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I like micros advice. Who ever sais you had to finish your degree in a set amount of time. Most schools will give you an extra semester or 2 to finish. I am in the military full time. It took me about 6 years to get my first 2 years of nursing prerequisites out of the way. take your time. Now doing an NP degree online and i work nights ...hehe.....

Best of luck, everything will fall into place. nursing school is a nightmare to ...well everyone.


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I like the idea of drinking and studying though, jkennedy.

Seriously, sometimes you need to cut loose, raise money for something as a group, and you'll be able to be silly, and feel productive at the same time. No "I'm not studying" guilt trips.

Our nursing class used to tour town on foot singing at the top of our lungs at 3am. I'm sure we pissed a lot of people off but so long as we kept moving none of us were arrested.;) We got a workout, burned off steam, and were reenergized for the rest of the all nighter.

How about a pre Christmas Red Cross blood drive? Kidnap people from the malls and outside liquor stores with the "top ten reasons you should give a pint." Be ready to drive them to and from the donation centre, give them a sticker medal for bravery when they're done.

Of course you don't need to be altruistic, play truth or dare in centre court of a crowded Saturday shopping centre (a few drinks would help there )

Come on folks, come up with some new weays to blow off steam.


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Hi Shannon,

Take is "easy" Girl, we love you. I can feel what you are going through but hey! you will get pass this. You are not alone, I lot of us here cry some "silent" tears but it is okay at least crying is therapeutic.

Try to be focused because at the "end of the day" you are gong to be glad you held on because guess what? God does not give us more than what you can bear.

You were beautifully and wonderfully made girl! You have the potentials to do marvelous things. Stick your chin up girl and try to keep your head above the "waters". We here care a lot about you and sometimes wonder how could such a beautiful human being like you be hurt when you have so much love inside of you? We all travel that route at some point or the other.

Hang in there!! You are not alone!!

micro, RN

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Shannon, more support and advice than you ever thought existed!!!! Hang in there!! Write anytime. It is nice to know that you are not alone!!!:eek:

KennedyJ-----love your quote, going to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if I wasn't still computer illiterate I would cut and paste it here, but I don't have any elmer's glue!!!

Canoehead-----ways to blow off steam!!!!!

When I was younger------

ride the pony outside of walmart

go to McD's and order happy meal(no kids in car)

party(fill in the blanks)

play back lecture with your study buddies and

critique your instructor's syntax?!!!

Now that I am older-----ways to blow off steam!!!!

a good cry or scream

talk to someone I trust

take myself very, very lightly, but my work very


be who I am regardless rather I fit into any

existing clique or not

when I am off work, I am off work!!!!!

travel, and when not travelling, dream about


a good scary movie, sometimes the fiftieth time

JAWS is the best

laugh at myself, as I am pretty "funny"

laugh at someone else(but only in my mind),

I believe in being kind)

and last but not least-----

my dust bunnies and I are on first name basis

floppy and moppy and family!!!!!

:D :mad: ;) :p


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ok My first question is : Where do you guys work? just wanted to know so that when i graduate, I can make sure I come to work with you guys. THanks everyone.

I had clinicals today. It was pretty rough. I had three total care patients. All had cancer. It was very depressing. I did my clinical rounds on the oncology floor this week.

I like the ideas about riding the ponies and stuff outside of the stores. I will have to try that. Hehehehe.

I will keep you guys up to date. I find out about my test grade on Monday, November 19th. Thats my b-day. I just hope it turns out to be a good one. I dont need a let down on my bday.



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I wanted to make a comment in reference to someone elses post about the immaculate house and perfect grades. I decided when I started that I could take 3 classes(in summer), take care of the 4 kids all day and do classes at night......keep a perfect house and keep a 4.0..........after 3 weeks I thought I had lost my mind.....It was a big let down to realize I was not superwoman and that I would have to adjust. My ex-mother-in-law told me before I started that you just have to let the house can't be perfect. I have a hard time with that and have done it to an extent, but it still bugs me. My mother-in-law(the present one) believes in everything being PERFECT........I mean the children aren't allowed to touch the wall when walking upstairs because it might leave a smudge perfect. She throws a fit whenever she comes to our house and it irritates me!! One day I told her so hire a maid for me if you don't like is hard. I have also gone on anti depressants to help......I've noticed alot of people here have done the same. I have carried a 4.0 until now and now I have 2 B''s not the end of the world......only need a 2.5 to get in so i will just muddle on. are going to do will have a wonderful Birthday.......oh on top of every thing else.....I'm a psychic,lol. Laughter makes us all feel better........take of you


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Hey guys. Just writing to update you. I havent written in a while so i thought i would post on the last message I wrote.

I am repeating Med/Surg semester. I didnt make it last semester. I failed by two points.....My ex decided that he didn't love me. He was seeing someone else the entire last semester. He got married to her on March 23rd. We broke up on November 20th,,the day after my birthday.....She is going to have his child......:eek:

Thank you guys for your help.



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you sound like you're carrying a heavy load right now. first thing, if the weather is decent, go out for a walk. looking at all of things god has made and done for us kind of puts problems in perspective. listening to the wind and birds, feeling the sun on your skin and seeing and smelling the sights of spring will lift your spirit. be sure to eat right, and allow yourself to get enough rest. as other posters have said, you made your decision to be a nurse for reasons other than money. do not give up your dream!!! things might be tough in school right now, but hang tough-you can make it. get with another student who is doing pretty well in med/surg, and have them review with you. or, make up imaginary test questions to the things that you don't know or aren't sure of, and take the "test." this difficulty can crop again at other times in nursing. look at today's stress as preparation for tomorrow. +++regarding your fiance: if there is a known problem that can be easily fixed, and you can fix it, do it. remember the words to the serenity prayer: "help me to change the things i can," and "the wisdom to know the difference" (things that you cannot change. if this man truly loves you, things will work out. it might take a while, and it might be good to take a "breather" from each other for the next few weeks, until this term is over. then you can focus your attentions on your relationship. remember, we are here, wishing you well, and you are a strong person! ;)


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My ex-fiancee decided that he didn't love me. He was seeing someone else the entire last semester behind my back. He got married to her on March 23rd.2002. We broke up on November 20th,,the day after my birthday.....She is expecting his child. I am ok with it. I realize she did me a favor...She doesnt know it yet.


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Shannon, take a deep breathe & relax. Others respect you, your decisions & believe in you. Be kind to yourself. Enjoy your summer. Enjoy your life. You deserve to be with a kind man who does not cheat -- the cheating was HIS flaw & believe me -- you will have a better life without him.

Make time for yourself without guilt. You're repeating med-surg -- ok -- you are doing the program on YOUR schedule. Things will work out. Take care of yourself and know that kind wishes and good thoughts are being sent to you.



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Forget all of my advice about the relationship, Shannon! We must have cross-posted. Take care of yourself!


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Thanks Guys!!!!!!! (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))

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