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A Young Doctor Had Moved Out To A Small Community To Replace A Doctor

Who Was Retiring.

The Older Gent Suggested The Young One Accompany Him On His Rounds So

The Community Could Become Used To A New Doctor. At The First House A

Woman Complained, "i've Been A Little Sick To My Stomach." The Older

Doctor Said, "well, You've Probably Been Overdoing The Fresh Fruit.

Why Not Cut Back On The Amount You've Been Eating And See If That Does

The Trick?"

As They Left, The Younger Man Said, "you Didn't Even Examine That

Woman. How'd You Come To Your Diagnosis So Quickly?" "i Didn't Have

To. You Noticed I Dropped My Stethoscope On The Floor In There?

When I Bent Over To Pick It Up, I Noticed A Half Dozen Banana Peels In

The Trash. That Was What Was Probably Making Her Sick."

"huh," The Younger Doctor Said, "pretty Clever. I Think I'll Try That

At The Next House."

Arriving At The Next House, They Spent Several Minutes Talking With An

Elderly Woman. She Complained That She Just Didn't Have The Energy

She Once Did. "i'm Feeling Terribly Run Down Lately." "you've

Probably Been Doing Too Much Work For The Church," The Younger Doctor

Told Her. "perhaps You Should Cut Back A Bit And See If That Helps."

As They Left, The Elder Doc Said, "your Diagnosis Is Almost Certainly

Correct, But How Did You Arrive At It?"

"well, Just Like You, At The Last House, I Dropped My Stethoscope. When

I Bent Down To Retrieve It, I Noticed The Preacher Under The Bed."

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Soooo Funny!!!!!!

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Fran, Fran, Fran . . . :D :D :D

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Yep, Fran's back. :D


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Great joke

You'v probably all heard this one

A new preacher arrives in a town and wants to be sure everyone will come to church so he begins a door to door campaign to invite people to church on Sunday.

The first door is answered by a burly man that looks at the preacher and begins to swear I'll be damned I know you I can't beleive you are here what on earth are you doing here?

The preacher explains I am sorry sir I am sure you have confused me with Conway Twitty, I do have some resemblance and I get that from time to time, I am however the new Preacher and am making the rounds to invite people to church on Sunday, I would love to see you there.

The guy is a little disbelieving but then who would claim to be that so he tells him sure I will be at church.

The next door is answered by a little old lady in a house dress and she begins hey don't I know you? You sure look familiar?

The preacher again explains and asks the lady to come to church on Sunday.

She is really amused by the resemblance and assures the preacher she will be in church on Sunday

The next door is answered by a young blonde in a tight skirt and and sweater and really nice body and she begins OH MY GOD it is Conway Twitty I can't beleive it you are Conway Twitty , I just love your songs I just love you!!!!

The Preacher says "Helloooo Darlin"

just thought i would throw it in there

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Bad ! Bad, bad, bad !!! BOTH of you ! :nono: :lol2:

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just wanted to say WELCOME HOME Fran !!!!!!

I hope your feeling better

Misses you an awfull lot :rotfl:

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Thank you CA. I have now set a personal goal to stay away from that hospital at least 6 months. I do have to be realistic. :rolleyes:


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y'all crack me up!

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