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canoehead, BSN, RN

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What a jerk- on anyone's scale.

I'm sending out a big bear hug to you...

jschut, BSN, RN

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Hmmmm......was his name Tony? Had one like that in my past too.

Worth it to be rid of him.

It'll ease in time. I promise.;) Focus on yourself for a while. You deserve it! :balloons:




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At least you have tried again......I am proud of you for doing that and not letting him keep you from school. If he wasn't supportive of you now in school then it probably would have gotten worse later when you started working.....As to his rushed marriage....(((HUGS)))....I wish I knew what to can do are better off.......he isn't worth it....all the standard things that a person can say when this stuff happens, but deep down it is how you feel that makes a difference. Its similar to when someone can say all the things that are suppossed to be said, but it really doesn't help that much. I wish things had worked out perfectly for you, but since they haven't I can just say I'm sorry and hope that you will push on and show him what you are made of! MAybe you will get a chance to be his nurse someday.....maybe even get to do a really painful procedure on him! LOL.......Keep us informed and email if you [email protected]


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G'Day everyone I'm a bloke going through the same sort of thing,

no support ,my wife's problems bigger than mine,.................

ah what the hell I'm male and am supposed to cope...............

shit I hate life sometimes......I'm training to be a nurse because I want to help people....I work with the elderly at a hostel it's a wonderful feeling being able to assist them in maintaining a independent life style. however I ................I don't know

sorry to be a downer.


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Hey. Thanks to all of the response.

I am over this guy....Like you all have said in your responses, I am better off now. I am still hanging in at school. I take my final tomorrow. Everything looks good. Got everyone at church praying for me.

I passed my clinical area. I will let you all know how I do on the final Tuesday....

Thanks a bunch guys ((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))

Shannon:roll :roll

prmenrs, RN

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Shannon--school ought to be MUCH easier and MUCH more fun without that jerk weighing you down!! Consider yourself blessed that you didn't find out AFTER you married him!! :eek:

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