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I am renewing my BLS, but should I also get ACLS certified as a new nurse. I am floating to different floors that do have telemetry monitor. Anyone have any suggestion for me as a new nurse?

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Not a bad idea, but only if your comfortable reading rhythm strips, otherwise you'd be lost.

You might want to take a telemetry course first, and then ACLS.

Good luck!

Virgo_RN, BSN, RN

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Find out if ACLS is required for you. On my floor, ACLS is a requirement for core staff, though I'm not convinced that those who float there are required to have it.


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I'm about to start work on a Cardiovascular Surgical Unit, and what they expect is that we will become ACLS-certified within two years of hire, and they recommend we don't even bother trying until after our first year (unless we're doing exceptionally well). I was told that there's just too much other stuff to learn in a critical care unit as a new grad to worry about it right now. Made sense to me!

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ACLS class is a good thing to take. I don't think there is a really a "vs" here. I'd recommend it for anyone. Learn the tele strips well first!!!!

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I took ACLS as a new grad and was completely overwhelmed during my mega code. Did fine on the written test--but when a patient is crashing there is no written test!!!

I passed but I dont really know how, in fact I still say I am an ACLS phoney. Anyways--point is good to have and to go through and I think I will learn more when it is time to re-cert.

Kind of like a Drivers lic, most people have them but some people are better drivers than others.

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I agree that its a good thing to have. I got my ACLS today and I've been a nurse 8 months. The course is intense but I enjoyed it.

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