Big Money. No Orientation.


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Per diem long term care job with no training. Given report, some keys and day shift out the door. Never again. 12 hour shift only gave meds and cluesless for anything else. Nice paycheck not worth losing my licensce.

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Did you have a question?

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Yup, it has happened to me as well. Agency.


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Good call!! The residents deserve better. 


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klone RN MSN. Was just making a statement about a situation that happened to me.


I recently took a job in a correctional facility through an agency. I only took it because the crisis rate is very nice, mind you I have ZERO corrections experience (jokes on me right? LOL) 

I don’t know what I was expecting. I was told I will get four days of “on the job training” and then I’m on my own. I’m beginning to feel like the money isn’t even worth. Any advice is appreciated. 


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When something seems to too good to be true, it probably is. I understand those that can travel or take on new assignments with the goal of making some extra money, but if you have any understanding of how healthcare is going these days, you have to expect situations like this are a possibility. Places wouldn't be offering the amounts of money they are if they could find enough people to work there. There aren't going to be enough staff or training or support and the assignments are likely to be bordering on, if not unsafe. I hope you find something better in your next opportunity.

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Do they have any 24 hour report sheet? Unfortunately, this is most LTC facilities.