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For the A&P I class, under pre-req's it says that another Biology class strongly recommended, does that mean you have to take the strongly recommended course first or can you go right to A&P?? Does anyone know?



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All my school reguired was to take a biology class first before A & P I. I took Nutrition intead of General biology. Its my understanding you need some kind of boi class.


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Even if it isn't required, I would highly recomend it. If you haven't taken a science courses before or in a while A&P can be really overwhelming. This course is tough, and if you aren't used to the courseload that sciences require then it would be best to get your feet wet with an introductory biology class. Just my $0.02

"strongly recommended" means just that---the bio course is not a prerequisite, but they will be expecting you to have a knowledge base and will not be taking time to teach you what you would have learned in the bio course.

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A&P does require a strong foundation of biology and its terminology. Even if they go over the kreb cycle again in A&P they aren't going to spoon feed it to you, so you had better know the basics about it first. Same goes with all the basic biological principles.

I would suggest taking chemistry prior to A&P. I have never taken chemistry before in my life. While I am doing exceptionally well in A&P, had I taken chemistry before, it would be much easier. Kreb cycle - :uhoh3:


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For the A&P I class, under pre-req's it says that another Biology class strongly recommended, does that mean you have to take the strongly recommended course first or can you go right to A&P?? Does anyone know?


This is Jaxia,

I was required to take a general biology course before i could take A & P 1. It really didn't help me too much. I would suggest just getting a study guide with your A & P book. Thats what i did and I got a b. Also it helps if you don't miss any classes, because nobody takes notes the same way. Sometimes its hard to get the notes you missed. The labs are really where you learn the most. Pay specific attention to the g-words, which pertain to glucose-insulin relation and how the body uses sugar and to the krebs cycle. The only place you really use chemistry is in micro and the very beginning of A & P.

Good Luck!



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In my opinion, A&P 1 & 2 are the hardest classes you will ever encounter for the prereqs. I didnt take Bio although I took science classes in high school. But I still got a higher grade compared to the people who took BIO. I guess it depends on if you think you can handle it. I personally think it's a waste of time.

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a&pI was the first college level science class i ever took and i had no problems.


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Some schools require general bio as a prereq and others do not. My school did not and I did fine in A&P. While general bio would probably be beneficial, it probably won't make a drastic difference one way or another. As long as you take good notes and study everything the instructor guides you to, then you should be fine. I would recommend asking students who have taken this particular instructor before. See if the instructor's tests are straight from the notes or are surprises a common theme for his/her exams. I personally think you'll just waste your money and time by taking another bio class.

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Ours said "strongly recommended" and my A&P prof made those of us who didn't take it sign a waiver stating we CHOSE not to take Biology. I must say the first test we took was hard- chemistry stuff and I didn't really remember how to use a microscope (which ticked off my prof even more). In the end, I ended up with a "B" for the semester. So, for me the gamble paid off...


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I had taken a Human Body class before A&P 1 which helped a lot. I was able to finish both A&P 1 and 2 at the top of my class. The one thing that I took after A&P was chemistry and while I couldn't have finished any higher, it would have helped me with the chemistry component of A&P. I also took microbiology and if you have biology first, it will help a lot.

Considering the competition to get into nursing school and having a high GPA helps a lot, taking bio first will help you get a higher grade in A&P (IMO).


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