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I'm still waiting on my "official" results. It's been two weeks today and I'm still waiting......:yawn:

Mine came exactly one month after, but the pvt trick worked for me... Good luck.

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yeah.. PVT trick really works..

The exam result will be about 4-6 weeks and sometimes it'll be as early as 3 weeks. and

"about the time to check the PVT trick i think it'll work as soon as a day past from the date of your exam" goodluck guys.. :yeah:

BTW roxy? it's been a while.. have my job now as LVN on a skilled nursing after a month of applying to numbers of facilities and been trying to learned ways at work. it's been week now since i started..

so how's things are going for you so far for you?..

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Hi guys!

I was also curious bout when will they post our names on the CA BON. I stopped at 123 cuz I ran out of time. I took my exam on March 30th and did PVT on April 4th and got the good pop-up. I just hope I finally passed this is my 5th time I'm not a good test taker but I felt that I was confident going in to take my test. So I hope this will be the last. Now I'm also waiting for the Official results. Oh Lord please let this be true. Congratualations to those who got their license. I also can't wait to see my name and title on my license. :cheers:

Good luck....and congrats to everyone still waiting for my ATT...passed it Feb 18....on NLCEx-pn, any difference on nlcex-Rn and nclex Pn

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Congrats LIsa! .. way to go! posting your name on online verification for licensed nurse(LVN) is just before you'll receive your actual license card so you have to receive the actual confirmation of your exam result from the board. apply for license, payment. it'll take 3-4 weeks from the time of your application to receive your actual license.

i undergone same experienced and i waited for 3 weeks for ATT for nclex-RN. under board regulation you have to wait until 4 weeks for the ATT if you dont get it w/ that time, that's the time to call and have a follow up.. when i cant take anymore at 3rd week i called pearson venue and ask for my ATT. and there it goes had it on my email right away..

Today is my 3rd week if waiting.. Got the good pop up.. ahhhhh!!!hyperventilating** :S

Hello everyone took my nclex April 4. i called monday and they told me they were working on march 25th. today i called again and they told there working on march 29th, so hopefully 1 more week. i tried the pvt trick and its giving me the good pop up. so im crossing my fingers!!

Thanks for the info oooweitsL i took mine on the 31st :) sooo wednesday !

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thanx oooweist! :bow: I took mine on March 30th so hope to get mine by Tuesday? :uhoh3:... im anxious now but hey as far as the good pop up i have something to definitely celebrate about! can't wait for Vegas!! :cheers: :w00t::[anb]:

Good Luck Guys:)

Have you guys received anything yet?

Hi everyone,

I Passed.. I took my test March 29, and got my results April 25...

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