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I have failed my boards 4 times. I am frustrated and not sure what to do to pass them. I have done Saunders and Kaplan twice. I am up for any advice anyone has for me.

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I'm sorry. THat must be very frustrating. Is it possible that maybe nursing is just not the right career for you?

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MOved to the NCLEX forum for more input.


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I disagree with the above post. Nursing is for you if that is where your heart is...I know some ppl pass it on the 6th or 7th try. Don't give up.

Will you give us more details on your last testing experience?


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I love taking care of people. I have severe test anxiety and NURSING is for me. I can do everything on the floor like I was trained to without a problem but when it comes to the testing I freak. All I was asking for was advice on how or what others have done to pass the test. Any advice on how or ideas to past the test would be appreciated.


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I have wanted to be a nurse for a long time. I can take care of patients like its second nature but taking tests is where I struggled my whole life.


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Your heart is in the right place. You can do this!

I will give you a detailed account on how I took my exam when I get a chance.

I did did an awesome job with managing my anxiety levels. :)

Will reply soon,



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I'm in the same boat...hang in there! U can do this! I an taking nclex rn for my 4th try this Thursday......I did well in school...straight As in clinicals! I'm better hands on for sure! It's not fair that a cat test determines your licensing! I have been an LPN since 2007.. Passed PN nclex first try....

We can do this!:) God Bless!


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Thank you. I appreciate it so much.


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I feel the exact same way. I don't understand how a computer can decide if I am safe to be a nurse or not just by answering questions. Let me show you and I will prove that I deserve to have my RN license.


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try the Hurst review.


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I believe that your test anxiety is your worst enemy.

I did did not want test anxiety to get in my way so I used a few strategies.

1.) Hands off the mouse, hands on the table. Keep your hands off the mouse until you have read and fully understand what the question is asking you.

2.) Make yourself read the question twice before you even look at the answers.

3.) Go into the exam as though you are going to use the entire 6 hours of exam time.

4.) Do not panic when you hit 75 and questions still pop up. More than 75 questions doesn't mean you failed. It just means the computer needs more input is all.

5.) Take a break!!! If your heart is pounding and your tummy is hurting and you are shaking by all means stop and take a break. You have time!!

6.) Be confident. You have studied the material enough. This exam is not just about content it is about context and critical thinking. You can totally do it!!

I believe in you!! Keep it up!! Don't give up!!


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