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  1. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    Took Test, shut off at 85

    If it told you that you cant register at this time you passed, but if i asked you to pay you didnt. Sorry! Im in california and took it also. And when it was time for payment it said i couldnt register at this time, and a few weeks later i got my letter saying i passed...
  2. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    Indiana State University BSN Thread for Current Students

    Hm to rn, I still jave my TCN materials if you need, them I didnt use them. Lol. It was a waste of my money. Lol.
  3. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    Low GPA - 2nd degree Accerelated BSN options?

    If you are ok with doing Online, ISU takes 2.5, and your guanteed to get in as long as you pass the teas, and challenge exams, you missed the june deadline but you cant start next spring if you make the nov deadline
  4. LPNtoBSNtoDNP


    Try to re regisyer, if you passd id take the rn asap bcuz I heard there very similar!!!
  5. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    Long Beach city college transition class help plzzz........

    Lbcc, is horrible. You cant believe anything they say. I just graduated from there amf pssd the nclex but they are liars
  6. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    The HRSA Nursing Scholarship

    When do you find out what funding group your in?
  7. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    HELP! Pregnant...Should I reschedule NCLEX?

    Take it now, good luck.
  8. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    so i took the TEAS V today...

    Congrats, ur right its not easy I took it and passed. Our bsn program requires at least 70%
  9. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    The HRSA Nursing Scholarship

    Thank you, wow. I wonder if they will let everyone know for sure.
  10. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    O M G! I DID IT!!!!

    Congrats, and now you can start looking for a job and mke big bucks!!! Lol
  11. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    The HRSA Nursing Scholarship

    I just lookd at the questions from last year and answered those I doubt they change. Keep my fingers crossed.
  12. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    The HRSA Nursing Scholarship

    No problem, I already have my essay and letters done. Lol. I hope it opebs this week. I was wondering when it opens this week. Ill post as soon as I find out...
  13. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    The HRSA Nursing Scholarship

    I called today and they said something this month, thats all they said they knew! I was alittle disappointed. I was hoping it would be open already.
  14. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    Review session for TEAS V

    No its not worth it, it want hard at all if you use website you will be fine
  15. LPNtoBSNtoDNP

    anyone on private loans at west coast university?

    Run from that school....