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CA-BRN: Is it possible to contest failed NCLEX results?


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Hi. I was just wondering, what IF a candidate turns out to have received a letter stating that she/he failed the NCLEX. Is there a possibility to contest the results on the said examination to re-verify and re-check the results? I have a feeling that mine is not going to show up anytime soon, and I would like to know if a re-check can be requested in case I "failed" the exam. (perhaps a candidate felt strongly that she/he did fairly well on the exam?) If so, is there a cost to it? This question is directed specifically for California-BRN. All your input and suggestions are truly appreciated. Please reply with exact details. THANKS for ! :wink2:

Thank you for your unconditional sympathy and understanding...

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Why do you feel it is necessary to contest the results? I think only time really is if something major untoward happens when you take the test like a power failure. There should be something on the NCSBN website

I don't think theres any good reason to contest the results unless something happens to what Silverdragon stated. It is either pass or fail when they 95% believe that you could practice as a safe nurse. Theres no other way around that.

When the boards were paper and pencil one could contest the results. I don't know if that is an option with the computer version.

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(perhaps a candidate felt strongly that she/he did fairly well on the exam?) .

Never met anyone who felt this way, lol. Especially those who have failed.


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I called CA-BRN and asked them about it. They said that the State of California does not welcome or allow "Review & Challenge option" to re-check or verify the NCLEX examinations, though other states allow it. You cannot request to have them correct your examination, let alone release the detailed results. There you have it, boo-hoo. More retakes and more waiting in the long run. In other words, if the state says "No, you did not pass, it means No you did not pass, no exceptions. This wait is eternal!

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i guess if i was the nclex grader who had already graded your test twice and found out you failed and you still wanted me to recheck, i would kind of feel like your questioning my abilities and holding up the system for everyone else. it just one of those things...have you ever watched seinfield, where they are going through the soup line and they argue with the man and he says, "no soup for you!" well, here comes your challenge down to the desk of the grader and he/she screams, "no nclex for you!" trust them, they know what they are doing, besides you said it yourself, you are confident you knew what you were doing so you have no worries. :) don't jinx yourself!

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