me to ***** at them then they get up there lazy ass to do something. It doesn't make sense that we have to wait that long for our results. Why doesn't California participate with quick results instead of paying lazy ass people that just have to put a pass or fail envelope stamp it and send it. It takes them 1 whole day to do 1 freaking day of testing in california.*

They are so lazy. Hope i pass. So l won't had to deal with there lazy asses anymore.*

Sorry for my ranting just had to take it off my chest. Feels good too:)

i pass nclex pn. rvt trick 100% right.

i meen pvt trick

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