Bite Me!


Never mind, my patient already did.:(

Well, I got a nice human bite last night. Broke the skin and

everything. Allow me to set the scene for you:

It's 10:15pm on Sunday eve and I am at the end of my weekend double double(sat and sun 7a-11p--yes I do this every weekend). I was feeling pretty good. I had a great weekend and I was ready to go home! I was done with all my work(had been desk nurse for 3-11) and I was asking around if anyone needed help. All the other nurses were done and they were charting. So, a CNA says to me, "Can you help me change Mrs. X". I said "Sure":) Mrs. X is a nice LOL who is confused and does not like to be changed. This is absolutely a 2 person job. So we start to get her cleaned up and she is doing her usual calling out and carrying on(she is not in pain, she just always yells when getting cleaned up) and out of the blue, she bites me.

Now, this was a very good bite. My arm has a gigantic bruise. She drew blood.

So, I had to go to the ER, I got home at 3:30am. I have to go to OCC Health today and I am on Augmentin.

I guess it's time to write a new care plan for Mrs. X.

I love my job.

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Oh goodness! I hope you are doing ok - we all have people who like to make our lives more intersting than we would like!! :rolleyes:

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Make sure that you follow up closely with that human bite. Many facilities hospitalize the person with a round of IV antibiotics. And make sure that you fill out every form possible about a work-related injury.

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I'd offer to kiss your boo-boo, but somehow that seems redundant.

Like Suzanne said, take care of that wound!!!

Oh, man, I'm laughing through my sympathy!

Nothing as strong as a combative, confused LOL!

Take care of yourself.

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This happened to my sister; she does direct care at a facility for developmentally disabled adults.


Hope you don't get a scar like she did:o and that your little old lady keeps her teeth at bay from now on!

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Oh poor you!! :icon_hug: We currently have several patients who try to bite during care, but we've been fortunate that no one has gotten nibbled yet.

We also have a male patient who came to us due to stripping, laying on the floor, then spinning around and trying to bite staff who attempt to stand him up and get him dressed. :o

Take care of that wound.


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Thanks for all your support everybody! I went ot occ health. They put me out of work until Thurs.(of course i'm not due back until SAT. anyway) The good news is I don't need a tetanus shot because I got one last year after my needlestick Yeah! I filled out all the paperwork/incident reports at work.

After I take a nap I am going to the store to buy some long sleeve uniform tops.


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Ever notice it is not the ones that are known to be combative that get you, it is when you are not suspecting it that they lower the boom.


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Yikes, sorry! I bet it hurt like heck too :0(

Hope you heal up fast!


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Sorry for your accident.( OR WAS IT) Anyway, we had a little old lady that wore this pink striped hood like night cap, and called to everybody, HONEY

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We had an old man who use to 'bite' us all the time. I say 'bite' because he had no teeth and actually kind of sucked on you instead! We also have a wee lady who likes to suck her fingers and if you get your fingers in the way, she will just use yours!

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